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Finally, a high-quality CBD oil for dogs that allows you to say, “I know my dog is in good hands!”

We make our Happy Pawz CBD oil for canines and puppies using the same high manufacturing standards as our human-grade organic CBD oils. We’ve gone a step further by adding research-backed natural ingredients to enhance the efficacy of the final product significantly.

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As pet owners, it is crucial to choose CBD products that offer the highest quality. We want you to know that the cannabinoids found in our products are derived from Colorado-grown, certified USDA Organic Hemp plants, and manufactured in adherence to the best practices observed in the USA with third-party lab tests known as a Certificate of Analysis.

Dog owners can rest assured that our CBD oil for dogs has none of the following:

  • no harmful additives
  • no preservatives
  • non-GMO
  • no harmful solvents
  • no heavy metals
  • no pesticides
  • gluten-free

After reassuring you what’s NOT inside this fantastic pet CBD oil, let’s talk about exactly what you WILL find in every one of our high-quality CBD oils for dogs.

Man Giving Happy Pawz Cbd Oil To His White Dog.

What You Can Expect With Each Purchase

Happy Pawz CBD Oil For Dogs is derived from a specific hemp cultivar called Cherry Wine Hemp, a premium hemp strain highly-noted for its array of therapeutic terpenes, smooth taste, and high phytocannabinoid percentages. We do not use supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain our coveted Cherry Wine Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.  Instead, we use cold ethanol extraction, a superior extraction method when manufacturing Full Spectrum CBD products.  You can learn more about this by reading our article on the best CBD extraction methods.

This phytocannabinoid, terpene-rich hemp extract is further enhanced with wild-caught Salmon oil, MCT oil, our premium CBD isolate (CBD Powder), and a handful of research-backed all-natural ingredients.

Since canines have an ECS just as humans do, we want you to know that this product is aimed to support the proper functioning of your dog’s Endocannabinoid System, ECS for short.


Product Specifics:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – CBD + several other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids; promotes the Entourage Effect.
  • 1 oz amber glass bottle
  • Calibrated black dropper
  • Carrier oil – a mixture between wild-caught salmon oil and organic MCT oil. For the whole ingredients list, see the “Ingredients” tab.
  • Manufactured in three specific potencies corresponding perfectly to your puppy’s or dog’s body weight.

'I Shih-Tzu Not' Cbd Memes For Dogs

Three CBD Potencies Bases On Your Dog’s Body Weight

  1. Small dogs | 1-14 lbs. | 250mg of CBD
    • 8.33 mg of CBD per serving
  2. Medium-sized dogs | 15-63 lbs. | 500mg of CBD
    • 16.67 mg of CBD per serving
  3. Large dogs | 64+ lbs. | 750mg of CBD
    1. 25 mg of CBD per serving

As you can see, each bottle is formulated to better cater to your special furry friend offering weight-based solutions for more specific and accurate CBD dosing.

Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure of our canine-specific CBD pet tinctures we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results after a month of consistent use. See the “Suggested Use” tab for more guidance on how much CBD you should give your dog daily to achieve optimal results.

Male Dog Owner Feeds Two Golden Labradors Cbd Oil From Dropper

Reasons To Choose Our CBD Oil For Dogs Over Others

  1. Cannabidiol Life has an average 5-Star Rating with over 1,000 positive CBD reviews from satisfied customers worldwide. See our CBD Reviews page to locate all of our excellent testimonials.
  2. We have over 100 active subscriptions that get auto-shipped monthly to pet owners like you. See our CBD Subscription page for more information.
  3. Our CBD oil for dogs is manufactured using the best cold-ethanol extraction method. Any CBD brand boasting that CO2 extraction is the best method is knowingly or unknowingly lying to uninformed CBD buyers. As Leafly.com states, Ethanol is more effective than supercritical CO2.
  4. Our high-quality product best promotes the Entourage Effect. Learn more HERE.
  5. This is the best ECS-Supporting CBD Dog product due to being a true Full Spectrum CBD oil (not a broad spectrum CBD oil or a Pure CBD oil). Learn the importance of this fact by reading our article Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate.
  6. 3rd-Party Lab Tested with certifiable test results. See our Certificate of Analysis page to view all of our test results.

When Human Puts Cbd In Your Kibble Meme

Latest Scientific Research On The Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

Legally, we can’t make any claims regarding specific health benefits or what our CBD oil for dogs will do for your pet; the FDA has made this very clear.

In regards to your dog’s health and what CBD can do for your furry friends, here are the results of the most recent medical research and scientific studies that focus on better defining the actual benefits, overall efficacy, and potential medicinal and therapeutic uses of CBD products consumed by dogs:

  • In this 2018 Study, the canine clinical assessment showed a significant drop in pain and increased overall activity with CBD oil. The veterinary results showed decreased pain during CBD treatment, with pet owners reporting no adverse side effects.
  • In this 2022 study, it states, and we quote, “in veterinary medicine, therapeutic applications of CBD in dogs include osteoarthritis-associated pain, aggressive behavior, and epilepsy.
  • Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain – In this 2020 veterinary study, the researchers stated that Cannabidiol decreased pain significantly and increased mobility.
  • Epilepsy – A neurologist at Colorado State University, Dr. Stephanie McGrath, performed a clinical trial that was published in June 2019, and according to the news collection from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences89% of the dogs assessed in the clinical trial had a reduction in seizure frequency.
  • In this 2020 study conducted by the British Veterinary Association, part of the critical results found was that 8 out of 9 dogs that were administered CBD had an overall reduction in the average amount of monthly seizures compared to the 16 weeks before treatment.
  • In this study published in 2021, the researchers stated how their findings “clearly suggest” that treating dogs with CBD might be used effectively to improve the welfare of dogs housed in shelters.
  • Allergies & Itchy Skin – In this 2021 study, the researchers stated that at 4.5 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day, CBD reduced the total daily scratching of dogs. This finding has opened a new therapeutic door for CBD as an antipruritic, a specific drug or medicine used to relieve itching.
    • A secondary result of this study also stated that the dogs that received doses of CBD did not decrease in daily voluntary activity. This is great news for dog owners worried about CBD sedating their pets.
  • The findings in this 2021 study indicated two results; the altered metabolites found suggest that CBD may have the potential to influence amino acid, vitamin, glucose, and nucleotide metabolism. And secondly, CBD may offer its suspected anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial benefits.
  • ECS, Immune System, & Nervous System – According to a 2019 study titled “The Endocannabinoid System of Animals,” the concluding discussion stated that the endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in maintaining homeostasis for several different organ systems and that the ECS regulates both the immune system and nervous system managing pain, inflammation, metabolism, neurologic function, digestion, reproductive function, and embryologic development.
  • 2018 survey asked 1,068 dog owners about their perceived efficacy of CBD products for their pet’s specific conditions and also asked them to compare their CBD results to the available conventional medications; Here are the results of that study:
    1068 Pet Parents Report The Benefits Of Cbd Oil For Dogs Compared To Conventional Medicine


CBD, Dogs, And Fireworks! A Research Study Gone Wrong?

A canine noise-Induced fear response study published in 2020 focused on CBD’s ability to reduce canine anxiety explicitly caused by the noise of fireworks. The results of this study stated that their findings didn’t support an anxiolytic effect of CBD in dogs.

Since this is the first study showing CBD’s inability to provide anxiety relief, we felt there was more to be examined.

Here is what we found:

  • 1.4 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight was given to the dogs.
  • The CBD was administered orally in the form of a small dog treat/dog chew.
  • The dog chews were given to the dog once per day for seven days before testing.
  • A high-protein diet was offered to the dogs during the study, but not a high-fat diet.

The facts above sparked our concerns and our comments below:

  1. According to these three studies, Study 1Study 2, and Study 3, the median half-life of CBD in dogs is approximately 4 hours. Therefore, the first concern is that the CBD was not orally administered within the recognized half-life of CBD in dogs. To clearly define the importance of this, here is an example.
    • Let’s say a dog absorbed 10mg of CBD via oral administration. After four hours from the time of consumption (4-hour half-life of CBD in dogs), only 5 mg of CBD would be present in the bloodstream; four hours after that, there wouldn’t be any detectable CBD in the bloodstream. Thus, if the half-life of CBD in dogs wasn’t taken into consideration, how could the results be accurate?
  2. The second issue concerns a few CBD bioavailability factors.
    • Oral CBD consumption in dogs without a high-fat meal yields only 13-19% CBD bioavailability. When you factor in bioavailability, 13-19% of 1.4mg of CBD per kg of body weight is 0.182 mg – 0.266 mg of CBD per kg of body weight, a shallow CBD dose.
    • The dogs in this study were not offered a fatty-rich meal, exponentially dropping the percentage of CBD available for absorption. CBD is fat-soluble, and research proves that when CBD is consumed with a high-fat meal, its bioavailability increases by 4x-5x.
  3. The last issue is that this study used a less-efficacious Pure CBD as opposed to a full spectrum hemp extract that offers several cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes, and fatty acids.


Section Summary

As you may presume from the substantial publically documented reports above, CBD oil for dogs may just be the natural alternative to overall canine wellness and could be considered by pet owners to be used as an attempt to address several typical dog owner concerns while simultaneously providing the extra supportive boost and internal endocannabinoid regulation that your canine companion is needing.

It’s imperative to note that the majority of scientific studies on CBD state that more testing is needed to confirm the current positive research findings.


Potential Adverse Effects Of CBD Oil On Dogs

According to Healthline.com, a well-respected online health/wellness website, the adverse side effects that your dog may experience are usually stemmed from giving your dog too much oil. If this happens, drowsiness, extreme lethargy, vomiting, dry mouth, dribbling/drooling, or loss of balance are all possible adverse effects that could be noticed.

Here is a graph that was created and produced by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association after conducting a survey that included 1,068 participants that were all dog owners. Here are the results when the participants were asked to comment on the side effects of using CBD for their dogs:

1068 Dog Owners Report Side Effects Of Cbd Oil


Product Disclaimers

  • It is not made for human consumption.
  • Do not use this product if the tamper-evident safety seal is broken.
  • Always speak to a licensed veterinarian before altering your dog’s diet in any way.
  • Although potential adverse effects can be easily avoided with proper dosing and adherence to suggested use guidelines, the safest action is to immediately seek professional veterinarian care if you experience any adverse effects after giving your dog CBD.
  • This product contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health issue or disease.
  • The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy and has not reviewed the information found on this page for accuracy.


Additional Assistance & Consumer Resources

Each 1oz bottle contains CBD and several more phytocannabinoids for a more concentrated, nutrient-packed, and more effective hemp oil for the canine species. Our cherry wine hemp cultivars, unique extraction method, and proprietary formula of natural ingredients allow us to confidently offer you and your pup a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • A 2020 Guide for Cannabis In Veterinary Medicine; view PDF.
  • For calming CBD Dog Chews, view our Happy Pawz CBD Dog Treats.
  • Shop all of our high-quality CBD Pet Products for sale by clicking HERE.
  • For more guidance and assistance in choosing the right CBD product for your dog, contact us directly HERE or use the LIVE CHAT feature on the right during regular business hours.


  • 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil
  • Organic Full-spectrum Hemp CBD extract (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, andlt;0.3% THC)
  • Organic MCT coconut oil
  • Organic Sunflower seed oil
  • Organic Chia seed oil


Add 1mL of Happy Pawz Pet CBD oil daily with morning and evening meals. Several studies show that taking CBD with a high-fat diet increases CBD absorption.

You can add the dose of CBD directly in their mouth using the provided calibrated dropper or if it’s more convenient, add the CBD to their dry or wet dog food.

For optimal results, add 1mL twice daily (morning and night) for the first week. After the first week, you can reduce the dose to once a day. If you notice that the previous positive results are not as prevalent after lowering the amount, increase it back to twice a day and continue for one entire month before trying to reduce the dosage a second time.

Learn how to give your dog CBD Oil by using a tincture glass dropper.

The Amount Of CBD Oil You Should You Give To Your Dog (Backed By Science)

Regarding your beloved furry friend, we know that you want only the best for them. That includes ensuring they receive the right amount of CBD oil to get optimal benefits. Their overall need and body weight will largely determine the right concentration and amount of CBD for your canine companion

Recommended dosage instructions generally err on the lower side when introducing CBD oil to your dog(s).

As an additional resource, please read our CBD Dosage article, which offers the latest CBD dosing research to best attempt to educatively answer the question, “how much CBD should you take?


Storage Guidance

  • Always store away from the reach of small children.
  • Always keep in a dry, room temperature, and dark environment.
  • Never store in direct light or a hot temperature environment.

Lab Test Results

Product Storage

Always store this high-quality CBD product in a cool, dark, and dry area. Studies have shown that if you leave cannabinoid-infused products in direct light or in high temperatures for long periods of time, the potency of the cannabinoids will begin to gradually decline.

4 reviews for CBD Oil For Dogs

  1. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Megan, so happy to hear how much Maya is benefiting from the Happy Pawz Dog Oil! Quality of life is so incredibly important, and we’re glad that you guys have that as a family. We look forward to seeing Maya live a healthy life for years to come!

  2. Avatar Of Megan Elizabeth

    Megan Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I have and will continue to purchase CBD from you guys for my 11pound, 7 yo baby girl pup. We have tried quite a few different companies, but you outshine them all! Thank you so much for giving my sweet Maya the quality of life she deserves. I have already had two of my family members come here for the same thing. 100% recommend andlt;3

  3. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Randy, we love to hear how our clients administer the pet oil. Happy to hear that putting it into her food helps! Definitely makes it easy! We think she might also like these Dog Treats too. Have her give them a try and let us know!

  4. Avatar Of Randy Harvick

    Randy Harvick (verified owner)

    My husky always seems to know what’s up when I try to do the cbd oil by mouth. So I started putting it in her food. She doesn’t even notice a thing. 

  5. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Yes, attached to each page you will see “Labsheets” where our products are 3rd party lab tested.

  6. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    So happy it has helped your sweet dog!

  7. Avatar Of Kathlee


    I’m concerned with the salmon oil as this can become rancid quickly. Your thoughts please? Also can you supply independent lab testing?

  8. Avatar Of Iamrude6802

    iamrude6802 (verified owner)

    I ordered these to help with calming my very hyper Griffon. I’ve used the drops twice now and she loves them and I do believe it has made grooming her much easier.

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