As the name distinctly describes itself, the only ingredient within this product is Cannabidiol (CBD); atleast it should be.


Manufacturers, lab techs, chemists, and even the infamous “my office is my garage” entrepreneur, have strategically found ways to single out and extract only CBD from cannabis and hemp plants.  Mind you, CBD is 1 of the 113 total cannabinoids that make up the genetic structure of cannabis plants.  Pretty neat.


Next up, purification.


The best case scenario for this step is to successfully seperate all CBD molecules from the original “full spectrum” or “whole plant” hemp extract.  When done correctly, this will yield an extremely fine, bleach white in color, fluffy to the touch, 99%+ purity levels, and the best CBD isolate powder money can buy.



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Below is a complete product guide on everything you need to know about CBD Isolate.  The topics of this article can be found immediately below.

  • CBD Isolate vs. CBD Crystals
  • How is Cannabidiol Isolate Made?
  • How To Use/Consume
  • What To Know Before You Buy
  • Final Thoughts & Advice

CBD Isolate vs. CBD Crystals

  1. CBD isolate powder, as you can imagine, is refined into extremely small grains of CBD until it reaches a powdery texture.  This is a great option if you are looking for an easy way to add CBD to cooking and baking recipes as it mixes right in with your other ingredients.

2. CBD crystals: In comparison to isolate, CBD crystals are larger, thicker, and will arrive in crystalline form. Furthermore, crystals are usually infused with terpenes to make it a more premium quality product as well as a more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

At the end of the day, the main difference between the two is:  isolate is used for consumption and crystals are used for dabbing/smoking.

How Is Cannabidiol Isolate Made?

CBD isolate is derived from the hemp plant via various processes. These processes make extraction and isolation of CBD possible. Typically, the process of producing CBD isolate starts with growing hemp organically. This is not the cannabis strain that gets users high.

Isolate is produced from a commercial-grade, industrial hemp. Basically, this is the cannabis that is grown to produce maximum biomass. It’s important to note that hemp is different from marijuana that is found in the streets and used by people that want to get high. However, both hemp and marijuana are technically similar plants. The only difference is that hemp has trace amounts of THC and high percentages of CBD.

The actual process of making CBD isolate commonly starts with a CO2 extraction which leads to the extraction of resins and oils from hemp. The winterization process that leads to the separation of lipids follows and removal of extraneous plant matter is eventually done. What remains after this is pure CBD isolate.

How To Use / Consume 

There are different ways to use and/or consume CBD isolate.  Here are a couple of the most popular ways:

  • Use it topically.  For topical application, CBD can be mixed with various carrier oils to make CBD skin care products.  These are generously applied to the body usually when a person is experiencing skin irritations and/or sore muscles.   Some of our customers have claimed that it has even helped their acne.
  • Next is one of our favorite ways, CBD edibles!  The isolate can be mixed with pretty much any oil that safe for consumption.  We highly recommend organic MCT oil as it is very bioavailable.
  • Lastly, you can turn the isolate into CBD crystal slabs and dab them. Usually, terpenes are infused with this option to give it more flavor and give the user a better CBD experience.   Visit our page, CBD dabs, to learn more.
CBD isolate

What To Know Before You Buy

You can order isolate online or from the manufacturer directly. Right now, there are many stores that offer CBD isolate deals online. Nevertheless, you should order your isolate from a reputable dealer or manufacturer. That’s the only way you will get an organic and safe CBD product and always do your due diligence on making sure it is THC FREE or under the legal limit of .3%


Whether you’re a Cannabidiol novice or a pro, consuming CBD isolate should NEVER be a negative experience.  Cannabidiol powder is very easy to work with and very easy to add to your meals for a nice CBD boost!

Lastly, it’s extremely important to talk with your doctor before buying any type of CBD products. While the industry hasn’t come across any negative interactions between CBD and a prescription drugs, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Healthy regards,
Cannabidiol Life Team


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