What Are Dabs Made Of?

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To answer this question correctly, we need to first clarify that dabs are not a product, but directly, it is a description of an action.  Therefore, it’s impossible to answer the question, “What are dabs made of?”


The Answer:

Though impossible to answer initially, we believe we are relatively intelligently enough to read between the lines of the intended hopeful outcome of the initial question and turn it into two questions for more clarity.

  1. What types of products are used for dabs?
  2. What are these products made out of?

The answers are listed below…


What Types of Products are used for dabs?

Answer:  Cannabis & Hemp-Derived Extracts/Concentrates which include but not limited to waxes and crystals.


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What Are These Products Made Of?

Answer:  The following is what you could expect to be found in a full spectrum cannabis concentrate:

  • active cannabinoids
  • non-active cannabinoids
  • flavanoids
  • terpenes

In a pure, single, refined cannabinoid concentrate such our CBD crystals which only have Cannabidiol present, you would only find exactly that, CBD.


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Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life


We hope you enjoyed this post about CBD dabs. If you would like more information on CBD concentrates like CBD dabs, please feel free to check the other posts above. 


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