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Hempettes, also known as hemp-derived CBD cigarettes offer a healthier alternative in comparison to the more common chemical, tobacco, and nicotine-infused cigarettes.  If you’re looking for high-quality hemp-derived CBD smokable products, consider our 100% natural CBD cigarettes.  With zero harmful or addictive chemicals inside and with tasty, yet, lightly flavored options to choose from… be confident in knowing you’re currently shopping the best CBD cigarettes for sale online.

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  • Full Spectrum CBD product (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, <0.3% THC)
  • Approximately 50mg of CBD per hempette
  • Relaxing Terpenes for a smoother, sweeter smoking experience
  • Highest-Quality CBD hemp flower grown in the United States
  • We use third-party lab reports & tests to always ensure our consumer safety
  • 20 CBD cigarettes per pack
  • All hempettes are under 0.3% THC & there is NO nicotine, NO additives, & NO tobacco



Once Upon a Time, in the late ’50s, the Candy Cigarette was launched. Candy cigarettes were made with a slight amount of powdered sugar so that when you blew out, smoke would appear to release.

Smoking was a lifestyle and deemed sexy, elegant, sophisticated, and created an illusion of a life that everyone wanted. In the ’60s, it was common to walk into a business and sit down in a meeting with everyone smoking cigarettes in the room.

Smoking was glamorous!

It was allowed everywhere. Restaurants, planes, and even work environments! Brands like Winston, Newport, and Marlboro were popular and seemed to dangle from elegant hands and lips.

Companies like Camel Cigarettes and Lucky Strike included collector’s baseball cards for trading. Smoking was a social status. If you did not particularly like smoking for the smell, the solution became Menthol Cigarettes. The original idea being that the stick would put off a minty expression when dragged on.

The late ’70s and ’80’s introduced the Clove Cigarette and American Spirit. Both touted to be a healthier, if not more natural option, and this began the understanding that smoking and cigarettes might harm our health. The late ’80s brought about awareness and health risks, and we started to see campaigns warning consumers against smoking tobacco.

Despite ad campaigns of terrifying proportions and ongoing studies proving the risk of consumption, to date, we continue to work to battle the nicotine addictions brought on by the cigarette industry while working to find a healthier option.


Although vaping has been a successful option, many continue to seek the experience of the cigarette and prefer it and often will not make the conversion from Cigarette to Vaping.

With the birth of the CBD industry and the understanding of the inherent attributes of the hemp plant for our bodies and overall health, the idea of smoking has been reborn. This time, however, with a catch. These are not cigarettes; instead, they are called “hempettes.”


CBD Cigarettes Infographic
Smoking Hemp and smoking hemp flower have become quite the rage, with brands like High Hemps, and Wild Hemp, producing CBD rich cigarettes for sale, the weed cigarette is making its move into the mainstream market.

CBD hemp cigarettes provide feelings similar to that of the cigarette without the poisons and toxins of the tobacco material. By using cannabis cigarettes, the user experiences the cessation of anxiety, and finds the calm, from the expression of pure hemp products.

Like that of smokeable Hemp oil, the smokeable CBD enables the user to get the phytocannabinoids into his bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Cessation is fast, and the relief nearly instant. While smoking hemp isolate and inhaling hemp oil offer an alternative, most users seem to migrate to the convenient portable model of a pack of natural CBD cigarettes.



Because we are well known for our industry knowledge and insights, we get a lot of questions, so we thought we would answer them for you!

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost in Colorado?

On average, a pack of cigarettes costs about $17.

Will CBD cigarettes make you high?

While a calming feeling will definitely be felt, you will not get high as there is less than 0.3% THC in industrial hemp-derived cigarettes.

What CBD products would you recommend as a substitute?

There are definitely a few of them out there, so here is a shortlist for you to consider and read more about:

  • The most similar option is CBD pre-rolls
  • CBD Vape Juice
  • CBD Vape Pens
  • CBD Dab Pens For Cannabis Concentrates (CBD wax & CBD crystals)
  • CBD inhalers

What are the best cigarettes?

The best cigarettes are organic, all-natural herbal Cigarettes, and are usually called Hemp Cigarettes or CBD cigarettes. These are the best because there are no harmful or addictive chemicals.

Are CBD cigarettes legal?

Yes, they are!

Can you buy cigarettes online?

While we are not sure about tobacco products online, we do know you can buy brands like Wild Hemp Hempettes, Hemp Zone hemp Cigarettes, Hempz, Hemplife, and High Hemp in most smoke shops across the country where CBD is legal to smoke.

Can you smoke CBD?

Yes! Smoking hemp flower or smoking CBD flower will deliver those cannabinoids right into your system through the bloodstream!

Can you smoke Hemp?

Yes! Smokable Hemp can be purchased by the gram and is a great option to some of the best hemp cigarettes in the market.

Can you smoke wild Hemp?

Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes can be found in most states, we are told. While we are not sure exactly where we recommend using a keyword search for “wild hemp cigarettes near me.”

How many cigarettes are in a pack?

20 CBD sticks per pack.

How many packs in a carton?

Products such as Wild Hemp CBD Cigarettes for sale offer an average of ten packs per carton.

How to smoke CBD?

CBD smoke is unique in which it can be found either through smokeable Hemp, or a hempette. Like that of a marijuana cigarette or weed cigarette, you simply fire it up and inhale!

Is smoking CBD safe?

CBD smoke dissipates quickly and is clean. There are no carbons emitted. CBD oil smoke is also like that of CBD flower smoke. It is a fresh, non-toxic experience.

What are CBD cigarettes?

These are cigarettes that come with a filter and wrapped in hemp paper! A much healthier solution. Also, the ingredients inside are pure CBD-rich industrial Hemp flowers ground down tremendously to offer a smooth, great-tasting, smoking experience. Made without any additional additives or harmful chemicals, it’s a WIN-WIN!

What are CBD cigarettes good for? Are there benefits?

Anxiety cessation, calm, stress relief, and well being.

Where to buy herbal cigarettes near me?

Google that! By using search terms in your browser such as “CBD Cigarettes for sale,” “hemp cigarettes CBD,” or “marijuana cigarettes for sale” as an example, your phone or computer should pull up the smoke shops, vendors, and local shops where you can find them. If this is ineffective, we recommend searching online. Use search terms like “Cigarettes for less” or “smokes for less” to find great discounts and deals!


Cannabidiol Life is now offering CBD rich hemp cigarettes. We are excited about this because we see it as an opportunity to provide healthy options in CBD delivery methods to meet every consumer’s needs. The CBD cigarettes that smell sweet are among the best-tasting cigarettes in the hemp market. The smoking experience of a hempette rivals that of smooth cigarettes, and its viewed as a great option when compared to the strongest cigarettes for sale online.


Most movies we have seen from that era feature the idea that the best cigarettes after sex are any cigarette!

We get it! Its an “AHHHHHH” moment!

Smooth cigarettes seemed to make your lover that much more attractive as he languishes with tokes of his cigarette in a lazy afterglow of good loving. We did not know if the brand was good or was a high-end cigarette for that matter; we only knew it was the thing you do when all is said and done.

We do know, watching those rich plumes of smoke waft into the air, that the actor often portrayed the after-sex smoke as the best tasting cigarette of the day.

In the modern age, we do not recommend that.

Now, we are running in full strides away from the harmful aspects of yesterday’s cigs, and we’re head straight for natural CBD cigarettes. We suggest that if you are going to smoke something, you might as well burn a Hempette!

It might be the pure cig you wanted and did not know was possible in a healthy option!

The CBD market is a burgeoning one with new products hitting the market every single day. Innovation seems to be the way of the world of Hemp and CBD when it comes to products.

Here on the East coast of the United States, Chesterfield cigarettes are among the top smokes and selling big! Well, so is the hemp cigarette model! The way we hear it, brands such as The Little Flower Hemp Company are giving them a run for their money in the tobacco world.

We see brands coming to market every day, with concepts that imply effects, such as Sweet Dreams Cigarettes and Rainbow Smoke Cigarettes. It is becoming more and more popular, and as of the writing of this article, we happen to know, Hemp Cigarettes are so mainstream!  Circle K convenience stores carry them across the country.

As a side note, we have had queries for the Red Apple Cigarette as of late. We have done some research and have learned that Quentin Tarantino has no intention of manufacturing those and recommends you stick with Cannabis Cigarettes!


Whether you purchase Amazon Cigarettes online, Lucky Leaf Co in the store, or ours from Cannabidiol Life, at the end of the day, we would like to think we have the best cigarettes in the hempette model. We offer the best CBD flower in those hemp sticks because knowing our consumer is getting the best of the best for their health and wellness is our number one priority.

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