At Cannabidiol Life, we realize that trust is earned, not freely given.  Therefore, we created this page to outline exactly how we source and generate our CBD education that is current, actionable, and most importantly, accurate.

Finding information on CBD products and Cannabis-based health information is very easy, why?  Because it is everywhere.  If you do a quick search on Google for “CBD”, you’ll have over 145 million search results.

The question now is, how much of this information is actually accurate, trustworthy, or even usable? 

Cannabidiol Life started as educators and we will continually raise the bar of standards within our industry.

We’re making CBD education and health information:

  • COMPREHENSIVE – We break down all of the hard-to-read/understand medical lingo so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, your health, and equally, for the people you love
  • ACCESSIBLE as we continually answer all CBD FAQ’s, an ever-growing list of questions that we are very happy to answer.

Cannabidiol Life doesn’t intend to make acquaintances throughout this new cannabis-education-frontier, our mission is to build a strong, cannabis-based, family-like community.  This goal simply cannot be accomplished by cutting corners. 

For this reason, we abide by all HonCode Requirements.  Furthermore, we have partnered with several licensed medical professionals and MMJ doctors to medically review every piece of information found on cbdoilsandedibles.com. 

By doing so, Cannabidiol Life is able to provide not one line of defense, but two-steps of content verification which were conducted by two separate 3rd-Party medical institutions.

This two-step content verification is simply another self-imposed standard of business that Cannabidiol Life conducts.

This ensures that all Cannabidiol Life web visitors will be presented with information and guidance that THEY CAN TRUST as every piece of content offered has already been reviewed and certified by Cannabis Experts, Industry Leaders, Authoritive Hemp/CBD Educators, as well as Licensed medical professionals.


We take the time to research and comprehensively explain hard-to-read medical journals and in-depth complex hemp-based topics.

We strive to become the most trusted CBD-specific one-stop-learn-and-shop for all your CBD needs.  We want to not only guide but to walk alongside you and be with you during every step of your personal health and wellness journey.


The Cannabidiol Life Editorial team upholds high journalistic standards.  We avoid national news media outlets as well as personal opinions (unless disclosed in the text for educational purposes). 

All information provided is directly correlated with Cannabidiol Life’s company foundation and is written accordingly. 

Cannabidiol Life provides nothing short of unbiased, comprehensive, professional, trustworthy, as well as up-to-date/current guidance; not to mention all of the actionable steps needed to accomplish for you to get the most out of both the information and the products that Cannabidiol Life provides. 


If you have any questions or comments about our content please contact us.  Cannabidiol Life is determined to provide you with the very best CBD educational experience, therefore, we always want to hear from our readers!

Do you have any suggestions that you feel like we could do better?

Contact us today so we can do better, together!

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