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Have you ever tried CBG Isolate? Now is the perfect time to give it a try! Feel good about choosing our CBG isolate powder products. Cannabidiol Life offers a premium CBG powder at perhaps the best value found anywhere else online!

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Introducing our signature CBG Isolate! Not to be confused with CBD, CBC, or CBN, CBG is sometimes considered the “stem cell cannabinoid.” CBG isolate powder, when refined to 98%-100% purity, comes in non-clumpy, fine white powder designed to be mixed with your CBD oil or certain foods.


Pure cannabigerol hemp extract.

Lab Sheet #07-03-19

Lab Sheet IL2001I-001

For optimal experience, add to your diet by blending into your favorite food or shake.

What Does CBG Isolate Do?

CBG, just like CBD, works within the body’s Endocannabinoid System, also known as our ECS. The ECS is recognized for keeping our Immune System and our Central Nervous System in homeostasis, working precisely and as correctly as it should. Click to read more.

Is CBG Legal?

Yes, very much so. CBG is not on the Schedule-1 Drug List. There are no current restrictions on buying or selling CBG products other than that CBG products must be extracted from industrial hemp plants containing 0.3% THC or less).

How to Use CBG Isolate?

CBG Isolate is very easy to use. We highly recommend mixing it with full-spectrum CBD oil. By doing this, you increase your chances to experience the entourage effect and boost your CBG isolate bioavailability. If blending with CBD full-spectrum is not available, opt for any type of MCT oil or food high in omega 3 or other fatty acids.

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    NatesNaturals (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a few CBD products from Cannabidiol Life in the past and decided to spike the CBD oil 1,500 mg tincture that they sell with the CBG isolate and all I can say is, WOW! I noticed the difference in my anxiety and mood in perhaps 10 minutes. I literally felt like a brand new person. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend this product!

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