What Are CBD Crystals?

by Dec 10, 2019CBD Crystals Education

Looking to find out more about CBD crystals? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading below for more information on CBD crystals.

The Answer:

In terms of purity, CBD crystals are very similar to its sister product, CBD isolate powder.  These two are considered to be the purest and most concentrated form of Cannabidiol (CBD) available in the Cannabis/CBD market; offering purity levels of 99% and above.

In the CBD industry, CBD crystals are usually infused with terpenes which are naturally derived from the hemp plants themselves. 

The intent with this terpene infusion is to add/enhance the aroma and overall flavor in order to promote a more favorable user experience.

CBD crystals are commonly used for CBD dabs


What Are CBD Crystals What Are CBD Crystals?

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How To Take CBD Crystals

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CBD Crystals Recipe

Looking for a way to make your own CBD cyrstals? Keep reading to see our CBD crystal creation guide below: CBD Crystal Creation guideThis process requires technologically advanced and often very expensive equipment that is beyond the reach or skill level of the...


Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life


If you are looking for CBD with 99% purity, CBD crystals are an excellent option. Similar to isolate, this type of CBD cyrstal is ideal for people who are looking to avoid even trace amounts of other cannabinoids.  

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