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Cannabidiol Life edibles are a delicious, CBD-infused delivery option. Our CBD edibles are formulated with the highest-quality organic premium hemp extract for the peace of mind in knowing these are the best CBD gummies, candies, caramels & chocolate confections money can buy. Your health matters; try our vegan and vegetarian options today, and see just how sweet your health can be!

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Medical Marijuana Doctor & Medical Director at Cannabidiol Life

“For some reason, every single time I hear the word “edibles”, I immediately think of all the infamously funny videos on Youtube and Facebook of people eating way too many weed brownies; WE DO NOT SELL THESE (Please don’t get any ideas)!

Comical as it may be, our focus is on health and safety first. 

We can do better…“