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Vaping CBD is one of the newest methods of consumption. This allows the user to inhale CBD directly in vapor form; completed by using a CBD vape cartridge as well as an electronic inhalation device like a CBD vape pen. This style of consuming CBD provides a very comfortable and discreet way of obtaining your daily CBD servings in a highly bioavailable manner.


Whether it’s your first time using CBD vape, or you’re a veteran, it never hurts to brush up on what CBD vape juice actually is. Also, it’s important to mention that Full-spectrum CBD products offer benefits that Broad-spectrum and Pure CBD isolate-based products cannot.  If this is unfamiliar information, we highly recommend reading our article on the differences between Full Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Pure CBD to learn more.


Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) involving CBD vape oil, CBD vape juice, CBD e-juice, & CBD Vape Pens.


Similar to an e-cigarette, CBD vape works via a simple heating mechanism. It has four essential components which are; the battery, the atomizer, the mouthpiece, and the chamber. The battery powers the atomizer, also known as the heating element, which in turn heats the liquid content in the chamber into vapor form. The consumer then inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece. Simple, right?

Vape pens, and other devices, typically come with built-in sensors that turn on the atomizer. Some turn on automatically when you inhale, while others have buttons that need to be pressed and held down until the heat is ready. Some vapes have lights that let you know when the atomizer has reached the appropriate temperature before you inhale.

The beauty of the latest inventions in vape technology makes them easy to use, discreet, and portable. Many are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Vapor also dissipates much more quickly than smoke, which means any smell will also. Most people who have tried both will attest to the fact that vaping is much better than smoking.


Let’s go on a joy ride back in time to take a brief look at the history of how CBD vapes came into the limelight.

In 2003, the Chinese invented the modern electronic cigarette popularly called an e-cigarette. Just as you would observe in a vape pen, the e-cigs contained a heating coil, a cartridge, and a set of buttons and associated lights to help consumers use the device. They were also portable, small, and mask the smell much better than conventional smoking.

They were first marketed in 2004 to cigarette smokers, and their use has increased over time as more consumers have begun to adopt this new invention for the advantages it provides. One such advantage is that vapor, in almost any form, is considered to be much safer for the user when compared to smoke from cigarettes, or smoke in general.

Even the word “vape” was designed to be different, and stand out in a market previously dominated solely by the big tobacco industry. Needless to say, this distinction seems to have been very effective, as the popularity of these devices is higher than ever before.

Now let’s take a look at the two different types of CBD vapes, shall we?


When it comes to vaping CBD, you have many flavors to choose from. Cannabidiol Life alone offers 12!  Let’s dive into the tastiest CBD vape on the market.

CBD vape pens are available also in several flavors by different manufacturers. Flavors are added to enhance the appeal of CBD products, making them tastier and more palatable. They also add a pleasant aroma and give a calm, soothing, or refreshing effect.

Cannabidiol Life Vape Juice collection uses a combination of unique terpene flavor profiles, USP premium vegetable glycerine, and full-spectrum industrial hemp extracts grown and manufactured right here in the United States.  We offer a variety of flavors and CBD liquids to choose from.  We originally launched with 17 different CBD vape juice flavors but after our first two years of sales data, we eliminated five flavors.

Why is this important?

By eliminating the lesser favored flavors, our loyal customers have a much higher chance of getting a CBD vape juice that will offer a vaping experience like none other.  With that shared, here are 12 of our highest quality vape juices offered in the most popular flavors:

  • WATERMELON ICE BALLS  – Bright Watermelon and Mint Flavors
  • 2X APPLE & ICE – Bright Apple and Mint Flavors
  • WATERMELON – Bright Cucumber and Watermelon
  • SNICKERDOODLE – Sweet Cinnamon Butter Cookie Flavors
  • FRUIT PUNCH – Bright Red Fruit Candy Flavors
  • STRAWBERRIES & CREAM – Bright Strawberry and Sweet Cream Flavors
  • PINEAPPLE FRESCA – Bright Sparkling Pineapple Flavors
  • LEMON MERINGUE PIE – Sweet whipped and tart lemon flavors
  • GUAVA – Bright Guava Fruit Flavors
  • BLUEBERRY YUM YUM – Bright Blueberry and Sweet Cream Flavors
  • CHOCOLATE MOUSSE – Whipped Chocolate Flavors
  • VANILLA ICE CREAM – Rich Whipped Vanilla Cream Flavors



Everyone should want to consider how safe a product is, especially when it has to do with consumption. Is CBD vape safe to use? Well, a small percentage of users reportedly develop allergies to some of the chemicals and/or materials used in vapes.

As stated previously, some vapes can contain a negligible amount of nano metallic particles that can escape in the form of aerosols during vaping. Some studies also show that some commercial vapes contain dangerous contaminants such as lead and cadmium. Hence, it is essential to do thorough research before purchasing a CBD vape pen in other to avoid potential health issues. Some reputable vape manufacturers often reveal the materials used in building their products on the box, or on their websites.

The atomizers in pen vapes are typically made from titanium, stainless steel, nickel wire, or nickel-chromium alloy. Sometimes it is made from Kanthal as well. Kanthal is an alloy of iron, chromium, and aluminum.

Vapes made from stainless steel have the potential to remove some contaminants. It is probably the safest choice, alongside titanium or Kanthal. On the other hand, Nickel or nickel-chromium ones should be avoided at all costs, as they are well-known carcinogens.

Oxidation during the heating process is what poses the threat here. As the metal wire is heated and cooled simultaneously, oxidation occurs, causing the formation of metallic oxide around the cord, thus preventing further oxidation. When the liquid comes in contact with the heating coil, the oxidized metal layer can contaminate the vapor, thus allowing the nanoparticles to pass into the consumer’s system via the inhaled vapor.

It is important to note that several vape brands are marketed as having ceramic heating elements. This is the case in some new vapes, but many still have exposed wire wrapped around a ceramic or quartz core. Vapes like these are always going to leech metal contaminants into the inhaled vapor.


A lot of advantages come with the use of CBD Vapes. These advantages are the reasons why people are embracing the use of this latest device. Everybody wants something simple, but classic, while still affordable. Most vapes are simple to use, discreet, and affordable. However, some vape pens can be expensive; particularly the high-tech kind for the tech-savvy individual.

These are more complex, rebuildable vapes for advanced users who want control over every aspect of their vape hardware such as creating small or big cloud vapors as well as choosing a preferred heating temperature. Typically, these kinds of devices require a higher level of expertise than the average user possesses or is willing to invest.

Most importantly, the primary reason for the massive adoption of this product is its faster absorption time.

Unlike oral ingestion, CBD consumed via vaporization enters the body faster and easier allowing users to feel the effects almost immediately. When CBD is taken orally, it has to pass through a series of digestive processes before actually getting into the bloodstream.  CBD Ingestibles and CBD edibles are known to take anywhere from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours to kick in as CBD is absorbed in the liver by liver-specific enzymes.

Some CBD consumers, especially ones dealing with serious medical conditions, may see this as less appealing.  For example, a person using CBD in hopes to stop the onset of a seizure or perhaps a person dealing with chronic pain will likely scoff at the fact they’d have to wait thirty minutes for potential relief.

This is the exact unappealing situation that gave manufacturers and vapers the idea to create CBD oil vape products.

In summary, the main benefits of vaping CBD are the following:

  • much quicker absorption into the bloodstream
  • increased bioavailability
  • get relief faster in comparison to ingestible CBD products



While vaping CBD allows for a much quicker onset of positive potential benefits, the relief users look for doesn’t last as long as ingestible CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules.  Relief from vapors tends to last 30 minutes to 2 hours of consumption, while edibles can last up to 4-8hrs of relief.

For this exact reason is why we always recommend our customers consider partaking in both consumption methods.  Get relief FAST with the best CBD vape oils and as those benefits start to wear off, you have the ingestible CBD products already activated to allow hours more of extended relief.

So far, many of our customers have given encouraging reviews to this idea and one we intend to push due to all the positive feedback over the years.



Bioavailability is the amount of CBD content that actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Vaping happens to have the highest bioavailability (40-50%), followed by CBD oil tinctures (20-30%) and CBD edibles (5-15%).



To vape CBD, you need a CBD Oil Cartridge or a CBD Vape Cartridge, but what exactly is the difference?


A CBD cartridge is a slim, disposable e-cig tank that contains CBD e-liquid. The CBD cartridge connects to a standard 510 battery pen base, which makes it possible for the individual to easily vape CBD. The base is often charged via USB.


A CBD vape cartridge is a heating chamber that is inserted into the vape pen. CBD vape cartridges often come pre-filled and are refillable. The CBD cartridge can also be referred to as a pod. They are compatible with other popular devices such as the Smok.

Both types of cartridges offer a mess-free and healthy alternative to smoking raw plant material, such as hemp flower or a hemp extract, to access CBD. Using a CBD cartridge or CBD vape cartridge makes it possible for you to vape at home and on the go. The above comparison should help you determine your ideal choice when choosing a CBD vape oil or CBD vape additive.




More times than not, CBD vape pens come equipped with both cartridges and batteries allowing you to vape CBD instantly.  There are a few options or types to choose from which can be categorized as either Disposable or Refillable.


These are CBD vape pens, that contain a battery, atomizer, and pre-loaded cartridges with CBD juice. They are cigarette-style vape pens and are created to offer a few hundred puffs before the cartridge empties. These pens require no charging and are meant to be disposed of after use.



These are CBD vape pens that can be refilled with CBD vape oil or e-juice. They generally have a tank that attaches to a rechargeable standard battery, offering an easy-to-use pen-like style, small in size and light in weight. These pens can make more sense economically, as they can cater to different vaping styles, unlike disposable pens.



The steps involved in making CBD vape juice are similar to those of CBD oil and include grinding of the flower buds, extraction, and purification of CBD oil. However, as opposed to CBD oil, CBD vape juice is mixed with thinning agents such as vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, or polyethylene glycol. The thinning agents decrease the viscosity of the oil and cause the juice to take on a more “liquid” form. This allows it to function with the heater coils found on a standard vape pen. Various other additives and isolates can be added to make thousands of different products.



According to a 2017 study released by The World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, below in Table 1 is their offered overview of diseases for which CBD may have therapeutic benefits.  With these seemingly great study results, one can say that if these turn out to be facts, hemp plants and CBD products are indeed worthy of the mass adoption they seem to be receiving.



According to WHO, at the present time of the release of their scientific studies, they claim that there are zero case reports of CBD abuse along with no sign of dependence relating to the consumption of pure CBD.



In order for us to accurately answer this question, we must answer this in two parts. If your vape juice is made with pure CBD, there is zero chance of failing a drug test since there is zero THC found in pure CBD products.  Now, on the other hand, if your CBD vape juices are infused with a Full Spectrum CBD Extract, you should know that the legal limit for THC is 0.3%.


This is considered a very minute quantity and is described as a “trace amount”.  Therefore, with trace amounts of THC, the possibility of failing a drug test is extremely small, if at all.  Our recommendation remains the same, if your job depends on you being free of any THC within your system, we recommend NOT risking it.  Go for a broad spectrum or a pure CBD product.



So, you have decided to dive right into your first vaping experience. Buying a CBD vape can be quite simple as there are many stores, both offline and online, selling these products. However, you want to be sure you have gotten a genuine, and risk-free product from a reputable manufacturer. Remember the risks involved in an unregulated market like the CBD vapes market.

Here’s the big question…

How do you know you are buying an authentic product?

This is why it is pertinent that you consider some key aspects when purchasing these devices. Below are some factors to consider.



An authentic CBD vape must have been tested in the Lab, preferably by a third party. If this is the case, results and reviews about the product are generally always available online. You can check these reviews out to ascertain the facts about the product. Lab tests will inform you about the source of the CBD, the extraction method, the presence and or percentage of psychotropic THC, and other cannabis compounds.

If you are purchasing a cartridge made using Industrial hemp-derived CBD oil, CO2 extraction is the method you should seek. Often, lots of plant matter is used in extracting CBD oil from hemp, as a result of this, it is necessary to use a clean extraction method to mitigate the chances of having an unhealthy level of metals and toxins. The CO2 extraction method is best known for removing these toxins, which cheaper extraction methods often fail to remove.



As earlier stated, some vape cartridges contain pure CBD oil while some have to mix agents such as Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycine. It is advisable to use Cartridges with Vegetable Glycine or no mixing agents at all. We have carefully established the potential health hazards that come with the use of Propylene Glycol, and as such, advise against purchasing PG cartridges.

Here is an exact list of the most popular ingredients used in the CBD vape world:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD Isolate
  • phytocannabinoid & cannabinoid specific distillates
  • terpenes
  • PG (propylene glycol)
  • VG (vegetable glycerin)
  • natural & unnatural food coloring and flavoring additives



Undoubtedly, price is always a major factor that consumers concern themselves with when making a purchase. You don’t want to purchase a pen only to discover the cost of maintenance strains your budget more than you thought it would, right? Therefore, you should also consider the price of cartridges and replacement parts before placing an order.

High-end vapes can cost more, and they do have their fair share of considerable advantages. For example, they have atomizers that heat up in a matter of seconds. If you consider timing an important factor, you might want to consider this aspect as well when making a purchase. Though be advised, that just because a vape pen is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than a cheaper alternative.



Finally, it is important to check the potency of the product you are purchasing. More reputable manufacturers will often test their products for potency. You should check out the CBD mg/ml reading. Although there is no risk of overdosing on CBD, consuming more than required is inefficient.

With loads of information provided in this article, you should be able to make a wise decision about how to best consume your CBD. Remember, it’s important to continue doing research into various CBD and vape products as they are released. The realms of CBD and vape markets are still relatively new, and as such, it is always best to ensure that you remain one hundred percent safe.

A final piece of advice to non-smokers. It is probably safe for you to stay clear of vaping as you stand a chance to compromise your immune system. You might want to relax and hold on until the tech becomes more regulated, and further studies are done on the long-term effect of vaping.



Everything we’ve mentioned on this page and site is strictly our opinion based on years of personal research completed as a company.  However, our opinions and statements should NEVER replace your doctor’s advice or the guidance of a medical professional.



These specific products are usually found in smoke shops, cannabis dispensaries, and online; usually on brand-dedicated websites and CBD superstores.

We would, however, like to invite you to give Cannabidiol Life’s CBD vape oil collection as we are certified for Health, Food, and Safety and GMP certified.

Furthermore, we have several years under our belt concerning our vape formulations with zero negative reports.  If purchasing online is not your cup of “CBD tea”, perhaps our CBD Oil Near Me page might be of use for you.  We accumulated hundreds of stores nationwide that are carrying CBD and it could be a great resource for you to find general CBD retailers in your area.


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