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We proudly introduce our incomparable CBD body butter — an unmatched luxurious testament to nature’s best. Crafted to be the pinnacle of skincare, its lushness remains unrivaled until you experience it firsthand.

What sets our organic CBD Body Butter apart isn’t just the velvety touch it lends upon warm skin contact, but its unique ingredient sourcing. While the allure of full-spectrum CBD infusion can’t be overlooked, the magic lies in our commitment. We don’t merely buy our ingredients; we meticulously create them.

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IMPORTANT: Before we proceed, please note, this is a CBD topical that caters to enriching your skin. If you’re seeking relief from sore muscles and achy joints, then we believe our CBD Salve/CBD Muscle Rub is the product you need.


Your Skin’s Best Friend: A Proper Introduction

Woman Using Cbd Body Butter On Her Legs

Envision a body butter meticulously sculpted for you. Our CBD body butter isn’t just another moisturizer—it’s an ode to unparalleled hydration and lavish skin care. Beyond mere ingredient sourcing, we are artisans. With our unique cold ethanol extraction process, we extract nature’s purest vitamins, oils, and nutrients directly from organically nurtured fruits, plants, and herbs.

With every application, you’re not just applying a product—you’re experiencing the culmination of our scientific expertise and organic formulation passion. While the full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract has revolutionized skin enrichment, we also unfold the lush secret of our formulation: Mango Butter.

Let’s dive deeper.


Benefits of Topical CBD & Mango Butter Reported By Scientists, Researchers, & Skincare Professionals

First we’ll discuss the benefits of applying CBD topically, then we’ll explore the benefits of Mango butter.

How CBD Benefits Your Skin


What’s Mango Butter?

Mango butter is a type of fat that originates from mango seeds. Labeled as a semisolid, Mango butter melts effortlessly when it touches the skin; and just like cocoa and shea butter, mango butter supports your overall skin health through nourishment.

What Are The Benefits of Mango Butter For Skin?

WebMD underscores mango butter’s potency and health benefits as:

  • an antioxidant because of its rich source of mangiferin
  • a shield against sun damage
  • booster for collagen production
  • hydrates the skin
  • prevents signs of aging
  • excellent source of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper, and Folates.


The Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences celebrates mango butter for its “excellent emolliency,” a trait revered for protecting, softening, soothing, and imparting a velvety touch to the skin.

You see, our CBD body butter is not just about moisturization; it’s about transforming skin wellness.

Wrapped in an amber-brown glass jar, crowned with a wooden-bamboo cap, this luxurious concoction blends eight essential organic ingredients. Supported by nature’s miracle plant—hemp—it promises more than just skincare; it assures an experience.

And we’re so confident in this creation that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because, after rigorous tests and widespread acclaim, one truth stands tall: genuine skincare has found its gold standard.

How To Use Cbd Body Butter.

“I can’t even comprehend this texture, how’d you… it’s perfect.”

With this, bid adieu to dry, flaky, and irritated skin. Revel in rejuvenation.

Product Features:

  • A full spectrum hemp extract infusion with 1 oz & 3 oz sizes are available
    • 1oz contains 110mg of CBD
    • 3oz contains 330mg of CBD
  • Amber-brown and durable glass jar with a gorgeous wooden-bamboo cap
  • Natural, USDA Certified Organic enriching CBD cream
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No “perfume”
  • Safely packaged with tamper-evident protection


Undisputable Efficacy Backed By Powerful Ingredients — 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

On A White Background, You'll See Real Fruit And Organic Ingredients Such As Mango Seed, Mango Butter, Coconut, Avocado, Full Spectrum Cbd Oil, Jojoba, Apricot, And Hemp Buds.

With eight essential organic ingredients (see ingredients tab) supported by extracts derived from Cannabis Sativa, L. (nature’s miracle plant, A.K.A. Hemp plant), your investment into your largest organ is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We’ve tested this product relentlessly, shipping thousands of units all over the U.S. and internationally, we’ve never been more confident in the efficacy and overall buyer experience.


What You’ll Experience with Our Premier Organic CBD Body Butter:

  • Uplifting Aroma — A zest of lemongrass fused with subtle, natural undertones ensures an aromatic delight every time.
  • Seamless Application — Initially semi-solid, watch as it gracefully melts upon touching your warm skin.
  • Deep Hydration — Renowned ingredients promise profound moisturization.
  • Designed Thoughtfully — Say goodbye to undesirable stickiness, slickness, or persistent oily residues.
  • Optimal Efficiency — A mere nickel-sized amount is all it takes to dramatically elevate your skin’s radiance.

In using this exquisite CBD body butter, the trials of dry, flaky, and irate skin become tales of the past.


Infographic with several different angles of Cannabidiol Life's CBD Body Butter along with the list of organic ingredients on display. In the background, tranquil pastel colors and eucalyptus leaves are on display.
A revitalizing scent, a sense of calm, the delicacy of luxury, and the benefits of nature. Here are the organic ingredients found in cannabidiol life’s all-natural cbd body butter.
  • organic mango butter (made from mango seed oil)
  • organic hemp seed oil
  • organic MCT coconut oil
  • organic avocado oil
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic apricot kernel oil
  • organic vitamin E oil
  • full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD)


Directly, you can apply this CBD-infused body butter when the skin begins drying out or whenever the mood strikes you!  Please keep in mind that a little bit of this revitalizing hemp cream goes a long way. This is great because that means it’s not going to run out as fast.

How To Use & Apply CBD Body Butter To Your Skin

  • Apply a dime-sized amount to the palm of your hands
  • rub hands together until a supple oil
  • then apply to affected areas massaging into the skin

Lab Test Results

Product Storage

A top-shelf CBD product that calls for above the fold care. The whipped, fluffy texture of this incredible skin moisturizer is what you want to keep protected. Nothing over the top, simply protect this heavenly CBD cream by following two very simple rules:

  1. Never leave y0ur CBD body butter in direct sunlight.
  2. Never store this product in 85 degrees F or higher.

If you follow these two rules, your skin will adore you. If you don’t follow these two rules, your CBD body butter will become a CBD Body Oil. As with all CBD products, its important to keep the following in mind for best storage practices.

  • Always store in a cool, dark, and dry area away from heat and direct light.

3 reviews for CBD Body Butter | 1oz and 3oz

  1. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    SV, thank you so much for leaving this amazing review! It’s reviews like this that remind us of why we do what we do here. To help people and their quality of life! That’s what is important. We are so happy to hear what our products are doing for your health. We hope you will continue to experience renewed health and we look forward to continuing to serve you faithfully!

  2. Avatar Of Sv

    SV (verified owner)

    I have been using this butter for a couple of years now and it has helped me in so many ways. I started rubbing it on my ankles at the beginning of using it and my arms as I have lymphedema. It has taken my swelling completely down. I also started rubbing it on some skin tags I have on my body and it has shrunk them to where they are almost gone. This is very soft silky cream that is non greasy and it’s wonderful stuff!!

  3. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Natlie, we would love to see a picture of your sleeve once you are finished! Tattoo recovery is so important and vital to your skin’s health (and your happiness!) Thank you for reviewing our CBD Body Butter!

  4. Avatar Of Natalie Ward

    Natalie Ward (verified owner)

    I’m working on my sleeve and this butter has really helped with my tattoo recovery!

  5. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    We’re so happy to hear who the Body Butter helped you. We look forward to serving you for years to come. Healthy Regards!

  6. Avatar Of Itai Ojo

    Itai Ojo (verified owner)

    This product helped me stop itching from my remicade(infliximab)-induced rash, I took remicade for my Crohn’s disease, and the unfortunate side effect was a psoriatic-like rash. Along with taking the gel capsules 3x a day and I would put this butter on, and no itching, even at night where the itching is usually worse. Only sad thing is that one jar is only good for one day for me, the rash is all over my body, so I had to start getting 4 jars per order. Nonetheless, this butter does wonders

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