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CBD Buyer Protection

The CBD industry is flooded with fake CBD products, inflated retail prices, incorrectly labeled products based on actual cannabinoid contents within, false claims, and lots of empty promises.  Learn to avoid all of the above with our CBD Buyer Protection Chart & Page.


  • Difference Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Pure CBD
  • Confidently verify the quality of the CBD product within the bottle in just a few easy steps
  • Max Price CBD Buyers Should Pay.  If you’re paying more than what the chart shares, you’re paying too much!
  • Purchase Tips
  • More Facts To Know About The Industry
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Introducing Higher Standards To THE CBD Industry

Does your current CBD company/supplier take the rigorous extra 100 miles to remove all seeds and stems from their thousands of lbs of CBD-rich hemp flower before beginning their CBD extraction process? 

We can hear them now, “HEMP NO!”  That would increase manufacturing costs tremendously and take 8-10 times longer.

Cannabidiol Life has adopted this practice and has made it a standard procedure.  This is only a snippet of our entire production. 


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