What Is CBD Oil For Dogs?

by Dec 22, 2019Product Education

Here we cover all things CBD for pets. Learn what CBD does for pets, why you may consider supplementation, and potential benefits.

The Answer:

CBD oil for pets generally isn’t that different from regular CBD oil meant for human consumption. The main difference is that sometimes the CBD oil is infused with pet food or treats, and the product has been manufactured to ensure all the ingredients are safe for pets. Certain CBD oil brands for humans might contain extra ingredients that aren’t meant for pet consumption so it’s a good idea to check ingredient labels and lab test reports to verify what’s in your CBD oil before giving it to your pets. 

As our pets increase in age, or go through changes in weight, lifestyle, or diet they can begin to experience health problems. When these problems do occur, they can take various forms. As bad as that is alone, these problems can be made even worse by high veterinary costs associated with treating them.

What can seem like a small problem at first, can sometimes quickly snowball into a major financial burden as prices for treatment, medications, and surgery and follow up visits quickly add up.

As pet owners, it’s hard to be forced to make life changing decisions for our pets because of financial restrictions, but how can we avoid what seems like an inevitability?

While it’s impossible to know exactly what the future holds, we can take preventative measures to care for our pets today in hopes to avoid potential problems later. One way we can do this is by ensuring our pets are getting enough nutrition by adding supplements like CBD to their diet.


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More info about cbd oil for pets

After all, we take supplements ourselves when we want to stay healthy, so why not do the same for our pets? Scientific studies show that cannabidiol oil not only has wondrous potential for human beings, but also for our pets. In fact, did you know that virtually all animals have an endocannabinoid system? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, even those squishy invertebrates have one. This means that their bodies have a system specifically designed to interact with cannabinoids like CBD just like ours.

Cannabidiol Life CBD oil for dogs & cats is produced by extracting CBD from hemp plants. It can be added to food, or applied to treats. In fact, Cannabidiol life also offers dog treats already infused with CBD for your convenience. One should keep in mind that just like humans, every animal can react differently. That’s why pet owners should consult with their veterinarian before giving CBD to their pet. If they approve it’s also important to know that the common dosing rule for cats and dogs is 1-5 milligrams for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Veterinarians also warn against mixing CBD with other prescription medications your pet might be using, since CBD can interact with other substances in the body, especially medicines that are metabolized in the liver. Finally, when purchasing CBD supplements for your pet, make sure to choose a high quality organic oil, from a company that can demonstrate proper certificates of authenticity and verify their ingredients in third party lab tests.

CBD is known to promote a relaxed state that reduces sensitivity to external stressors. Many people have seen a noticeable difference in their pet’s behavior while under the effects of CBD in circumstances that would normally stress them out like during a thunderstorm or when fireworks are going off, for instance.

Giving CBD to your pets is easy. Giving them a few drops of CBD in their food a breeze. Alternatively, you can buy dog treats with CBD baked right in. Treats allow for slower digestion and absorption, and may help with the overall health and wellness of your pet by extending the amount of time they are affected by the cannabinoid.

We hope you found this information helpful and that your fuzzy friends live long, happy and healthy lives



Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life

At Cannabidiol Life, we love our pets. As pet owners, we know first hand the lengths and depths one can be willing to go to for the well being of their furry friends.

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