CBD OIL IN South Dakota

Dakota is the Sioux word for “friend” or “ally.” 


Top 5 Cities in South Dakota for CBD

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South Dakota is a Midwestern state in the U.S. with incredibly expansive farm and prairie lands. The state contains the wonderous Black Hills National Forest which is home to two national monuments, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial. South Dakota’s cannabis laws remain the strictest in the country. The state currently has no medical marijuana or industrial hemp program. All the legislation is being evaluated however, and 2019 seems like a promising year for legislation. Cannabidiol is a health and wellness supplement offering boundless potential. Below are some of the best cities in South Dakota to locate local stores for purchase.

Sioux Falls

Rapid City




Cannabidiol sourced from hemp is completely legal in all 50 of the United States on the federal level due to the Hemp Farm Act enacted by Congress in 2018. State laws, however, change and may set legal limits on the type of CBD that can be purchased in stores. Most cannabidiol will contain trace amounts of THC but generally less than 0.3%. This type of CBD will not influence a drug test, nor produce the psychotropic properties associated with marijuana use.  A comprehensive list of information about South Dakota’s marijuana laws can be found in our links. When purchasing CBD it is important to look at certificates of purity.


Cannabidiol in edibles is perhaps the tastiest way to take CBD,

especially if you don’t enjoy the raw flavors of full spectrum CBD oil. 

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CBD is easily accessible both online and in storefronts. South Dakota offers many local dispensaries for you to explore in your area!

Common Sense

400 S 2nd Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

(605) 333-0652

The Hemporium Boutique

suite 103, 544 Century Rd, Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 791-4367


1575 N Lacrosse St suite C, Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 791-0483

HempCare CBD Herbal Apothecary

By Appointment or Phone Orders, 2522, W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(605) 218-0383

Wayne & Mary's Nutrition Center

3700 S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(605) 332-1717

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