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Everyone seems to be catching on to the excellent benefits of CBD, CBG, and CBN, even our furry friends!  That’s because dogs, cats, and other pets can also benefit from the natural calming properties of hemp-derived CBD.

If you are looking to treat your pets to a happier and stress-free life, our line of pet CBD products, Happy Pawz, is a perfect choice.

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With Cannabidiol Life’s Happy Pawz products, your pet is guaranteed to receive highly effective, extremely affordable pet CBD options. We continually improve our pet line with third-party certifications and innovative as well as exceptional ingredients.

Product Quality Insurance

Our pet hemp products are all-natural and are GMP-certified. Additionally, we offer certificates of authenticity and third-party lab test results for our products, so you know you’re getting top-quality CBD for your pets with every order.

Only The Best Ingredients

More than this, our ingredients are of the best quality (see full list below). 

We use only non-GMO US-grown hemp. Thus, the ingredient foundation for both our CBD oil dogs and our CBD oil for cats are these two main ingredients: 

  • organic MCT coconut oil (carrier oil)
  • organic full-spectrum hemp extracts

The combination of these two ingredients grants higher bioavailability, but it also provides your pet the necessary phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients that you’re looking for when trying to purchase the best CBD oil for your pet!

What You Won’t Find In Our Products

Our Happy Pawz products are not only tested for ensuring we have high-quality ingredients but are also tested for ensuring that we don’t offer any of the bad!

Happy Pawz is certified for being FREE of all of the following harmful substances commonly found in lesser quality PET CBD products:

  • heavy metals
  • solvents
  • preservatives
  • synthetic additives
  • microbial’s
  • pesticides


All of the above plays a role in how we became known for our superior CBD quality.  However, it is the exclusive patented extraction technology that sets us apart from every other CBD brand in the world.

This unique extraction process extracts significantly more phytonutrients in comparison to CBD products made using supercritical CO2 extraction technology (the current industry standard). 

Our CBD extraction process uses premium food-grade denatured ethanol and it yields a VERY IMPRESSIVE entourage effect-promoting full-spectrum CBD distillate. 

This final extract provides us the direct ability to arguably manufacture and provide the most effective natural full-spectrum hemp CBD pet product line online. 

Discovering The Best Product For Your Pet’s Needs

Happy Pawz Pet CBD products are offered in the following two specific forms; full-spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD dog treats.

The CBD oil can be given to your pet directly or it can be added to their food.  For added convenience inspiring our, “PET CBD-ON-THE-GO”, we also offer canine-specific CBD treats that are already infused with hemp-derived Cannabidiol!

Below are a few more specifics we think you might be interested in.

This CBD is specially formulated for dogs and cats with each offering unique ingredients catered to their specific species.

For Dogs:

We offer three weight-specific CBD dog formulas that vary in potency and are as followed:

  • Small dogs = 1-14 lbs.
  • Medium-sized dogs = 15-63 lbs.
  • Large dogs = 64 lbs. +

Ingredients include:

  • 100% organic MCT oil derived from coconuts
  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract

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Reward your favorite furry companion with a snack that’s not only good for them but one that they are sure to love as well!

Ideal for dogs who may not be too keen on CBD oil or for daily use on the go. These treats deliver all the powerful CBD benefits with a delicious chicken-flavored familiar taste that will have your dog wagging its tail for more.

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Cat’s are usually between the weights of 1-14lbs so we did not find it necessary to create several weight-based options. 


  • 100% organic MCT oil derived from coconuts
  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Catnip

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Benefits & Effects

Many of our clients are at a stage where the age of their pets is starting to concern them. Just as human beings need some extra care and consideration as they age, your pets deserve the extra aid too.

We like to believe that age is just a number and with our CBD pet products, we might just be able to help you prove it too! 

Calming & Relaxing Properties

When it comes to pets, CBD is most commonly bought for its suggested relaxing properties. It is particularly beneficial in stressful situations like travel, fireworks, and thunderstorms.

Happy Pawz can also promote calmness in pets who suffer from isolation anxiety or those who spend many hours alone at home.

Overall, some of the most significant benefits of CBD for pets include:

  • Increased feelings of relaxation and calmness
  • Reduced feelings of anxiousness in stressful situations
  • Support for minor aches and discomfort
  • Help with behavioral changes or aggressive moods
  • anti-inflammatory and healing properties (very well documented)

Pet owners who want to address issues and concerns surrounding their pet’s physical well-being have also found that even broad-spectrum CBD products (no THC) have provided noticeable and positive health benefit as well.

Your Pets’ Endocannabinoid System

Just like you and I, your pet has an ECS, an internal biological system that has an entire network of receptors known as cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2).

This system and network of receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes support the mind and body by helping to regulate important biological systems and functions such as:

  • immune system
  • central nervous system
  • stress management
  • sleep cycles
  • pain regulation

It’s been reported that CBD works directly or indirectly with the ECS and its endocannabinoid receptors as Cannabidiol becomes bioavailable within the body.

Based on what we know about the Endocannabinoid System, we can infer that our products address many aspects of your pet’s life:

  • mobility and joints
  • immunity
  • demeanor
  • neurology
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • homeostasis (overall comfort and care)

Overall, some of the most significant benefits reported by pet owners include:

  • Increased feelings of relaxation and calmness
  • Reduced feelings of anxiousness in stressful situations
  • Support for minor aches and discomfort
  • Help with behavioral changes or aggressive moods

You can see how it really could be worthwhile to invest in CBD products that are custom-made for pet support.

CBD Dosing & Serving Size Tips

Giving CBD to your dogs is as easy as giving them a few drops of CBD in their food. Some dog owners like to treat their pups with a bit of dog-safe peanut butter when they administer the CBD hemp extract oil.  For cat lovers, some of their favorite wet food may be in order. 

One should keep in mind that just like humans, every animal can react differently. That’s why dog owners should consult with their veterinarian before giving CBD to their dogs.


For CBD pet dosage, the general rule of thumb in administering CBD is:

weight (lbs) x 0.325mg (CBD) = Your Pets Unique CBE Dose

It averages out to be 3.25mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

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