Should You Buy CBD Oil On Amazon?

CBD Oil on Amazon - Should I Buy It

Thinking about buying CBD oils on Amazon? Think twice.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer; it makes sense that consumers look to Amazon to buy CBD oils. Unfortunately, in the case of receiving premium CBD, buying from Amazon is perhaps one of the worst ideas ever.

You’ll understand why in a moment.

If you type the words “CBD Oil” in Amazon’s search box, you will be confronted with thousands of search results. It is essential to understand that none of these results is what you seek. Unless what you seek is a “Hemp Oil” that you can add to your food, then we highly recommend buying from a REPUTABLE CBD Brand.


Brief Explanation of CBD

CBD is an abbreviation of the compound Cannabidiol, which is one of the many active compounds found in the Marijuana and Hemp plants. A common misconception is that since CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, then it must cause you to get “high.” However, the high that people get from Marijuana or the hemp plant is a result of the compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short.

Therefore, CBD is not THC, but depending on the CBD product that you buy, up to 0.3% of THC can be found in Full Spectrum CBD Oils.

For a more scientific and in-depth article about CBD, I recommend reading, “What is CBD?”  After that, read, “What Does CBD Do?



Amazon Policy Against Selling Cannabidiol Products

You see, Amazon has this policy called the “Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia.” What this policy does is ensure that sellers on the platform do not sell drugs with the use of the platform due to so many concerns about substance abuse and drug control.

It turns out according to the Drugs & drug paraphernalia page,

“Drug listings must not be for Schedule I controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as:

  • Hemp products containing Resin or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Hemp (or any Cannabis Sativa spp. strain) seeds capable of germination.”

The above excerpt from Amazon’s policy page means that no product with actual CBD oil in it can be sold on Amazon. Therefore, no product listed on Amazon would have the word CBD on its label.


Amazon Needs To Better Define Hemp Seed Oil From CBD Oil

The prohibition on Amazon’s website, what you would typically find on the website are Hemp oil products being marketed as CBD products. The Hemp oil bottles do not particularly say CBD oil anywhere on the label. However, they use marketing techniques like saying “1000 MG or 12,000 MG” on the bottle.

Unsuspecting consumers typically assume that the milligram stated on the product label is referring to the CBD concentration in the Hemp oil. However, these usually just refer to the amount of hemp oil contained in the product.

The reason for this is that a product containing actual CBD cannot be listed for sale on Amazon. Therefore, if CBD oil is what you are looking for and not Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil, you should stay clear of amazon.


CBD Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD Oil – What is the difference?

  • Hemp oil and Hemp Seed Oil mean pretty much the same thing since both are made from the seeds of the hemp plant; hemp seeds do not contain CBD.
  • CBD oil, on the other hand, goes through a unique hemp CBD extract process because the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp flowers; the part of the plant where CBD is mostly found.


What is Hemp Oil Exactly?

Hemp Oil has its own health benefits too, but they are not the same as the benefits that you would expect to get from CBD oil. Hemp oil is exclusively extracted from Hemp seeds of industrial hemp. This means there is little to no CBD content found in Hemp oil on its own. It can sometimes be married with carrier oils (similar to the sale of CBD) like olive oil.

Hemp oil is very useful for spicing up your favorite cut of steak or any other food. However, it does not promote pain relief as it contains no CBD or THC.


Buy Cbd Oil Amazon

Things to consider when shopping for Amazon CBD

When considering shopping for your CBD on Amazon, there are a few things you need to look out for. This will ensure that you are not just buying another hemp oil marketed as CBD oil.

  1. Milligram Count (MG) – The first thing you need to look out for on any of the products you get from a CBD search of Amazon sellers is the mention of “CBD” on its label. One good rule of thumb to use is that products containing CBD cannot have more than 2,400 MG of CBD. Therefore, the next time you see a product with the tag “Hemp oil” that says 14,000 MG of hemp extract, you can immediately tell that it does not contain CBD. This is also true for topicals or creams. Creams that claim to have 30 or 40,0000 mg of hemp extract is not referring to the concentration of CBD in the cream.
  2. Hemp Extract on Label – As a way to go around selling CBD oil on Amazon without violating Amazon’s Drugs & drug paraphernalia policy, CBD companies refer to their CBD oil products as “hemp extract.” While this is a good way for CBD companies to sell their products on Amazon without getting banned, it is also a good way for Hemp oil manufacturers to sell their products on Amazon while labeling them as hemp extract. There is no real way for you as a buyer to tell the difference. Seeing hemp extract on the label of the product you are buying as well as among the active ingredients, increases your chances of buying CBD oil on Amazon. However, if you see the words hemp seed or hemp seed oil on the label, then the product is not CBD oil.
  3. Bottle Size and Type – Typically, because it is quite expensive to extract CBD oil, and CBD oil is usually effective in small concentrations, the bottle for CBD oils is generally pretty small. Also, as a means to measure doses, CBD oil comes in small bottles with droppers in them. CBD oil bottles are very similar to those of essential oils. Hemp oil, however, can come in larger bottles as it is cheaper to extract. The bottles of hemp oil can contain from 4 to 24 ounces of oil. Also, a dropper is not usually a necessary part of the bottle since dosing is not essential for using hemp oil.
  4. Communicate with the Seller –  It is a good idea to ask the seller directly if their product actually contains CBD and to what extent. Another critical question to ask a CBD oil manufacturer is whether or not they perform third-party lab tests on their products. If the answer is yes, you can ask for a lab report to be sent to you.

This might seem like a stretch. However, the FDA does not regulate CBD, so it is important to check that the product you are buying does not contain more than the listed ingredients.


What is the Best CBD Oil on Amazon?

Due to the restrictions of Amazon on listing any product with CBD on its website, it is virtually impossible to find the best CBD oil on Amazon. If you are looking to get the best CBD oil products, we suggest that you look away from Amazon.

If you perform a search for “CBD oil” on Amazon, the results for the top-selling products will not show CBD listed on their label. Now, this is not to say that you cannot find products with CBD oil on Amazon. However, it will be difficult to verify what exactly is in the product apart from CBD.

According to an investigation by The Washington Post, for instance, it was found that out of the 13 products purchased on amazon listed as hemp oil, 11 of them contained CBD. One of the 11 products even showed small traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

You can shop around for CBD oil products that have lab-verified CBD oil written on their label. Look out for companies that can verify the amount of CBD found in their products.


Best CBD Oil for pain on Amazon

It is hard to recommend any CBD oil for pain on Amazon since we have not exactly tried out anyone. While we are not suggesting that there is no good CBD oil for pain on Amazon, the truth is that it would be tough to find an excellent one.

Some of the customer reviews on Amazon under the products listed as hemp oil bashed the seller for advertising their product as 99.9 percent pure hemp oil. It turns out the product contained grape seed oil too.

Therefore, while Hemp oil has its own benefits in terms of health benefits; you should be aware that the ones found on Amazon do not contain CBD most of the time. Do not shop for CBD oil meant to be used for pain relief on Amazon.


Are Amazon “hemp oils” even good?

The answer is subjective. If what you are actually looking for is hemp oil and not CBD oil, yes. You can use hemp oils as a good source of protein. They could also provide essential fatty acids and healthy fats.

However, if what you seek is CBD oil, then what you require is an oil with full-spectrum hemp. This cannot be found on Amazon since it contains CBD and other extracts found in hemp plants. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD in addition to terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, and CBG.

You don’t have to worry about getting high after using a full-spectrum CBD oil. According to the 2018 farm bill, 0.3% THC is the limit for this type of oil. We also recommend Full-spectrum CBD oils due to the entourage effect. While CBD oil is excellent, users have observed better results when it comes to a small amount of THC.

You can tell if a product is full-spectrum or not by looking at the label. The label of most full-spectrum CBD products usually says, “full-spectrum CBD”. Products with “CBD isolate” written on their label contain only one CBD.


Our Final Thoughts

In summary, if you buy rich hemp oil products from Amazon, there is a high chance that it contains poor-quality CBD as third-party lab tests are not offered.  Further, Amazon has made it publically clear that selling CBD on Amazon is NOT allowed.  So, if you buy CBD from Amazon, it’s almost like taking a shot in the dark; something we don’t recommend doing if achieving optimal health is your goal.

If you’re looking for one of the best CBD brands to buy from, Cannabidiol Life offers the highest-quality CBD products online with lab tests, certifications, and hundreds of 5-star CBD reviews to back.

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