Types of CBD Vape Oil

by Dec 30, 2019CBD Vape Education

CBD vape oil comes in many flavors, Cannabidiol Life alone offers 12! Lets dive in to the tastiest CBD vape on the market.

The Answer:

CBD vape pens are available in several flavors by different manufacturers. Flavors are added to enhance the appeal of the CBD products, making them tastier and more palatable. They also add pleasant aroma and give a calm, soothing or refreshing effect. The most common flavors of CBD vape pens include apple, watermelon, vanilla, blueberry, chocolate, lemon, pineapple, guava or a combination of these flavors.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Vape Juice uses a combination of unique terpene flavor profiles, USP premium vegetable glycerine, and water-soluble CBD extracted from whole plant industrial hemp grown in Colorado. At Cannabidiol Life, we offer the following CBD vape juice flavors.


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A More In-Depth Look At Cannabidiol Life Vape Oil

LIQUID LIFE – WATERMELON ICE BALLS CBD – Bright Watermelon and Mint Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – 2X APPLE & ICE CBD – Bright Apple and Mint Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – CUCUMBER WATERMELON CBD – Bright Cucumber and Watermelon Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – SNICKERDOODLE CBD – Sweet Cinnamon Butter Cookie Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – FRUIT PUNCH CBD – Bright Red Fruit Candy Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – STRAWBERRIES & CREAM CBD – Bright Strawberry and Sweet Cream Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – PINEAPPLE FRESCA CBD – Bright Sparkling Pineapple Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – LEMON MERINGUE PIE CBD – Sweet whipped and tart lemon flavors

LIQUID LIFE – GUAVA CBD – Bright Guava Fruit Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – BLUEBERRY YUM YUM CBD – Bright Blueberry and Sweet Cream Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CBD – Whipped Chocolate Flavors

LIQUID LIFE – VANILLA ICE CREAM CBD – Rich Whipped Vanilla Cream Flavors

CBD FAQ Photo Types of CBD Vape Oil

If you would like to learn more about CBD Vape, or would like to shop for CBD Vape Juice or CBD Vape Pens online please check the links. Otherwise, keep reading for a simplified breakdown of our products.


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Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life


CBD Vape is an appealing way to get instant CBD satisfaction because of it’s interaction with our body’s lungs absorption.

We hope that you will consider Cannabidiol Life Liquid Life Vape line and our 12 amazing flavors for your vaping needs.

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