What is Hemp Protein?

What You Need to Know About Hemp Protein

So, you finally decided to learn a little more about hemp protein!

That is a great idea, and for a lot of reasons too. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that allowed the growing of hemp in the United States, and with this freedom of exploration came opportunities. Numerous benefits of the hemp plant and its seeds have been known and researched for a very long time, and this bill helped to bring many of those benefits to the attention of more consumers.

Wait a minute, Hemp Plants = Hemp Protein?

Hemp Protein

According to recent studies by various food scientists and more, it was found that hemp seeds are full of a wide range of proteins. The best part is that they contain all of the 9 amino acid profile required by humans in a balanced diet.

Hemp protein is derived from hemp seeds after the hemp seed oil has been extracted from it. The remaining seed meal is processed into Hemp protein supplements.

These hemp seeds are ground up and cold-pressed (or heat-processed sometimes) into plant-based protein powder. This can be used as a good source of protein supplement and as an addition to various other protein diets.

Hemp seed protein can sometimes contain very minute amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is not enough to cause a “high” or psychoactive reaction.

Hemp protein is considered a superfood and a viable meal replacement option for dietary sources of protein, especially for those looking to get started on a vegan diet.

Everyone at this point knows about Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a very beneficial oil derived from the cannabis sativa plants like hemp. As for the seeds of hemp plants, a lot of people also know about hemp oil and all of its benefits. However, very few people know about the nutritional value of the hemp seeds themselves. Don’t worry, you will learn all about the hemp seed and its grams of protein in this article.

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To let you understand why you should be hyped for Hemp protein powder, let’s take a little dive into what proteins are and why one derived from a plant source might interest you.

Proteins are essential amino acid elements of human health in terms of growth and tissue repair. Almost everything in the human body is made of proteins. This is why proteins are usually referred to as the “building block” of the human body since every cell transformation requires them. For you to heal from an injury or generate muscle (which is a form of tissue break down and reconstruction), you need a high amount of protein.

Usually, most people get their protein from animals and a couple of dairy products as they contain most of the essential proteins needed by the human body, and they are digested faster by the human digestive system.

So, why switch up to a plant-based protein now?

Even if the animal-based protein is high-quality, plant-based protein contains less saturated fat. Saturated fat in animal-based proteins can make them bad for the heart for certain individuals with heart disease concerns. Many dairy products can cause digestion problems in people that are lactose intolerant.

Plants, on the other hand, require less water, dairy-free, and produce way fewer greenhouse gases. They can also be more easily classified as non-GMO and gluten-free depending. Some other plants have been discovered to be very high in plant protein content such as pea, whey, grains, nuts, and legumes (beans); hemp plant is relatively low maintenance and improves soil structure.

Here are three main reasons why an alternative to animal-based protein is needed?

  • There are high amounts of saturated fats in processed meat and red meat, which are bad for the heart.
  • An increasingly higher percentage of the population is lactose intolerant (cannot properly digest dairy products or are allergic to dairy products) A lot more people are adopting a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.
  • Unlike other plant-based proteins, research has shown that 98% of the proteins found in hemp seeds are digestible. This is a huge deal.

Diets that are high in plant-based protein have been linked with a couple of health benefits, including weight loss, low cholesterol, and lower blood pressure levels. Hemp products improve heart health and prevent heart disease thanks to the high-quality protein they offer

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Usually, a lot of people that workout regularly require a lot of protein to help regenerate their muscles. They break them down, and they, therefore, need a lot of protein to rebuild. However, the protein from foods like eggs, fish, meat, and so on found in most meals just cannot cut it. They require more protein and something that can be broken down easily by their body.

This is where hemp protein powder comes in. You see, hemp protein powder is filled with both macro and micro-nutrients, most of which are required by the human body for growth and repair. Hemp protein offers variety to the vegan protein powder family.

Hemp powder is made by grounding hemp seeds up and pressing them into a fine powder, which can be used as a standalone protein supplement or in conjunction with other protein sources.

Athletes consume organic hemp protein powder working out or post-workout to help with repairing their muscles and staying strong.

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