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While some people think of CBD dabs as a type of product, it can also refer to a way to inhale cannabinoids like CBD.


“Dabbing” means, “smoking in short, strong bursts of smaller, more concentrated hemp extracts.”


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Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions involving CBD dabs.

What Are Dabs Made Of?

What Are Dabs Made Of?

To answer this question correctly, we need to first clarify that dabs are not a product, but directly, it is a description of an action.  Therefore,...

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How To Dab

Learn how to dab with this complete dabbing guide.  This article is tailored to cover proper dabbing techniques that can be used for all marijuana,...

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What Are CBD Dabs?

What Are CBD Dabs?

Interested in learning more about CBD dabs? Keep reading below to find out more about CBD concentrates: The Answer:The term "dabs" is a description...

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Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life

If you are health-conscious and you want to get a daily dose of cannabidiol without feeling high, you should consider dabbing CBD wax or CBD crystals. These are pure, clean Cannabidiol concentrates that do not have THC, and have shown to offer a myriad of potential health benefits.

Scientists are still furthering their study on Cannabidiol, it has not yet become medically accredited as a form of potential relief for any condition.  As a result, the law says that CBD is nothing more than a dietary supplement.  Despite this, there are many medical professionals that stand by Cannabidiol and have stated that it is the greatest natural medical breakthrough in years.

Right now, dabbing is among the purest and newest ways to get a daily dose of CBD. It has grown in popularity due to its ability to get Cannabidiol in your system faster. Dabbing is considered ideal for individuals with health problems that need a quick, effective, high CBD concentration serving.

Healthy Regards,
Jessica Arent (The Hemp EnCANNtress)”

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