CBD in Florida

The name Florida was given by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon when he discovered the land in 1513. He originally called it Pascua Florida, which means "Flowery Easter."

How to Buy CBD Products In Florida

The natural beauty of Florida is evident in its expansive coastlines and Everglades. Florida is one of the premier vacation destinations in the US. With the legalization of marijuana and hemp farming, Florida has begun groundbreaking legislation to be at the forefront of medicinal hemp. Cannabidiol is a health and wellness supplement offering boundless potential.

Top Cities for CBD in Florida

Connect with the city closest to you; we offer comprehensive information about CBD relevant to your location.

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Jacksonville
  • Gainesville
  • Tampa
  • Naples
  • Key West
  • Tallahassee
  • West Palm Bech

CBD in Florida: Guide for your area

Medical Marijuana vs CBD Laws In Florida

Cannabidiol sourced from hemp is completely legal, as per our federal government. But some local state governments have yet to join in on this new way of life, which was presented to the nation with the passing of the Hemp Farming Act enacted by Congress in 2018.

State laws, however, change and may set legal limits on the type of hemp CBD oil that can be purchased in stores. Most cannabidiol will contain trace amounts of THC but generally less than 0.3%. This type of CBD will not influence a drug test, nor produce the psychotropic properties associated with marijuana use/marijuana products.

A comprehensive list of information about Florida’s marijuana laws can be found in our links below.

Cannabis plants with high-THC are both federally and locally regulated. These are the types of plants associated with the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) industry.

This is not the case in comparison to the industrial hemp industry, nor for any Floridian to be concerned about in regards to their local CBD laws.

MMJ industry = uses high-THC Cannabis plants
Hemp Industry = uses low-THC Industrial Hemp Plants (cannabis-Sativa)
The MMJ industry is brick and mortar-based with the owners needing to carry medical marijuana cards as well as be approved to operate a licensed dispensary, which serves as a storefront. These types of cannabis products cannot be purchased in an online store.

However, in the hemp industry, the legalities aren’t as serious and you can buy CBD oil pretty much anywhere (including online)

December 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp (federal level) from the schedule I CSA. Hemp, currently defined as Cannabis sativa L., must contain very low concentrations of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). By low concentrations, we’re talking no more than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Federal Law & Florida Regulatory State Law

Currently, hemp products must adhere to any and all applicable FDA standards and product requirements. This ensures and safeguards CBD customers in Florida while also granting them safer access to accurately and properly labeled hemp products. Uniform and consistent CBD product labeling have been an issue for everyone.

Specific CBD Products You’ll Find In Florida

Here is an extensive list of all the different CBD-infused hemp products that are bought and sold in Florida:

  • CBD Oil Products sold in glass bottles with droppers (tinctures)
  • CBD Edibles (gummies, chocolates, candy, honey, caramels, etc)
  • CBD Topicals (body butter, balms, creams, facial serums, lip balms, bath bombs)
  • CBD Pets (CBD oil and edibles for both dogs and cats)

FAQs On Buying CBD In Florida

  1. Is CBD Oil Legal? Yes, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC as well as derived from a certified industrial hemp plant. This can be verified on the third party lab test.
  2. Are CBD Gummies And Other CBD Edibles Legal in Florida? Yes, but only if it is derived from a certified industrial hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC.
  3. How do you verify the CBD quality found in Florida-based CBD products? You must request for and read the cannabinoid potency 3rd-party lab tests, also known as Certificates of Analysis (COA’s).
  4. Are there any current FDA-Approved CBD products? Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD medicine, which targets a rare form of epilepsy.
  5. What Are The Qualifying Conditions To Be Apart of a Medical Marijuana Program? You must have a certified doctor-diagnosed condition and you must agree to revoke your amendment 2 rights once you are approved for a medical cannabis license.

CBD Stores Near You

CBD is easily accessible both online and in storefronts. Florida offers many local dispensaries for you to explore in your area!

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