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These capsules are tiny, but they pack a mean wellness punch!  At 99%+ purity and 75mg of CBD per capsule, Cannabidiol Life’s high potency CBD isolate capsules are definitely a favorite amongst our customers. These capsules are made for people who do care for broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD products and also for people who don’t like swallowing horse pellets.

Most of our products offer 25-35mg of CBD per serving and usually come with other ingredients to make it more palatable. With that said, if you are looking for a strong CBD product with no other ingredients, then these CBD isolate capsules are absolutely the best choice for you.

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Our THC-free, strong CBD isolate capsules allow you to go about your daily CBD routine by avoiding THC altogether.  While the legal limit of THC within CBD products is considered only a “trace amount”, one size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness.  This is a very good option if you don’t want to consume THC but also don’t want to sacrifice overall effectiveness due to low CBD potency. 

Life, for the most part, seems to throw different challenges at us every day, especially as we get older, and that’s why these capsules make so much sense…

Our pure CBD isolate capsules are a popular choice because #1, they’re compact and very easy to swallow, #2, they’re strong and might offer exceptionally relief whenever you need it most, and #3, you get to take CBD EXACTLY how you prefer it.



  • Super small capsules support easy swallowing
  • 40 capsules per container
  • Each capsule contains 75mg of pure Cannabidiol powder
  • 3,000mg of CBD per container
  • No other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids present
  • May help support your endocannabinoid system (directly or indirectly)
  • 0% THC (THC-FREE)
  • Non-GMO product and is free of preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfates, ethylene oxide, or sulfites
  • Kosher and Halal certified, and certified to be free of BSE/TSEs.
  • Comes with a tamper-evident seal to ensure quality (see photo below)


Older American Caucasian Woman Wearing A White Blouse Removes Tamper-Evident Seal From The Strongest Cbd Isolate Capsules Product.




  • Speak to a medical professional or your primary care physician before using this product
  • We use third-party lab reports & tests to always ensure our consumer safety, see the “Lab Results” Tab above.
  • The FDA has not evaluated the information provided on this page nor the product itself for validity, efficacy, or effectiveness
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease



We always want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of what’s available to you, so we want to share two other types of encapsulated CBD products that we carry; Full Spectrum CBD Softgels and Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels.  Both of these products promote what has been deemed as the entourage effect.  This is something we recommend looking into if you are not familiar with it.

We love helping and talking to our customers, both new and loyal, so if you have any questions or concerns about our high-potency CBD isolate capsules or if need further assistance regarding your CBD wellness journey as a whole, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This product has one simple ingredient, 99%-100% pure CannabidiolThe capsule shells are made with beef gelatin & water.


Here is a list of how we recommend taking the strongest pure CBD isolate capsules:

  1. Always take on an empty stomach, preferably right before a meal
  2. Start with one CBD isolate capsule and wait 30-45  minutes for results
    1. If relief is experienced, then one capsule per serving is all you need
    2. However, if you did not achieve the expected results you were seeking, take two capsules before your next meal
    3. You should never need to take more than three capsules at a time in order to achieve some form of relief



  • Store away from the reach of small children.

Lab Test Results

third party lab report cbd isolate batch id cbd-iso-gvl-tst705 by Green Leaf Labs.

Product Storage

Always store this high-quality CBD product in a cool, dark, and dry area. Studies have shown that if you leave cannabinoid-infused products in direct light or in high temperatures for long periods of time, the potency of the cannabinoids will begin to gradually decline.

3 reviews for Strongest CBD Isolate Capsules

  1. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Jessica, we are so happy that you have found us! We pride ourselves in offering some of the purest Cannabidiol available and in the strongest concentrations. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

  2. Avatar Of Jessica Manning

    Jessica Manning (verified owner)

    I’ve shopped around to a few different places and haven’t found any place that has this high concentration of CBD in the entire bottle. Glad I found you guys.

  3. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Alejandro, thank you for your review of our CBD Isolate Capsuless 3000mg! We are so happy that you are enjoying the change!

    The reason for the change was due to meeting the needs of a majority of our customers. At a potency of 100mg per capsule, there was a large gap between a 1 capsule serving and a 2 capsule serving, making it difficult for most customers to accurately meet their serving requirements. With the adjustment to 75mg per capsule, customers can better meet their serving requirements, while receiving the same 3,000mg of CBD in their isolate capsule bottle.

    For customers who need an extremely accurate serving, that cannot be met with only capsules since they are a fixed serving, we suggest also purchasing our CBD isolate powder, to meet highly specific serving size requirements/needs.

    We hope you will continue to enjoy this change Alejandro!

  4. Avatar Of Cannabidiol Life

    Cannabidiol Life

    Timothy, It is our PLEASURE to be able to help clients…especially when it is concerning serious things like being drug tested at work. We are proud to be able to offer Isolated CBD products that contain 0 THC. We look forward to seeing you the next time you come in! Thanks Timothy.

  5. Avatar Of Timothy Adams

    Timothy Adams (verified owner)

    Once I got my new job I was drug tested and happy to say that when taking this product it passed the drug test. One of their front office people recommended it because there is no THC in the product. Will continue to take it. Thanks

  6. Avatar Of Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro Sanchez (verified owner)

    I’m glad ya’ll reduced the mg from 100 to 75. It makes it a lot easier for me to dose. This is definitely the strongest isolate I’ve ever taken. Thanks guys

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