What is CBD Water?

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CBD Water may sound basic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some slight complexities to how it is produced. So what exactly is CBD water?

The Answer:

CBD water is a special form of water that has been mixed with a form of water soluble CBD. Water soluble CBD is made by dissolving CBD isolate or distillate into a colorless, flavorless, naturally-derived oil and then creating nanoscopic droplets of that oil with a high-pressure emulsifier. The result is a high-quality, stable additive with virtually no effect on the color, taste or mouthfeel. [1]  It is one of the newest forms to hit the market. Water soluble CBD uses special technology in order to increase bioavailability and blend with the water. The chemical compounds in water soluble CBD are broken down further in order to blend with the water in a way that regular CBD oil can’t. While it is becoming more widely available, this kind of CBD can still be harder to find, as CBD is typically in oil form, and does not mix well with water.


Water soluble CBD is quickly gaining popularity due to its convenience and benefits. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, industrial hemp products are popping up on store shelves across the country due to federal legalization.[2] As a result, CBD is being added to virtually every product one can imagine. So, It only makes sense that CBD Water is appearing on the scene.


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What Are the Benefits of CBD Water?

One of the main benefits of CBD water is that it can be rapidly absorbed compared to other CBD products, such as CBD edibles due to the nanoscopic size of the CBD molecules. Research on the effects of nanotechnology on CBD absorption is limited. However, one study found that lipid-based CBD nanoparticles may be better absorbed by your body. [3] When CBD is combined with antioxidants in the water, it not only provides you with the benefits of CBD, but can also give your immune system a boost. [4]

Anecdotal evidence from some people who have taken CBD water reported faster recovery time after injury when using CBD water. Additionally CBD is known to help relieve pain,[5] and CBD water is no exception. Also, it doesn’t intoxicate you and generally looks like regular water, so it’s a great and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD anywhere you want to go. Studies regarding CBD tout its potential as an effective anti inflammatory [6] and an anti-anxiolytic as well. [7]

What Are the Concerns with CBD Water?

Generally speaking, once the useful limit of vitamins has been reached the rest go to waste. When an excessive level of vitamins are detected in the body, they get flushed out. Fortunately this should not occur with CBD water, however like with anything, it is good to avoid excessive consumption.

Because the body uses minerals and other chemicals in different ways, it can be difficult to entirely remove certain toxic build up If you consume too much of a specific item. Fortunately you will not have this problem with CBD or CBD water, however it is possible to build up a tolerance to CBD that will cause you to require more to achieve the same effect. [8] Building up a tolerance can also cause CBD to be less effective, so it’s wise to use it sparingly, and only when needed. 

While CBD water is considered safe, there are some researchers who are concerned that drinking too much could produce unexpected results. That’s why, as previously stated, it’s good to use CBD sparingly, and only when needed.

It should also be noted that taking CBD isolate instead of using the whole plant, or “Full-Spectrum” CBD products may reduce the effectiveness of the compound as well. Look for whole-plant cannabidiol products for best results. Ideally you should look for a CBD water product with a significant amount of CBD in order to avoid being scammed. A good CBD water product should have at least 15 mg of cannabidiol, and probably no more than 50 mg per bottle.

CBD Water vs CBD Oil

CBD oils and edibles are by far the most common, and also some of the most popular CBD products available, but how do they compare to CBD water? As previously mentioned CBD water has a greater degree of bioavailability, and also generally offers a better flavor than full spectrum hemp oil. Another thing to consider when choosing between CBD water and other products is the price. Because of the extra processes involved in CBD water creation there are cost considerations to think about. CBD water can be expensive, with some brands charging as much as ten dollars for a single bottle. If used sparingly, CBD water can be a helpful addition to your workout regiment. It’s excellent for post workout recovery. 


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CBD water is a newer innovation to the product market because learning how to blend them together without seperation was a bit of a challenge.

Now that water soluble CBD has been perfected we feel its time to enlighten consumers and help them decide if the product is potentially a fit for them.

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