Cannabidiol Life CBD wax is a broad-spectrum, hemp-extracted CBD concentrate. We infuse our CBD wax with flavored-specific terpenes to promote memorable first-time user experiences as well as to create loyal, long-term customers.

Whether you’re new to CBD wax dabs or experienced, this page has it all.

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Discover the Best CBD Wax on the Market

Cannabidiol (CBD) wax is a form of highly-concentrated, broad-spectrum CBD from hemp. Also known as CBD crumble, the wax is perhaps the most popular type of CBD for dabbing. In fact, some people even use the terms CBD wax and CBD dab interchangeably; however, it’s important to note that wax is just a form of CBD dab, as are crystals, shatter, and others. If you are familiar with inhalable consumption methods like dabbing, smoking, or vaping, then CBD wax may be the best option for you.

At Cannabidiol Life, our CBD concentrate wax is made with the finest extracts obtained naturally from American-grown hemp. In addition to using the highest-quality CBD available today, we also infuse our CBD wax with specifically flavored terpenes from some of the most popular hemp strains. This helps create a better tasting product and an enhanced experience for both new and returning users.

Our CBD dab wax is currently available in four terpene profiles: Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Strawnana, and GS Cookies.

Cannabis Wax Effects and Benefits

At Cannabidiol Life, we offer CBD wax concentrate in “crumble” form, which is perhaps the most popular form of CBD dab wax available. Like other CBD wax products, our crumble combines the beneficial properties of hemp-derived CBD with other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN. These broad-spectrum compounds help enhance the overall effects of CBD wax for a wider range of benefits than CBD alone.

This highly-concentrated form of broad-spectrum CBD can provide you with a long list of ways to support wellness in a safe and natural way. Some of these benefits may include:

  • Overall feelings of relaxation
  • Improved mental clarity and balance
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Support for discomfort and soreness
  • Better sleep quality when taken at night

Wax Usage

While its crumbling nature may discourage some new users from trying wax for dabbing, CBD wax dab is still a very popular option among more experienced users because CBD wax is purged at a lower temperature for a more extended period. Thus more terpenes are preserved, and the concentrate is generally better tasting. CBD concentrate wax is also an excellent option for portable vaporizers and topping bowls of hemp flowers.


CBD wax is a type of cannabis concentrate. CBD wax is growing in demand due to the intensified potency it carries. Because it’s so highly concentrated, you need less CBD to achieve the results you’re looking for.