Delicious snacks with a wellness kick. Our edibles are infused with various amounts of hemp extracted Cannabidiol and we offer them for sale in the form of candies, caramels, gummies, & chocolate bites.

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People around the world, our customers, and even medical professionals have openly reported that CBD has shown positive results and has helped people with anxiety, sleep disorders, and pain.

View what one medical professional stated in 2015:

“The main finding from this case study is that CBD oil can be an effective compound to reduce anxiety and insomnia. A review of the literature suggests some benefits from the use of CBD because of its anxiolytic and sleep-inducing effects.  Animal studies support use of this potentially relievement and report that “CBD may block anxiety-induced [rapid eye movement] sleep alteration via its anxiolytic effect on the brain.” – source 

Pieces of CBD Chocolate

CBD edibles are also suitable for people that prefer a non-high way to consume CBD because there is no THC in our organic, high-quality CBD products and edibles.  Our edibles are made of an active cannabinoid extract from high CBD hemp plants. The process of extracting active cannabinoids from hemp plants is done in 3 distinct ways, read more about the best way to extract CBD from hemp.

Cannabidiol edibles, like the ones we provide here, are becoming very popular and considered the tastiest way for anyone to get their daily dose of CBD.

Does Eating CBD Cause The Munchies?

While there really isn’t any difference between the two… CBD munchies can basically be considered as any food group because you can turn any type of food into a CBD edible.  But for education purposes, the most common forms of CBD edibles are various candies, gummies, chocolates, energy bars, & protein bars.

It is important, however, to ensure that the edibles you purchase contain cannabidiol or CBD in the right amount. Basically, the process of preparing the edibles should not entail heating cannabinoids to more than 200 degrees F. This is because heating them above this temperature, or over processing them, can damage the quality and quantity of the CBD. Additionally, heating or cooking edibles to turn them into liquids will obviously damage them because again, they will be subjected to a temperature that’s more than 200 degrees F.

Edible for thought..(see what we did there?), make sure that the CBD edibles you purchase have not been overheated (you can read this in their lab reports). If you are home cooking edibles yourself, make sure you strictly abide by the cooking directions and temperatures so you do not damage or lose any precious Cannabidiol.

Is CBD Safe To Eat?

When you place an order for your edibles online or buy them in-person at a local store, these products are safe as long as you buy them from a verified supplier or manufacturer. The only thing to worry about when ordering edibles online is the accuracy of the order and the quality of the product.

Most CBD products are safe because they contain cannabidiol in high amounts. This takes away the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC. Taking more CBD edibles reduces munchies, memory lapses, and drowsiness, associated with marijuana use.


CBD edibles are a perfect start for you if you are just starting out with CBD. With that said, everyone is unique in their own special way, here are a few key points to take with you before you make a decision to buy CBD edibles online.


Here is a quick recap with a few Pro’s and Con’s to help you make an educated purchase.

  • PRO: They’re extremely delicious!  So testing whether CBD is right for you is delightful from beginning to end.
  • PRO: The effects seem to last a bit longer as opposed to inhaling cannabidiol through the use of CBD Dabs, CBD crystals, or CBD Vape Oil.
  • PRO: Edibles usually have a modest amount of cannabidiol so you won’t waste money testing whether or not its right for you.  Testing with a $30 product is much more economical in comparison to a more expensive product such as our strongest CBD oil.
  • CON: CBD edibles tend to take a bit longer to kick in (30-45 min) as they have to be digested first.
  • CON: Some edibles have ingredients that are absolutely terrible for you.  Make sure you read the ingredients before you purchase any CBD product.


Whether you’re consuming hemp edibles, cannabis treats, weed brownies, space cookies, or our personal favorite, CBD edibles… it should NEVER be a daunting or challenging experience (unless you eat too much).  All instructions should be prominently displayed on the product packaging.

Lastly, we can’t stress enough on how important it is to talk with a doctor before buying CBD products. While the industry has yet to find a negative interaction between CBD and a prescription drug, anything is possible while the industry is still in its infant stage.

Well, there you have it!  If you’ve taken all necessary precautions and you’re now ready to make a purchase, use the following links to purchase the best CBD edibles for sale!


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