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Did you know that the average person takes about 8 minutes to grind, pack, and roll up a single CBD pre-roll?  Spend less time rolling and more time enjoying and relaxing by letting Cannabidiol Life roll you the best CBD pre-rolls you’ve ever had! Satisfaction is always guaranteed. 


Time should be spent living your best life, not sitting in a corner rolling CBD joints every day. Although remarkably similar, CBD pre-rolls are not CBD cigarettes. Hemp-derived cigarettes are prepared with filters and are encased in white smoking papers. However, our CBD pre-rolls are twisted and rolled perfectly in 100% organic RAW hemp paper cones and contain half a gram of CBD per joint.


  • Half gram of CBD per Pre Roll
  • Twisted perfectly in 100% organic RAW Hemp Paper/Cones
  • Hemp Cultivar Used: Elektra Hemp Cultivar (hemp flower strain)
  • All Cannabidiol Life products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

How To Store Cbd Pre Rolls


Elektra Hemp Cultivar (hemp flower strain), Organic hemp paper

Note: All Cannabidiol Life products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


Before we get started, here are a few quick tips to help guarantee the best possible CBD smoking experience:

  • Smoking with friends and family is always recommended; more love = more life.



Below is our simple step-by-step guide (with pictures) that will teach you how to properly smoke a hemp flower-packed Cannabidiol pre-roll.

  • STEP 1: Set up a relaxing area inside or prepare a nice comfortable seating area outside. Your environment will always play a role in your overall mood.
  • STEP 2: Grab your hemp flower stuffed pre-roll and a lighter.  To avoid inhaling the butane, consider buying waxed hemp string.
  • STEP 3: Evenly light the tip of the CBD pre-roll. This helps guarantee an even flower burn throughout the entire smoking session.
  • STEP 4: Put your lips around the filter of the pre-roll, spark up your lighter and bring the fire to the other end (the tip) of the pre-roll.
  • STEP 5:  Lightly inhale to gradually pull the fire to the tip of the pre-roll. This will ignite the hemp flower and produce the smoke we are looking to inhale. Continue inhaling at a slow speed to take in as much CBD-rich smoke as possible.

    HELPFUL TIP: Don’t overdo this step as it could lead to lots of coughing if you take in too much smoke.  This is especially important for first-time CBD smokers.
  • STEP 6: Enjoy relief one puff at a time and exhale with confidence knowing that you just inhaled all the potential wellness benefits that hemp and CBD have to offer.

Lab Test Results

Product Storage

Always store this high-quality CBD product in a cool, dark, and dry area. Studies have shown that if you leave cannabinoid-infused products in direct light or in high temperatures for long periods of time, the potency of the cannabinoids will begin to gradually decline.

2 reviews for CBD Pre-Rolls

  1. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Oliver, thanks for our review of our CBD Pre-Rolls! The Elektra Strain is definitely very relaxing and enjoyable thing to share with friends for a good time. We hope you will continue to enjoy many weekends lighting up with your friends!

  2. Avatar Of Oliver Adams

    Oliver Adams (verified owner)

    These prerolls are SUCH a great way to relax with friends. We seriously light these up every weekend by the pool and just such a great flavor smell feel…everything. LOVE IT!

  3. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Kyle! Thank you for leaving a great review about the pre-rolls.

    “Smooth” is definitely something a lot of CBD lovers like to hear before choosing a smokeable product.

    Relax, kick back, and continue to enjoy your CBD pre-rolls!

  4. Avatar Of Kyle Usher

    Kyle Usher (verified owner)

    Real good! Very smooth and easy on the lungs.

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