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We offer a very unique CBD product collection derived specifically from certified organic Cherry Wine Hemp Cultivars. 

Our high-quality CBD products are currently being prescribed by medical professionals in three different countries (Peru, Brazil, & Costa Rica).

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Why Trust Our Products

USDA Organic Products

We offer premium USDA organic products made with premium organic extracts obtained from the finest hemp plants grown on American farms.

“Seed to Shelf”

We have our hands and eyes on our hemp products from the beginning (the seed) until it reaches the shelf (final product).

Highest Manufacturing Standards

We are committed to the best practices and protocols. We guarantee CBD products that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

U.S. Patented Extraction Technology

Our patented method is proven to extract much higher cannabinoid percentages than supercritical CO2, the industry’s standard extraction method.


Cannabidiol Life Cbd Products


Our ingestible CBD products are ideal for both new and avid CBD users. This collection of best-selling formulas includes gummies, capsules, and our signature CBD oil. If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to experience all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD, learn more about our ingestible hemp products below.



This comprehensive collection of topical products is designed to complement active lifestyles and support various aspects of external wellness. If you need targeted relief against discomfort or want a more natural skincare regimen, our topical hemp products may be just what you need.




Cannabidiol Life flower products provide high concentrations of hemp-derived CBD with every use. With options like CBD wax to CBD joints, this group of products is ideal for those familiar with inhalable consumption methods like smoking, vaping, or dabbing.


CBD For Pets

Treat your furry friends to a little extra love with this collection of premium products made with all-natural hemp. Our pet oils and treats can help with some of the most common problems affecting their daily routine, including high levels of stress, feelings of uneasiness, and environmental factors interrupting their peace of mind.




We remove all the seeds and stems before processing our Cherry Wine hemp cultivars; successfully eliminating the bitter and burnt taste most commonly associated with CBD oil products.

We keep it real, we keep it raw.  Trust Pilot does too.  Trust pilot is a 3rd-Party Review website that we have no control over what gets posted.

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Cannabidiol Life'S Trustpilot Score: Excellent
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All You Need to Know About CBD


The CBD industry is flooded with fake products, inflated prices, incorrectly labeled products, false claims, and empty promises. That is why we have created one of the most comprehensive research-based CBD product catalogs online; offering many fantastic CBD educational resources and articles to help you get the facts.

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Customer Reviews

Cannabidiol Life
Based on 174 reviews
Great products and quick service.
Rhk “Rkegiii” Iii
RHK “rkegiii” III
00:13 26 Sep 22
I was diagnosed w/ epilepsy during my 3rd pregnancy and was put on the anti seizure medication called keppra which I started noticing was ruining my life and health Ever since I have started using CBD I'm able to adjust to my medication easier , it brought back my appetite so I was able to start eating again, as well as help me function day to day w/ ease compared to before 10/10 would recommend
Madisen Larson
Madisen Larson
11:12 25 Sep 22
I have been using the CBD roll on and what a difference this has made. I have scar tissue from a cancer related surgery that has been uncomfortable and painful for almost 2 years. I started using the roll on every morning and my pain and discomfort is completely gone. It’s great to be able to move and stretch without the constant reminder of pain. I wholeheartedly give this product a 5 Star rating and my endorsement.
Debbie Le Grand
Debbie Le Grand
17:41 22 Sep 22
As someone who has a very high paced lifestyle between running a business, and family Cannabidiol Life cbd gummies have helped tremendously assist me in getting better sleep and taking the edge off. The oil and balm have also helped with some injuries i was dealing with. Thanks to the folks at Cannabidiol Life for always delivering quality goods. Highly recommend!
Adam Rossique
Adam Rossique
03:23 21 Sep 22
I use the oil every day....and I have never felt healthier then I do now. And after some heavy lifting when those muscle pains appear.....the CBD soothing balm is the best! I love the way it works so quickly.
Claude Visser
Claude Visser
17:20 20 Sep 22
I’ve chosen to try CBD for two reasons.1) I’m very athletically active and decided to try the CBD oil to help relieve body aches and recover.2) My mother has gone through multiple surgeries leaving her with stitches and staples. This created difficulty for her to live with the constant pain and rough sleeping patterns.
Michael Khan
Michael Khan
15:24 20 Sep 22
Great products, and reasonable pricing. I'm a huge fan of the PB cups! Need to try the CBN gummies next! Highly recommend!
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce
18:38 19 Sep 22
Top quality products and very reasonable prices. Highly recommend the isolate capsules.
J Maclean
J Maclean
18:22 19 Sep 22
Great product and experience with these products. Solved all in what I was looking for in a CBD, Would highly recommend!!
Paul Maclean
Paul MacLean
18:15 19 Sep 22