Our Story

At CBD Oils & Edibles, we aren’t 100% against traditional medicines…

But with that said, ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% Organic and we strongly believe in the power of healing with the use of a natural, nature producing cannabinoid, known as CBD (cannabidiol).

Christopher Visser, our Founder & Owner, took CBD Oil for the first time in January 2017 for his stress levels and anxiety and 1 hour later, the idea of www.CBDOilsandEdibles.com was born.  Backed by passion and the drive to offer this groundbreaking natural product to the world, four months and over 50,000 online orders later, CBD Oils & Edibles became one of the LARGEST and Top-Rated Sellers of CBD products in the world.

Our vision is to offer the highest and purest quality of Cannabidiol products as we aim to not only please the common CBD buyer and consumer but to create an entire grocery e-store of CBD edibles along the way.

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