What Is CBD Wax?


With the rise in the popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD) products, many people have already heard of CBD oil. However, even people who may have used a CBD product might still be unfamiliar with other forms of CBD, like CBD concentrates. CBD wax is a good example of one product people who have heard of CBD might be curious to know more.

Hemp Extracted CBD Wax

We offer CBD wax as a dab option which is Full Spectrum (entourage effect) and infused with terpenes for a more enjoyable user experience.

Simply put, CBD wax is what it sounds like, a waxy CBD concentrate. In most cases, the consistency is similar to that of other wax products that you’re familiar with, like candle wax or CBD lip balm.

Several companies market CBD concentrates as CBD wax or dabs, but sometimes you will see CBD concentrates advertised in other ways. You might see other names like CBD crystals, CBD Shatter, CBD resin, CBD crumble, or CBD budder.


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Christopher Visser

Christopher Visser

Founder & CEO at Cannabidiol Life

Any questions about what EXACTLY CBD Wax is after learning all of the different names that it could be called?

Please do not feel discouraged as this can be a little confusing, especially for first-time CBD buyers.

The main thing to consider regarding these variations is that the names are meant mainly as descriptors of the textures of the wax. At the end of the day, they’re all considered to be in the CBD wax family and will only vary in texture as well as their specific manufacturing process.

Healthy Regards,
Christopher Visser

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