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Elevate your wellness routine with our pure CBD Shatter Crystals. Unlike other CBD products, our crystal products are made with pure CBD and contain no added cannabinoids or ingredients. CBD crystals offer purity levels of 99% and above, and come in four irresistible flavors: Blueberry OG, Pineapple Express, Watermelon OG, and Girl Scout Cookies.

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Cannabidiol Life Blueberry OG Pure CBD + Terpenes CBD Crystals - 1g 910mg of Total Hemp Extract
Price: $16.95

CBD crystals are becoming very popular for vapers. Still, they can be administered in many different ways. Furthermore, since they are derived from pure isolate, they are perfectly legal and safe. The best part? CBD shatter can be ground down into a fine powder and infused with a carrier oil (olive oil, hemp oil, hemp seed oil, & non-GMO MCT coconut oil) to enhance the overall effects of CBD. Additionally, it can work as an ingredient in cooking and is a convenient and straightforward way to add wellness benefits to your meals.


  • Pure CBD Isolate shatter crystal slabs
  • Infused terpenes for a tastier ride to wellness
  • Four terpene flavor profiles available (Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, Pineapple Express, G.S.C.)
  • Available in 1/4 Gram (250mg) or 1 Gram (1,000mg) options

Pure Isolate CBD

Natural Plant terpenes

There are a few ways to use CBD crystals to reap their benefits. The most common method is by smoking or vaporizing them. This method allows the user to unlock the effects of the crystal almost instantaneously. Some users prefer to dissolve their crystals into carrier cooking oils and use them for baking tasty treats in addition to smoking or vaping. This gives the user strong and long-lasting effects.

What Strain Do You Use For Your CBD Dabs?

We strategically manufacture all of our CBD products from a single organically-grown cultivar known as Cherry Wine. However, in the past, we have elected to use Elektra and OG Kush cultivars.

What Do CBD Dabs Taste Like?

The answer to this question directly depends on the terpene profile used during the manufacturing process. In the Cannabis and Hemp industry, quality CBD products are more than likely flavored by adding plant-based terpenes to the mix. Based and backed by customer feedback consistently collected since 2017, Cannabidiol Life now offers the following four best tasting CBD concentrated products (guaranteed):

  • Blueberry OG – AKA Blueberry Yum Yum and #1 most popular flavor tastes like a refreshing handful of blueberries.
  • StrawNana – A subtle yet delicious mix of strawberries and banana.
  • Pineapple Express –  The popular flavor that inspired so many different people to try cannabis for the first time.  It got so popular, Hollywood made a movie out of it.
  • GSC – AKA Girl Scout Cookies, these are not your average cookies.  This flavor is earthy and mighty tangy.

What Extraction Method Was Used to Make this Product?

Our CBD Crystals were extracted using the supercritical CO2 method. One of the most reliable, expensive, and result-guaranteed extraction systems in the industry.

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    Aria Lewis

    I love the GSC flavor! Thanks

    September 6, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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    • Cannabidiol Life

      October 19, 2021

      Aria, that’s awesome that you love the Girl Scout Cookie flavor! That is definitely one of our high sellers here 🙂

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