Proudly Announcing Three New Major Partnerships In Costa Rica

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Offering The First Physician-Recommended CBD Products Registered in Costa Rica, Cannabidiol Life Announced Its New Partnerships Today with Auto Mercado, Vindi, and a premier independent pharmacy distributor that services over 900 independent pharmacies in Costa Rica.

Longwood, FL, USA – August 1, 2022 – Cannabidiol Life, a U.S.-based CBD Brand, has three CBD products registered with Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health; Broad Spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Capsules, and Pure CBD Gummies. You can now find these CBD products on the shelves in various locations across the country, notably in Auto Mercado, Vindi, and independently-owned pharmacies/retail stores.

Cannabidiol Life is well-known for its high manufacturing standards offering GMP-certified and premium organic CBD products derived from a unique, highly-exalted hemp plant known as Cherry Wine.


New Products, New Partnerships, New Opportunities

With the help of Dr. Bryan Doner, President & Co-Founder of Aztec Wellness Group (a Medical Cannabis Organization), Cannabidiol Life registered Costa Rica’s first-ever CBD Gummy edible product.

Costa Rica's Ministry Of Health Cbd Gummies Registration Certificate


CBD gummies, second to CBD oil, are the second most-purchased CBD product in the world.


“We’re thrilled to officially register and bring these high-quality CBD products to Costa Rica.” – Dr. Bryan Doner.


With Cannabidiol Life’s newly registered products came exciting new partnerships, providing consumers in Costa Rica tremendous access to high-quality, hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) on a much grander scale.

  1. Auto Mercado is Costa Rica’s premier high-end grocery chain with 25 locations countrywide.  
  2. Vindi is a very popular, culture-driven convenience store chain with 20 locations throughout the country.
  3. Distribution Partnership: Cannabidiol Life strategically partnered with perhaps Costa Rica’s largest pharmacy distribution company which services over 900 independent pharmacies throughout the country.


“I’m honored, proud, and thrilled with our newly formed partnerships within the country of Costa Rica. Together, we will provide hundreds of new locations throughout the country where the Costa Rican people can access physician-recommended CBD products in a safe, responsible, and supportive way.” – Christopher Visser, President & Founder of Cannabidiol Life.


A History In Increasing Global Awareness of CBD

In early 2017, Cannabidiol Life entered the CBD industry in the United States by becoming the first education-based CBD brand, publishing 72 pages of comprehensive CBD education never before available to the general public. 

In 2020, 2021, and now 2022, respectively, Cannabidiol Life continues to increase the global awareness of CBD by introducing and registering specific CBD products in countries that have never seen or previously had access.

  • In 2020, Cannabidiol Life formulated a unique full spectrum CBD oil product to be prescribed by doctors in Brazil for patients suffering from chronic pain. 
  • In 2021, Cannabidiol Life made CBD Capsules available in Peru for the first time. 
  • In 2022, Cannabidiol Life brings CBD gummies to the beautiful shores of Costa Rica. 

“These feats, in my opinion, are invaluable to our brand because I believe it makes us an integral part of the growth of the CBD industry, especially within the Americas.” – Christopher Visser

As the CBD market in Costa Rica continues to grow, Dr. Bryan Doner and Cannabidiol Life strongly suggest that consumers follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health; only acquire products from authorized establishments and always verify the sanitary registration number printed on the label.



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