About Cannabidiol Life

Our team member directory was put together for a couple of reasons. We wanted to offer our customers and clients complete transparency (something you don’t find in the hemp/CBD industry).

This is your cordial invitation to learn more about us and become a part of the Cannabidiol Life Family!

“We always put others first and this is something we don’t just speak about, we live buy it. It is the foundation of everything we live by and stand which is our current formula to being the difference we want to see in this world.”

Chris Visser
Cannabidiol Life – Experience The Difference

Our Purpose & Our Promise

At Cannabidiol Life, we aren’t against traditional medicines, but we do believe from our extensive research and studies in the potential healing power of a natural, nature producing plant, known as CBD (cannabidiol); along with its full entourage of cannabinoids.

Our site exists to be a CBD education outlet as well as an online webshop where CBD buyers are GUARANTEED SATISFACTION or they’re money back.

Cannabidiol Life cannot be compared to any other CBD company because there is no one else that does or offers what we do.  Here is a link to a numbered list sharing what makes us so unique.

Our Foundation: The 3 P's


  1. PEOPLE – Take care of people first and always.
  2. PLANET – Take care of our planet. Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that can help preserve our planet for future generations if we utilize it as soon as possible and use it to its fullest potential.
  3. Only after these two have been addressed, can we truly PROFIT


Cannabidiol Life Humanitarian Work and CBD Education Portals

Meet the Team

picture of christopher visser (chrisryviss) christopher visser - owner & ceo of cannabidiol life

Christopher Visser

Owner / President


Zachary Keeny

Chief Operations Director

caricature of jessica arent.

Jessica Arent

Chief Compliance Officer


Jennifer Jellison

B2B Relations Director


Jessica Norris

Social Media Director


Scott Wilson

SEO & Web Director


Eleyna Smit

Warehouse Manager


Ben Von Grabe

Shipping & Handling