How Long Does CBD Last?

How Long Does CBD Last?

Looking to find out how long the effects of CBD will last? Keep reading below to find out more.

The Answer:

On average, experts say the effects of most CBD doses last from 2-4 hours. Of course just because you don’t necessarily feel anything strongly doesn’t mean the cannabinoid isn’t working nor has it exited your system. The human body stores CBD just like any other substance, and it naturally depletes as it is expelled.

This process is slow and CBD stores can be replenished through the daily CBD dosage. According to most MMJ doctors, CBD can take up to five days to exit the body entirely. Earlier it was discussed that body composition and CBD dose/potency influence how long it can take to feel the effects of CBD. This is also true for how long the body holds CBD. Research has shown that even at 500mg of CBD per day, all traces from testing were gone within seven days.

As for how long CBD takes to exit the human body, most experts site three to four days at maximum. It is reasonable however to assume that edibles like CBD gummies may take longer to process and exit due to digestive absorption.

CBD is fat-soluble, much like vitamins A, D, E, & K. So naturally the more fat present in a person’s body, the longer CBD will be stored. There are other factors at play too, and we will analyze a few.

Factors that may influence how long CBD Lasts

Factors That May Influence How Long Cbd Lasts

The Method of Ingestion

How you take CBD will of course influences how long it stays in your system. CBD comes in many different forms. At Cannabidiol Life we have extracted natural CBD oils, gummies, and even CBD bath bombs. Further in the article we will discuss each product category and analyze how long it will take for the body to feel the effects of CBD and to process/eliminate it.


Earlier when it was said that CBD is fat-soluble, this meant that it is stored and processed within fat cells. With any supplement, vitamin, or nutrient that is fat-soluble body mass index or BMI comes into play. Someone with a low body weight that is in shape will metabolize or burn fat faster than someone that is more sedentary. With a lower BMI, CBD would stay in the body for less time, process more efficiently, and be expelled more quickly. CBD research is still in its infancy, but existing reports have demonstrated this to be true.


If CBD is processed faster in someone with a lower BMI then it follows that an active lifestyle also would lead to CBD being processed faster, and expelled quicker. A higher metabolic rate means fat is being processed faster and consequently so is CBD. If one’s lifestyle includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those high in fiber, also would influence CBD being processed and expelled through the body faster. Water intake is another leading factor in processing anything in the body. The more water that runs its course through us, the faster we expel what we intake. Sleep also helps boosts the body’s metabolic rate, and thus would help to expel CBD more quickly. Ultimately anything that promotes an increase in the body’s metabolism will speed the processing and expulsion of CBD. 

The frequency of Usage and Dosage

When trying to determine how long CBD will last in the human system, of course, the frequency to which someone doses and how much they make will influence how long it stays in their system. All human bodies contain fat cells in adipose tissue. Frequent use of CBD means that there’s a chance that some CBD will remain in their cells for longer. If the potency and frequency of someone use CBD are single servings per day, the longest it may remain is 4 days. For a moderate CBD user, this range may extend from 5 to 7 days. If one supplements CBD for a long time, then their system may retain traces of the compound that can remain for 2 weeks. Anecdotal evidence points out that the more frequently someone uses CBD the longer it will take for the body to expel. In the same way that frequency plays a role, so does the strength of the dose. If one takes a large amount of CBD or CBD that is of a high concentration, it follows that the body will take a longer time to process it, and may retain more of it in their fat stores.


There is an age-old adage that everyone’s body is different. An example of this is caffeine, one person may only need a cup of coffee per day to feel fulfilled while others may drink many cups to stay awake. Supplements like CBD are no different. One’s endocannabinoid system may react differently to CBD than what the average expectation is. This may influence the length CBD may take to process, effect, or exit the individual’s body. It is not known what specific biochemistry affects the ECS and CBD specifically, and therefore how long each person can expect CBD to remain in their system, but we can say that their internal environment does play a role.

CBD Delivery Methods and Duration of Effects Per Type

Cannabidiol Life offers a wide array of CBD products to choose from. Depending on which product is used, CBD will last a longer or shorter amount of time in the body. We want to explore each type of CBD delivery method at length.

CBD Inhalation

Cbd Vape

Inhaling CBD is generally achieved through vapor. The products used to create CBD vapor come from CBD crystals, CBD wax, and CBD Vape Juice. Vaping is a form of smoking that heats the concentrate using a rig which creates the vapor that is inhaled. CBD’s effects when vaped are felt almost immediately. These products bypass the digestive processes and interact directly with the bloodstream. As the effects are immediate, their duration is also short, roughly thirty minutes to an hour. CBD used in this way exits the body relatively quickly.

CBD Ingestibles

CBD Edibles, CBD gummies, and CBD tablets(CBD gel capsules & CBD Isolate Capsules) are products infused with CBD in some way. Edibles and gummies are more food-based or may resemble a candy/treat.

Examples from Cannabidiol Life are CBD caramels and CBD watermelon gummies. Edibles can also be made at home from conventional means like brownies and cookies to more creative products like smoothies and butter. CBD Capsules are more traditional pill forms of the extract.

Edibles and capsules must pass through the digestive system, which will cause the effects of CBD to be a delayed effect, typically an hour though maybe longer depending on one’s metabolic rate. This delay allows for slower processing of the cannabidiol.

The effects of CBD generally last four to six hours, making this an excellent way to supplement with CBD for daily health and wellness. CBD processed in this way would exit the body more slowly.

CBD Oil is also ingested, but the product is not processed through the liver or digestive system. When the oil is placed under the tongue, it is absorbed through the mucous membrane, this is called sublingual absorption.

The effects are typically experienced around thirty minutes and last for 2-4 hours. It is expelled from the body at a medium rate.

CBD Topicals & Skincare

Topicals are applied to the skin in different ways. Cannabidiol Life offers for instance CBD Soothing Muscules Balm and Full Spectrum Massage Oil for direct skin application. Beauty wise we have a CBD Facial Serum or CBD Bath Bomb. Depending on what form of topical one uses it may take up to an hour to feel the full effects, which will last for typically more than 5 hours. Studies have also shown topicals to be helpful in skin inflammation. CBD applied in this way will not reside in the body for very long.

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