Sweet Dream CBN Oil: 1000MG

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If you are one of the 50 million-plus Americans that experience difficulty falling asleep at night, you may want to consider giving this unique CBN oil a try. Adding this calming cannabinoid to your bedtime routine could unlock the ability to help you get the sleep you need, and fast!

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The potency in this bottle is much stronger than most products we offer. It provides 800mg of Cannabinol, and an additional 200mg of full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp plant extract, making it one of the most potent CBN oil’s for sale online. Furthermore, to help a broader range of consumers, we have further extracted, added, and infused several more essential ingredients, including melatonin and sedative terpenes, to our product. These unique ingredients are a proprietary blend that we like to call “Nature’s Night Night Boosters.”

Terpenes, which research has shown, could be an effective amplifier for the wellness benefits one could experience. This amplified result of multiple hemp plant-derived chemical compounds working together is what some call the Entourage Effect.


Product Specifics:

  • Bottle Size: 1oz (30mL) glass tincture bottle
  • Servings: 30 servings
  • Cannabinoid Potency: 1,000mg of total hemp extract (800mg of CBN & 200mg of CBD)
  • Hemp Cultivar: Certified Organic Cherry Wine Cultivar
  • Type of Hemp Extract: Broad-spectrum CBN Distillate & Full Spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil
  • Minor Cannabinoids: CBG, CBC, CBN
  • Major Cannabinoids: CBD, THC (<0.3%)
  • Extraction Method: U.S. Patented Ethanol Extracted Technology & Supercritical CO2
  • Total THC Content: <0.3% THC
  • Terpenes: Tahoe OG (plant-derived)



Our best CBN oil, a full spectrum CBN distillate, omits a gorgeous golden hue and is perfectly homogenized with organic MCT oil as well as the following hemp and herb extracts:

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracted CBN Distillate
  • Full Spectrum Cherry Wine CBD-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Sedative Terpene Blend
  • Proprietary Blend of several sleep-promoting organic herb extracts



  • When Cannabis plants are exposed to air or ultraviolet light (e.g., UV rays in sunlight) for too long, the THCa converts to Cannabinolic acid (CBNa). By decarboxylating CBNa (removes the “a” which is an acid), it then produces the CBN molecule.
  • After being exposed to air for long periods, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) turns into Cannabinol. Anecdotal evidence suggests that aged cannabis tends to make people sleepy, which could explain why some people associated CBN with more sedating effects. However, we don’t know for sure if CBN is the cause, so if you find that an aged bag of long-forgotten cannabis makes you sleepy, it could be because of other factors.
  • Low-quality baled cannabis/old aged cannabis buds, and traditionally made hashish are high in CBN.
  • In contemporary use, CBN is most often extracted from hemp and purified into an isolate. Once isolated, it is then more easily infused with other ingredients to manufacture various end-products such as oils, topicals, lotions, gel caps, gummies, sublingual drops, alcohol-based tinctures, and cordials.
  • Naturally, CBN is found only in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products, specifically available in trace amounts unless otherwise specified. You will not find CBN in Pure CBD products.


CBD Oil vs. CBN Oil

In this section, we will compare the key differences between CBN + CBD and their molecular structures.

  • CBN stands for Cannabinol. CBN was the first naturally occurring cannabinoid to be isolated in its pure form back in 1896. People initially thought it was responsible for the cannabis “high” but later found out that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) produces the intoxicating effects of cannabis.
  • CBN was discovered to be an oxidized THC product; that is, THC will slowly turn into CBN when exposed to heat and light.
  • CBD is the second most abundant compound in the plant. Additionally, manufacturers can breed some strains to contain higher amounts of CBD. However, CBD does not appear to attach to the CB receptors directly and produces no euphoria or other altered senses.
  • Both CBD & CBN have psychoactive properties (activates the mind) but are not psychotropic (alters mental state).



  • Must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age of use in your state or territory.
  • Must consult a doctor before use.
  • Research and tests are still very much in their infancy stage. We highly recommend that you always take the time to speak with an MMJ Certified physician before altering your diet.
  • People have reported that they found CBN to be somewhat psychotropic. Please take this into account if you are sensitive to psychoactive products.
  • These statements & products have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for safety or efficacy.
  • The products listed are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any health condition.


Us vs. Them 

Here are a few other verifiable and potential benefits you will receive by choosing Cannabidiol Life CBN Oil over others found online:

  • Convenience – (1-2ml) max serving size providing simple portability and ease of use.
  • Higher-Quality – cannabinoid potency per bottle
  • Reputation – Cannabidiol Life has been in business since 2017. Since then, we have shipped over 30,000 orders nationwide.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Cannabidiol Life has accumulated 1,000+ positive CBD product reviews
  • Safety – All Cannabidiol Life products are third-party lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides, cannabinoid potency, and overall product quality.


  • Broad Spectrum CBN Distillate Hemp Extract
  • Full Spectrum Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Extract
  • MCT Oil (Coconut-derived)
  • Melatonin
  • 5-HTP
  • Valerian Extract
  • California Poppy
  • Jamaican Dogwood
  • GABA


How To Take CBN Oil

How To Take CBN Oil?

Contrary to popular belief, cannabinoids aren’t absorbed under the tongue (sublingual); cannabinoids are digested in the liver (). With this understood, your body needs about 30-60 minutes of digestion time to experience what CBN oil can do for you. Here is a step by step guide on how to take CBN to get maximum results:

  • Plan to take your serving about 45 minutes before bedtime
  • Take on an empty stomach, waiting for a minimum of 1.5 hours AFTER your last bite of food, giving your body the time it needs to reproduce essential liver enzymes that are directly responsible for digesting CBN and the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).
  • Use the calibrated black glass dropper to pull out 1mL of CBN oil (50mg of CBN).
  • Place the oil in your mouth and swallow.

Failure to follow this suggestion might not significantly affect the benefits of the CBN, but it will reduce the overall bioavailability. Wasting CBN to bioavailability is too costly! Please plan accordingly and reap as many “Zz’s” as humanly possible.


  • You do not need to refrigerate after opening.
  • Never store above room temperature or in direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Lab Test Results

A Certificate of Analysis of a third-party lab test completed in April 2023 for Cannabidiol Life's CBN Oil, which verifies accurate cannabinoid potency levels for CBN and certifies that that the federal legal limits of Delta-9 THC is under 0.3%.

Product Storage

Always store this high-quality CBD product in a cool, dark, and dry area. Studies have shown that if you leave cannabinoid-infused products in direct light or in high temperatures for long periods of time, the potency of the cannabinoids will begin to gradually decline.

2 reviews for Sweet Dream CBN Oil: 1000MG

  1. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Debbe, it is reviews like this that make it all worth it to us! We love to be a part of helping others’ quality of life. And hearing that your husband is getting the sleep he deserves is for sure improving his quality of life (and yours as well!) We hope that he will continue to enjoy the CBN Oil and get the rest he needs.

  2. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Owen, thank you for your review our Full Spectrum CBN Oil. Some 70 million Americans struggle with sleep! That’s quite a number. We are happy that we have helped one of those 70 million. We hope that you will continue to take it and enjoy a great night’s sleep every night!

  3. Avatar Of Owen Martin

    Owen Martin (verified owner)

    I am a software engineer and get little to no sleep bc I’m always on the computer late at night. I usually end up just keeping on working bc I can’t sleep. I took a dropper full and was able to actually get 6 whole hours of sleep. And that’s a lot for me. Will continue to take! I feel better during the day. Thanks guys.

  4. Avatar Of Debbe Rogers

    Debbe Rogers (verified owner)

    My hubby just can’t sleep at nights. Thanks to this stuff he’s been able to sleep through the night this week.

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