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Other than CBD wax, CBD crystals, and CBD shatter, CBD dabs can also be called the following:

  • CBD Crumble
  • CBD Budder
  • CBD Honeycomb

One can assume the Millennials got this descriptive “CBD dabs” term from pure coincidence, ie:

Question: “How many milligrams of CBD do you want to smoke?”

Answer: “Oh, just a dab.”

The reason we decided to put cannabidiol dabs in our products section is that CBD retailers are creating and labeling their products with this descriptive term.  As a result, in order for us to be your #1 educational outlet for all things CBD-related, we absolutely had to mention it.

What Are Cannabidol Dabs Made Out Of?

If a person decides they want to dab in order to receive the health benefits of CBD, they will be smoking CBD in the form of CBD Wax or CBD Crystals (immediately pictured below).
These two forms of CBD are pure, organic, concentrated cannabidiol that is extracted from hemp plants. After extraction, the hemp oil is carefully refined and wiped of unnecessary fats, lipids, and plant matter. Therefore, you have no reason to worry, the extraction process is not only eco-friendly and non-toxic, it is also safe for you to inhale.


“Dabbing” is also extremely popular in the Marijuana/Pot/Weed industry.

If you are looking to dab CBD wax or crystals, always make sure you are buying THC-FREE, HEMP EXTRACTED CBD!

Guidance On, “How To Dab Properly”

In order to obtain the benefits of Cannabidiol through dabbing, directly put, you have to smoke CBD in the form of either wax or crystals and you must use a special cartridge, atomizer, or vaporizer that is designed specifically for dabbing these two CBD concentrates. You can easily buy this cartridge online or from a local shop. Just make sure that the cartridge that you purchase is clearly labeled that it can be used for dabbing. This is very important because the right cartridge comes with a larger opening that enables you to get your product into the pen. It also comes with a heating coil that is designed for the

You can easily buy these tools and materials online or from a local smoke/herb shop. Just make sure that the cartridge that you purchase is clearly labeled that it can be used for “dabbing”. This is very important because it comes with a larger opening that enables you to actually fit your CBD inside of it properly. Dabbing is a sure way of experiencing the awesome and amazing benefits of CBD due to its potent and almost immediate effects.

CBD Dabs (wax form)

CBD Dabs Effects & Benefits

If you are health-conscious and you want to get a daily dose of cannabidiol without feeling high, you should consider dabbing CBD wax or CBD crystals. These are pure, clean Cannabidiol concentrates that do not have THC and have shown to offer a myriad of health benefits.

Scientists are still furthering their study on Cannabidiol as it has not yet become medically accreditated as a form of treatment for any condition.  As a result, the law says that CBD is nothing more than a dietary supplement.  Even though there are many medical professionals that stand by Cannabidiol and have stated that it is the latest, natural, medical breakthrough in years.

Right now, dabbing is among the purest and newest ways to get a daily dose of CBD. It has grown in popularity due to its ability to get Cannabidiol in your system faster. Dabbing is ideal for individuals with health problems that need quick and high CBD concentration dosages.

Why Choose To Dab & What To Know Before Purchasing

CBD dabs are all-natural and healthier cannabidiol products. Their flavor is purely organic and natural with a nice hint of pine or citrus. Their overall effect has been described by consumers in their reviews. Their aroma and taste are highly regarded. That’s because their production processes are carefully monitored to ensure that they are purely organic. Cannabidiol dabs are made from low THC, high CBD hemp strains. That means they are not psychoactive. Ideally, you will not get the high feeling after dabbing.

After extraction, the hemp oil that is used in CBD dabs is carefully refined and wiped of unnecessary fats, lipids, and plant matter.

When purchasing Cannabidiol in general, you should always consider the natural, pure, organic options only. This ensures that the final dabs are high concentrates of cannabidiol. The dabs are also tested consistently for purity and potency. Basically, each dab produces a 100% safe and natural cannabidiol for topical use. We provide dabs that have high cannabidiol saturation per volume. This makes accessing the beneficial effects of cannabidiol easier even with a small amount of the dabs.

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