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Cannabidiol Life edibles are a delicious, CBD-infused snack option, with a health & wellness kick. Our CBD edibles are combined with the highest-quality premium hemp extract to offer you the best CBD gummies, candies, caramels & chocolate bites money can buy. Try our vegan and vegetarian options today, and see just how sweet your health can be!

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Medical Marijuana Doctor & Medical Director at Cannabidiol Life

“For some reason, every single time I hear the word “edibles”, I immediately think of all the infamously funny videos on Youtube and Facebook of people eating way too many weed brownies; which we don’t sell… don’t get any ideas. 

While comical as they are, it’s clear the individuals took way more THC than they were suppose to.  But hey, do you want know something?  Everyone of them survived!!!

Cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are NOT lethal. Yet, we have verified deaths for prescriptions drugs that are still be prescribed to this day. 

We can do better…

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