Known for its potency, CBD crystal or “shatter”, is one of the purest forms of CBD available. They are often infused with terpenes to enhance flavor and user experience. This is exactly how we offer our crystals, listed below for your convenience.


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CBD Crystals are very popular for use with vaporizers but they can actually be used in many different ways – an interesting concept that most don’t consider when they purchase them. Also since they are derived from pure isolate it provides legal CBD shatter (there is no THC present). This is also what separates it from full spectrum wax or other vaped/dabbed CBD.

Some of the best CBD shatter can be ground down into a fine powder-like substance and infused with a carrier oil (olive oil, hemp oil, hemp seed oil, & Non-GMO MCT coconut oil) to make flavored CBD oil. It can work as an ingredient in cooking and is a simple and convenient way to add wellness benefits to your treats.

In this guide, we will provide the answers to all the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about hemp-derived CBD isolate crystals.

What Are CBD Crystals


In terms of purity, CBD crystals are very similar to its sister product, CBD isolate crystalline powder. These two are considered to be the purest and most concentrated form of Cannabidiol (CBD) available in the Cannabis/CBD market; offering purity levels of 99% and above. Since this is a PURE CBD product, this cannot be a full-spectrum CBD product. And since this is NOT full-spectrum, it means that it is psychoactive, but NOT psychotropic.

CBD crystals are a hemp extract and usually infused with terpenes which are naturally derived from the hemp plants themselves. The intent with this terpene infusion is to add/enhance the aroma and overall flavor in order to promote a more favorable user experience.

Consumers use CBD crystals mostly by dabbing using a dab rig. This is a very common CBD practice that you can learn more about here, CBD dabs. Another common way to use CBD crystals as CBD products is through a cannabis concentrate vaporizer, CBD pen, or through vaping by infusing the crystals with terpenes, carrier oils, and e-liquids.

How To Take CBD Crystals


Many products in today’s world aren’t naturally derived, or as pure as CBD crystals. For this reason, a lot of people are seeking natural remedies and alternatives to synthetic products in order to help them deal with conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more. Another part of the reason for the rise in the popularity of CBD crystals is the exposure they are receiving on the internet. This product was once less conventional, and thus harder to find, but because of the world wide web, even once hard to find items are now within reach for the average, everyday consumer.


There are numerous ways to use CBD crystals, which may make it useful for overcoming particular challenges with certain medical conditions and their symptoms. One of the benefits of CBD crystals is their versatility. They are versatile in the fact that they can be either inhaled or consumed as an edible. This might offer some value in the sense that some people may have difficulty eating, but not inhaling or vice versa.

CBD Edibles

The CBD crystals can be taken as a CBD edible form, although it is less conventional. This is best done by mixing the product with natural fatty foods such as cheese, butter, milk, and certain cooking oils. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular forms of edible CBD is in CBD chocolates and other sweet treats. This is why the edible products containing natural and pure CBD crystals are more popular than the others because they are easy to consume without experiencing the natural taste that some may find unpleasant.

CBD Cream & Topicals

Although it is highly unconventional to mix CBD crystals in a massage oil or topical, there are CBD topicals and CBD Skin Care products forms of CBD that can be used by massaging it on the skin or the affected area. This method of CBD use can potentially help with getting rid of pain in a specific area. One method some have found successful is to rub CBD topicals into the temples to help relieve headaches.

CBD Capsules

CBD pills and CBD capsules are a convenient edible form of CBD. Although typically not made with CBD crystals, it is possible to grind them down into a powder form to be used in CBD capsules. The main difference is that, unlike most CBD edibles that are made with CBD oil, capsules can contain CBD crystals that can be taken in a highly concentrated form.

CBD Dosage Calculator


Whether using CBD crystals under the tongue or inhaling them through a vaporizer, etc. it is always a good idea to have a proper understanding of how much to take and what a proper serving consists of. We believe at Cannabidiol Life the most satisfactory CBD usage results are achieved using the formula we created with the help of some of the best MMJ’s like Dr. Joseph Rosado – formulated for you to use in order to calculate the perfect CBD dosage or Suggested Serving Size specifically for you:

Body Weight (lbs) x 0.325mg (CBD) = Recommended CBD MG Dose

Therefore, someone who weighs 150lbs would have a recommended CBD dose of 48.75mg of CBD.  For a more in-depth look into this topic, please read the full article here, CBD Dosage. 1 gram of CBD crystals is equal to 1000mg of CBD.

How To Use CBD Crystals


There are a few ways to use CBD crystals to gain their benefits. The most common method is smoking or vaporizing them. The reason this is so popular is that this method allows the user to feel the effects of CBD almost immediately. In addition to smoking or vaping, some users choose to dissolve their crystals into common cooking oils and use them for baking edibles. This gives the user strong, and long-lasting effects. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the five most common ways of using CBD crystals.


CBD dabs are by far the most popular method of using and consuming CBD crystals. Dabbing is when a person inhales a hit or ‘dab’ of vapor from melting the concentrate on an extremely hot surface. It is safer than smoking, as you are technically just inhaling the vapor of concentrated CBD, and not smoke from raw plant material that can contain other harsh chemicals.


It seems a little counterproductive, but some people enjoy using CBD crystals to make their own CBD oil. This can be easily done by dissolving the crystals in coconut oil or other common oils. This is done by simmering the mixture in a pot on the stove and slowly stirring the mixture until fully dissolved.


This method involves infusing CBD crystals with coconut oil or butter and then using it for cooking or baking. simply melt your butter or oil into a pot and set the temperature to low. Then, add your desired amount of CBD Crystals to the pot and stir for about five minutes, or until the crystals have fully dissolved. After that, the oil or butter should be fully infused with CBD. That means it’s ready to be used for cooking. Just substitute the amount of butter or oil that the recipe calls for with your CBD version and enjoy it.


The methods covered above are the most popular methods of CBD crystal use, however, they are not the only methods. One example is making your own CBD infused skincare products.

How To Make CBD Crystals


If you’ve ever been curious about how CBD crystals are made, then this is the guide for you.

CBD crystals are a potent source of pure Cannabidiol (CBD) and can be used in numerous ways. You can put them in edibles or use them for CBD topicals, CBD tinctures, or CBD vape oil. Let’s review how CBD crystals are made.


CBD Crystals are the purest form of CBD with the runner-up being CBD isolate powder.

If the product contains terpenes, plant materials, oils, or other lesser cannabinoids it will look an off-white, yellow, or pink tinge. This may enhance the effects of CBD through taste or potency due to synergy between different substances.

CBD crystals are generally made from industrial hemp plants, beginning with the breakdown of stalks and stems to obtain the natural compounds in the plant. The CBD crystal creation process involves similar steps as to how to make CBD oil, which is the processing, extraction, and purification of hemp.

However, as opposed to CBD oil, the manufacturing of CBD crystals, goes one step further in that it separates the CBD from the resin that was extracted from the hemp plant. It may then be isolated and contain only the CBD cannabinoid. Other terpenes, flavonoids, etc may be added at a later time for sales. The process by which CBD is crystalized is called chromatography. In this completely isolated form, CBD exists as a white, clear-ish crystalline solid, therefore called “CBD crystals”.


CBD crystals are created using specialized equipment and processes. The processing and extraction process for CBD crystals is relatively similar to CBD oil in regards to the careful attention that must be paid to the isolation of CBD as well as the removal of all THC. Next the 9 steps: 

High CBD Hemp is used for the creation of CBD crystals.

The processing of CBD hemp involves harvesting, drying, and grinding the flower buds, stalks, and even stems.


The extraction of CBD can be done with cold Ethanol, Butane Hashish Oil (BHO) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Cold Ethanol is the best extraction method for reducing fats in the extract. The colder the Ethanol, the lower the percentage of fat is taken out of the cannabis plant. BHO extraction extracts a moderate amount of fats. CO2 extraction extracts the highest amount of fat from the plant.

Refinement or purification of CBD involves winterization, filtration, distillation, and chromatography.


After extraction, the CBD mixture is added into 190 proof alcohol and mixed properly with stirring. Then it is placed in a deep freezer, chest freezer, walk-in freezer, or dry ice for about 24 hours to reach the freezing point of Ethanol which is -76°C. This will lead to the precipitation of waxes which can be separated by filtration.


Various filters can be used, starting at a higher micron filter, changing to a medium filter, and then finally using the smallest micron filter for the finest particles of wax. Vacuum-assisted filters and metal filters can also be used, although they are expensive compared to paper filters, but are reusable and don’t tear apart.


Chromatography is a process that separates a mixture into its constituents or parts. The CBD mixture (liquid phase) is passed through a stationary phase which is either solid (alumina, sand, silica gel) or liquid (water, methanol, or heptane). The liquid phase moves through each cell in series and compounds diffuse into the stationary phase at different rates according to their relative affinities for the two phases which leads to separation into the constituents.

Distillation removes alcohol using heat. The mixture is warmed in the glass vessel, which leads to alcohol evaporation since the boiling point of alcohol is lower than the oil. The ejected alcohol vapors are reconverted into liquid by an attached condenser and can be reused.

The isolation and crystallization of CBD are done by mixing CBD with pentane as the solvent in a glass jacketed vessel with stirring. A heating/cooling bath is connected to the vessel jacket and is used to control the temperature of the vessel. The mixture is heated to 45°C which permits the dissolution of the oil and then cooled to 5°C. CBD crystals will form immediately and separate from the pentane solution. This is followed by vacuum filtration to remove the pentane, rinsing the crystals, and removing them.


Safety procedures are required to be followed during the CBD crystal creation process. The facility must be GMP certified and must be safe in terms of design and purpose for handling all types of materials.

Design – The equipment must be designed to handle the solvent being used. Generally, stainless steel materials are used. Pay attention to electrical components for flammable and non-flammable solvents, pressure rating, and valve protection.

Purpose – The equipment needs to be constructed for its intended use. It must be accessible for cleaning and welds in contact must be flushed and polished.

Human consumption – The solvents used must be safe for human consumption. CO2 and Ethanol are FDA approved for human consumption.

Always check with your doctor or healthcare professional before using CBD products or starting a CBD regimen, as CBD can interact with certain medications.

Before purchasing, one should ensure that the CBD crystals are created from high CBD hemp, have passed third-party lab testing, and are made following Good Manufacturing Practice standards.


You should not try making CBD crystals at home. Thorough knowledge of chemical processes is required for handling CBD. This is essential for your own safety as well as the creation of pure crystals. On the other hand, you can make your own CBD products by adding them to edibles such as cookies, brownies, or sprinkle them over tea or coffee or adding them to your moisturizing creams. You can also vape them or add them to coconut oil to make CBD oil.

Recipe For Making CBD Crystal


This process requires technologically advanced and often very expensive equipment that is beyond the reach or skill level of the average person.

This guide is meant to be supplemental to manufacturers of CBD concentrates who already have a basic understanding of this type of process.

Solvents like Pentane and Butane pose explosion, fire, and other risks and should not be handled by a novice.

In order to create CBD crystals, one must first start with extracted CBD oil that has been distilled. The CBD oil mixture will also need to have been winterized.

If you are not already aware, winterization is an oil refinement technique commonly used in biotechnology.

The process involves dissolving the extract in ethanol, then placing the mixture in a freezer to chill. Typically the end result should be a clear mixture. If the mixture is cloudy, that indicates the presence of contaminants.

If that is the case, one can attempt the winterization process again until the mixture becomes completely clear. Failing to use a clear mixture for the crystals can result in a poor quality product.


Disclaimer: Pentane can be dangerous. Use extreme caution and always use safety equipment when working with solvents. Consult a safety officer before use.

For this step, a glass jacketed receptacle with a heating bath and automatic stirring device is required.


Make sure the glass jacketed receptacle has a vent or a condenser that is connected to a blower motor or fume hood for pentane vapors.

Pentane WILL release harmful vapors when heated. Use extreme caution and take all proper precautions to ensure these fumes are not inhaled and are properly ventilated.

Make sure the receptacle condenser is cooled to -20 °C. Generally, you can add one part pentane to three parts of CBD oil. Some oils will require a different ratio of pentane to oil.

Next, turn on the stirring device and the heating bath and set it to 45 °C. Wait until the solution reaches 45 °C and the oil has been fully dissolved.


Set the bath to 5 °C and reduce the stirring speed. As the solution cools it will become more viscous. Adjust the stirrer to keep the RPM above 120. CBD crystals will spontaneously form out of the pentane solution.


When it is obvious that no more crystals are going to form, physically remove the CBD crystals. Then, vacuum filters the crystals to remove any excess fluid. Finally, rinse the crystals with ice-cold pentane.

This will cleanse impurities from the crystal surfaces but be advised that while more rinses with pentane can improve crystal color, this will cause you to lose some of the crystal’s mass.

Note: CBD crystals can be redissolved and then recrystallized to improve the potency even further.

It is possible to crystallize CBD from low purity crude or poorly refined oil. However, low starting purity will reduce both yield and purity of the crystallized CBD.

The lower purity CBD isolate will have more color, smell, and THC content than if you used distillate. This will cause you to need a re-crystallization step, which is not the end of the world but does have a real cost.

CBD Crystals, Strawnana 250mg


Hemp CBD crystals may be purchased online or at various locations across the entire United States as well as in many countries worldwide.

At Cannabidiol Life, we believe CBD has the power to help people, so much so in fact that we’ve provided a convenient state-by-state guide where you can find locations to purchase CBD crystals near you even if they’re not from us. Click here to go to the guide.

Why Choose Cannabidiol Life pure CBD crystals?

Our CBD crystals come from organically grown hemp on EPA compliant American farms. We are USDA certified organic and are GMP compliant. Our raw materials are sourced from facilities that use sophisticated extraction techniques and help support the US economy.

We believe we produce some of the highest quality CBD products on the market if not the Highest.  Please visit our Shop to view our entire selection, or you can use our Store Locator to see if there is a store near you that is carrying our CBD crystals.


  • If you aren’t a fan of purchasing online, we’d like to invite you to visit an amazing resource we put together here, “CBD Oil Near Me“. You can find local CBD stores in your area as well as links to CBD Legalities on a state to state basis.
  • You can also view our Store Locator to see if there are any stores nearing you carrying Cannabidiol Life products on their shelves.
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