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Whether you are looking to reduce fatigue and stress, or merely treating your skin to the soothing properties of hemp, Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Bath Bombs are for you. Unwrap one of these relax bombs and get the support you need at home from the comfort of your bathtub. Our bombs feature a blend of premium ingredients that other brands don’t add due to the cost—but not us!

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Cannabidiol Life Lavender CBD Isolate Bath Bombs - 100mg of Total Hemp Extract + Cannabidiol Life Eucalyptus CBD Isolate Bath Bombs - 100mg of Total Hemp Extract
Price for both: $22.08

Cannabidiol Life’s Premium CBD Bath Bombs are designed for a particular purpose: to provide the perfect, most relaxing bubble bath experience ever. Our Signature Collection of CBD bath bombs comes packed with 100mg of CBD in each one and a collection of different scents to choose from: 

  1. Eucalyptus Escape: For those who suffer from dry throat and nasal congestion.  
  2. Luxurious Lavender: For those who struggle to fall or stay asleep at night.



  • Each bath bomb offers 100mg of pure CBD (No THC)
  • All bath bombs are 100% Chemical & Preservative Free

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid Coconut Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Premium hemp extract.

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Drop Bath Bomb into a tub full of hot water and watch it fizz. After about 2-3 minutes once the bomb is fully dissolved, soothe and relax in premium CBD luxury.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Bath Bomb Products?

You can buy hemp bath products directly from our online CBD store. We guarantee premium-quality hemp body care products with every purchase so that you can feel fully confident with every order.

You can also choose to buy CBD bath products in local dispensaries or retail stores specializing in personal care items. If you are not sure where to find hemp body care products near you, feel free to visit our Store Locator page.

How Long Should I Soak in a CBD Bomb Bath?

We recommend that you plan to set aside at least 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted alone time. This will not only help your body absorb the CBD in our products, but it will also give you more time to achieve the peace of mind and an elevated sense of balance you deserve.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Illegal?

Federally, no, but there are four states that still don’t allow CBD products. These states include Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  If you live in these states, getting CBD bath bombs shipped to you won’t be as easy as other recreational CBD allowed states, but it is also not impossible as we found many CBD brands online still shipping to these states.

Cannabidiol bath bombs, when derived and extracted from cannabis-Sativa plants (hemp plants), are considered 100% federally legal.  However, in order to be considered legal, the products must be tested in third-party laboratories to avoid any conflict of interests and the test must yield a THC percentage of 0.3% and under.  This 3rd-party lab report is known as a C.O.A. (Certificate of Analysis) and it ensures that all hemp bombs meet the safety requirements and quality standards.

How and Where Do I Store CBD Bath Products?

Even when consumed in abundance, edible CBD products are considered safe; it is NOT safe, however, to eat CBD bath bombs or any other cannabis compound-infused topical.  For this reason, we always recommend keeping your products out of the reach of children.

Now, in regards or protecting your product by preventing any CBD loss during storage, you must store it in a dry, cool, and dark place clear of any direct sunlight. Bathroom drawers or cabinets that can be closed are usually the ideal holding areas.

Tip:  Always follow the instructions found on the product packaging.

Will I Get High from Using CBD in My Bath?

Using CBD bath products, including bath bombs, will not get you high or cause any undesired side effects. Most bath-specific CBD products, including ours, are made with pure CBD powder that has been extracted from hemp plants and refined until it becomes 99% plus pure Cannabidiol.  Since it’s pure CBD, it won’t contain any THC, which is the cannabis compound responsible for giving consumers the “high” effect.  For cannabinoid potency verification, always double-check the product label and the Certificate of Analysis to verify that there is either no THC or >/=0.3% THC.

How Many Bath Bombs Should I Use?

One bath bomb is enough! Each of our CBD bath bombs dissolves completely and efficiently in standard-sized tubs.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

The experience is subjective, but most find it more useful with routine use. Many people have reported feeling relaxed after about half an hour and mostly when soaking in hot water. 

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    Christine Hesher


    These were gifts for my adult children. they said they would like me to order more of them.

    October 15, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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    • Cannabidiol Life

      November 15, 2021

      Hello Christine, thank you so much for leaving a 5 star review of the bath bombs! We’re so glad to hear your adult kids liked them! They do definitely make for great gifts. We would be more than happy to help you re-order. You can reach out to us at info@cannabidiollife.com or call us at 833-929-4367. We look forward to helping you out!

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