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Cannabidiol Life CBD Gummy Worms maximize the qualities of the pure isolate we procure from our processing lab in Colorado.

  • 25 mg of CBD per piece
  • 0% THC
  •  10 Count
  • Wild, slightly sour flavor profile
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Pure CBD Gummy Worms – Product Review

Eating CBD edibles is a perfect wellness snack for the people who do not enjoy CBD oil, CBD vape oil, or able to swallow CBD capsules.  Not to mention, these are much tastier.



A: Ingesting CBD gummies usually take about 30 minutes to feel the benefits but can kick in much quicker when taken on an empty stomach.


A: When eating CBD gummy worms, the digestion process tends to allow the effects to last longer.  The downside, as mentioned above, is the actual digestion process.  This is easily combatted if eaten on an empty stomach.

For a more in-depth read of all FAQ’s about CBD gummies, we recommend the following resources:



Take 1 CBD gummy per day, preferably 15-30 minutes before a meal.

Repeat as needed but please take note that it is very uncommon as well as not suggested to exceed 8 gummies within a 24 hour period.


Corn Syrup, Beet Sugar, Gelatin, *Cannabidiol, L-Theanine, Organic Scutellaria, Organic Passion Flower Extract*, Sorbitol From Fruits & Vegetables, Citric Acid, Fd&C (Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, Blue #2 And Blue #1), Natural And Artificial Flavors, Vegetable Oil and Carnauba Plant Wax (anti-sticking). *Proprietary Blend*

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31 reviews for CBD Gummy Worms – 25 mg – Hempful Gummies

  1. rage7460 (verified owner)

    I also had the 100mg/gummy worms but they are no longer available. Too bad they really worked to help me sleep. I don’t think the 25 will be powerful enough.

  2. codycarriker (verified owner)

    My wife and I are very pleased with these gummies. I have pretty serious problems sleeping and getting restful sleep and when I take a gummy I get into REM sleep every time and sleep longer than when I dont take one. I dream a lot more when I take them too. My wife has had 5 spinal surgeries in her life and because of them has chronic back pain and she says that she can definitely feel a difference when she takes a gummy and when she doesnt. It helps her manage her pain without having to take her prescription pain medicines

  3. PurplePop (verified owner)

    I originally bought these for my sore back and shoulders and it’s almost instant relief. In turn I sleep better and longer. These are a life saver.

  4. scampelo (verified owner)

    I tried this after hearing about CBDs potential benefits with sleep improvement and helping out with anxiety. It has been an absolute lifesaver. I take half a gummy 20 minutes before I want to be asleep and I’m out 20 minutes later. As someone who has sleep onset insomnia, falling asleep has always been nearly impossible until now. I also struggle with anxiety, and whenever I feel myself having a panic attack, I take half a gummy and am calmed down again within 20 minutes.

    The great thing about this particular product is that each gummy is so potent and strong (and taste absolutely DELICIOUS) , that you only need to take part of the gummy to experience its calming effects. This also helps with making the package last longer. I absolutely recommend. I have already reordered 3 different times and it has been worth it every time.

  5. Cindy Scozio

    I think these do take the edge off my pain
    I am 55 , suffer from ruptured discs in my neck
    They take the edge off and help me sleep
    Thank you

  6. Denise Brumley

    Best gummies i have tried so far. Hubby and i enjoyed them. Thanks so much

  7. Ssmith44 (verified owner)

    My wife had knee surgery and needed CBD for pain. After buying 10mg gummies at a local cannibas store for about $2/each I bought 25mg dummies online for about $2/each. Then I found these worms with 100mg/gummy for about $2 each. So we are getting 10X the amount of CBD for the same price. They seem to help her and I just reordered another 5 packages of 1000mg/pkg at the sale price.

  8. Tania Tyler (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using these gummies for a few days and I can say that I do notice a difference. I am cutting them up to 1/8 pieces so I’m getting about 12mg per dose. I’m taking 12mg in the am and 25mg in the pm before bed. I let the pieces dissolve under my tongue. The 25mg. put me right to sleep… I still wake up multiple times during the night but I go right back to sleep… no more hour later and I’m still awake, yay! What I’ve noticed so far is that I feel “lighter”… the weights (stressors) are decreasing. It is helping with anxiety and each day I notice a bigger difference. I’m going to order the oil so I can adjust my doses more easily. The tension & pain in my shoulders and neck is definitely decreased in only 4 days… this issue has been causing vertigo (feeling like I just got off a boat) for over 2 years… I’m on stable ground again!

  9. jspirko (verified owner)

    This was my first time taking CBD edibles. I did a ton of research on the benefits and I’m so glad I started taking them. I have back pain, anxiety and difficultly sleeping. These gummies take care of everything. I cut mine into 4ths and usually take a piece at night. And then throughout the day as needed. My husband uses them too to help him sleep and they work great! Definitely worth it!

  10. Miclarson1596 (verified owner)

    These are by far the best CBD edible on the market! The price point is FANTASTIC! Just one bite and you can welcome relaxation! Not to mention it actually tastes great!! I have recommended them to all my friends and will continue to order and recommend them!!

  11. robcashbuilder (verified owner)

    Truly works, have had severe panic attacks and anxiety. These help so much. Cut each worm into 4 pieces and take as needed. Some times I only need one piece and other times I take two small pieces. Works great for back pain also. I get bad pain in my back from stress and can’t sleep , but taking only 1/4 of the worm helps to relax the stress and eases the back pain so I can sleep. Really a great product. Thank you

  12. Devonnadler (verified owner)

    I am new to using CBD products. I have suffered from migraines since I was a child, and nothing ever really helped them or helped prevent them. Since taking CBD for about a month now, I’ve only had 1 migraine, and I usually get 1-2 a week. This product has been super great to me!

  13. Momma2three (verified owner)

    I am new to using CBD oil, I have been having trouble walking without pain for a year now. According to doctors my only issue is my weight, but after taking 3 of these gummies a day, I am walking so much better without as much pain.

  14. Christina Beaver (verified owner)

    I first bought these because honestly the price was good. My daughter and I take these for severe anxiety. These are the best cbd gummies we have ever taken. You take one and with in 10 mins you will feel your anxiety and panic leaving. You become so much more calm and relaxed. My daughter is 7 and she had anxiety and OCD so bad that she wasn’t even wanting to leave the house. Without CBD we would not be living the life we are today. Our doctor just wanted to push more and more medication and that was not what we wanted.

  15. Judy Funk (verified owner)

    I just started using these gummies about a week ago and I am thrilled to say they are already helping with my chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. I have had negative health issues with other meds. Even my Dr’s office has started recommending CBD! I am excited to see if this is really a permanent answer to my pain issues.

  16. jakisloan (verified owner)

    Randomly found your website while searching for CBD edibles and I’m glad I did! These gummy worms are awesome! Taste great and work well. I use it for pain management and my general anxiety. Not to mention that the price is VERY affordable. I will be ordering these again (and again).

  17. tracy5273 (verified owner)

    These gummy worms are the best! A friend recommended your website. I have been micro dosing all week with them and i have to honestly say they work! Has helped with my insomnia and my siatica pain! I will be ordering more so that i do not run out and can not wait to try some of the other products! 5 stars all the way around and highly recommended!!!!

  18. StacieStrole (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in December 2017. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for my pain and flare ups which was all bad for me. One of my close friends told me about CBD and I tried it and it has worked wonders on my pain, stress, sleep, etc which is AWESOME! This product rocks and really works!

  19. Dramon (verified owner)

    I suffer from bad migraines. Some of my triggers are working out, out in the sun and of course stress. My muscles tightened up around my shoulders and neck when a migraine is in the making. For the past 3 triggers I ate one or 2 worms and felt relief!! No migraines!!! They taste good . I just reordered some more.

  20. Sugaree311 (verified owner)

    I am an adult with ADHD and anxiety. I have trouble going to sleep and getting a good nights rest. With this product I have found that my sleep has improved drastically. Getting up for work in the morning is no longer a struggle. *First time user*

  21. Kristin Pereira (verified owner)

    The gummy worms & bears both work really well. I have tried other similar products in the past and I have now found my new home here with these products. Great for my joint pain, helps with sleep and anxiety!

  22. Mariechaffin (verified owner)

    I am sooo pleased with this product. Helps with my muscle pains, but most importantly to me is that it curbs my hunger.
    I’ve been using it for a week and have lost 3 lbs. I’m a lot more calm and relaxed. I’ve already ordered more.

  23. TrashGod (verified owner)

    This product is great for anxiety, sleep, and pain. I don’t like taking pharmaceutical pain medication and this is a great alternative. I’d recommend this product to anyone that has similar symptoms.

  24. Nsaulnier (verified owner)

    I am very sensitive to pain meds and was looking for an alternative. I love these gummy worms! I cut one up into 4 pieces and take it throughout the day as needed, and before bedtime. My muscles are less tense which means less fibromyalgia pain. It also helps me with arthritis pain.

  25. triplea.56101 (verified owner)

    These are very strong, the strongest I’ve tried. I usually just take a quarter of one and if I’m having trouble sleeping I take a half. Knocks me right out. Helps a lot with my anxiety and PTSD.

  26. Jeff Dohm (verified owner)

    I would give more than 5 stars if I could! I have tried a few other kinds of gummies, tinctures, and vape oil, and these gummies are the best. You get far more bang for your buck with these. They are strong and very reasonably priced. I am coming off of opiates which is a personal choice because I have been on them for many years. I still have pain, and trouble sleeping, these gummies help tremendously! I will definitely be ordering more!! Thank you!

  27. chris_dru (verified owner)

    I am 65 years old. I have a bad left knee, my upper neck has been fused. I have 2 bad lower back disks. I have been taking prescription pain & sleeping meds for years . I also work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day as a mechanic. I started a few months ago with the gummies – I would give this product 10 stars if I could. I take one in the morning, one at the end of work, one when I go to bed. I use less pain meds. And I SLEEP better. Thank you so much

  28. corinamunoz (verified owner)

    These are definitely stronger cbd gummies. They are so worth the price. They do have a stronger taste, but they really helped my anxiety and pain. I was able to sleep which is very hard for me. I woke up after 8 hours refreshed with no side effects. I will be repurchasinf when they are back in stock.

  29. Erin Ernest (verified owner)

    These gummies are out of this world! I have been suffering from anxiety for my entire adult life. Someone recommended CBD gummies to me about a month ago, and I am addicted. I go through the day now much more cool, calm, collected, and focused! Out of the half a dozen or so that I’ve tried, these are the best! Thanks so much for helping me!

  30. Kerry DiFusco (verified owner)

    These gummies are amazing! I have tried traditional pain meds for chronic pain, and these are completely superior to anything I have tried. I have already recommended to friends and family, and will be coming back again and again.

  31. carter.joela (verified owner)

    Excellent product – great taste @ a great price! I will keep coming back!

  32. trishalaw44 (verified owner)

    I am new with using CBD oil. I wanted to stop taking my Xanax because my doctor could never give me an answer to why I always felt dizzy. I wanted a cure not a potentially relievement. These gummies are amazing! I take half of one every night to put me to sleep and I sleep like a baby!! I also vape during the day with CBD oil. The taste is amazing and I will be ordering more!! Thank you so much for such a great product!

  33. Chris Brooks (verified owner)

    They say that gummies aren’t the most effective way to ingest CBD. However, these are outstanding! The potency, the taste, the consistency, and the price is what’s going to keep me coming back. #onestopshop

  34. dracadistributing (verified owner)

    A big problem I get with most gummies is texture and flavor. These are SPOT ON. The potency is great too. Most other gummies are about 1/10th to 1/20th the strength of these. Definetly 5 stars!

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