Known for being an extremely pure CBD concentrate and with this type of purity, crystals are formed.

CBD crystals are usually made for dabbing (CBD dabs), but they can also be ground down into a powder to be used as ingredients for food as well as infused with various terpenes/flavors to enhance the consumers experience.

What Are CBD Crystals?

These are isolated, concentrated, and purified extracts from a hemp plant. When dealing with other CBD products, there are usually a few other trace amounts cannabis molecules, but not with CBD Crystals… It’s a part of the CBD Isolates group, which is exactly what that says. An “ISOLATE” of CBD.  When CBD is crystallized, it is in its purest form. Typically, manufacturers and retailers offer purity levels of around 98%. While that is great, there are a few companies who are producing 99+% Cannabidiol purity levels!  

CBD Crystalline

How To Make CBD Crystalline?

Cannabidiol crystals are usually made from high-quality hemp plants with high levels of CBD.  A consistent procedure is followed in their production to ensure a pure, clear, organic crystal in the end. Additionally, CBD crystals do not have THC so you will not have the high feeling that is associated with products that have THC.

CBD crystallization formulation starts with a completely eco-friendly and safe CO2 extraction process. This process is followed by winterization, a process that removes liquids and fats. All unwanted materials are removed using a rotary evaporator. This is followed by a rotary evaporation process of the CBD oil. Finally, the oil is decarboxylated before it moves to the final stage where CBD crystals are created.

Decarboxylation entails conversion of phytocannabinoids in acidic forms into activated or non-acidic CBD. Heat is used to break the acid group bond gently. The result is a formed phytoceutical as well as a pharmaceutical refinement and the distillation methods are pure crystals with 99% CBD.

Best Way To Take/Consume CBD Concentrates

While everyone has their own opinion, we believe “dabbing” is the best way to take Cannabidiol crystals. Nonetheless, these thick in texture isolates can also be consumed by adding them to baking and cooking recipes in order to make CBD edibles. However, by using the crystallines in food, the CBD effects are delayed a bit, but that is certainly not the case when they are used for dabs.  Dabbing enables you to inhale the vapor with all of its benefits and thereby experiencing the direct absorption of cannabidiol into your bloodstream.

Benefits & Side Effects

Right now, CBD crystals provide the highest-grade CBD isolate in the market. That’s because they provide an effective and pure way to ensure that you get a potent CBD dose. Whether you opt to mix your crystals with e-liquid, carrier oil, bake them with edibles, or use them for dabbing, CBD crystals provide the most efficient way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol.

CBD crystals have been used by many people to quickly relieve problematic symptoms of various conditions.  Many people have reported success after using the crystals because the effects are felt very rapidly (usually within a 5-10 minute window). On a positive note, a lot of people with drug or alcohol addictions are slowly being guided to CBD crystals because it helps counter the overwhelming feelings of addiction.  Learn more about the benefits of taking CBD for addiction.

What To Know Before Purchasing & Summary

The characteristics of the best CBD Crystals and how/why they could benefit you:

  • It is Cannabidiol offered in its purest form.
  • Ideal for dabbing CBD
  • Made from the highest quality hemp
  • Made from organically cultivated hemp
  • Can be used to prepare CBD Gummies or consumed as food
  • Produced through a supercritical CO2 extraction process
  • They are tested in a reputable lab

If you are looking for a great way to add PURE CBD to your diet, CBD crystals are a great option. 


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