Forms of CBD Edibles




While CBD oils are not usually thought of as edibles, it’s best to include them on the list from a technical standpoint, as CBD oils are edible in the same way other consumable oils are. CBD oil is similar to various vegetable oils, and can be used in cooking, but is different because it has been infused with cannabinoids. Cannabis oils are available to medical cannabis patients in a variety of blends for various applications. They are also available for purchase online in CBD legal states by persons over the age of eighteen.


Canna Butter & Baked Goods


More commonly used to make CBD edibles than CBD oils, cannabis-infused butter (or cannabutter), is an ingredient that is used to make many forms of cannabis infused goods. Heating raw cannabis in melted butter allows the cannabinoids to be extracted into the fat. The plant material is then usually strained out of the melted butter via a cheesecloth or other mesh filter and discarded. Cannabis-infused butter is ideal for CBD based baked goods or other cannabis based recipes. This includes brownies, cookies, cakes and even donuts.




CBD gummies are possibly the most popular of all CBD edible products, and why shouldn’t they be? Gummies are a fun and delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD! Best of all, flavor isn’t their only selling point. Another benefit of these gummies is the convenience that they offer. Each gummy contains a predetermined amount of CBD, taking the guesswork out of getting your recommended daily dose when compared to having to measure it out, like with a tincture for instance. Also, since gummies are such a common snack, they are discrete. Just remember, try to stick to your minimum dose!




Available in bite sizes, or bars. CBD chocolates are arguably the most delicious way to enjoy CBD. Of course CBD chocolate is available in a wide variety of forms and flavors as virtually any chocolate can be infused with CBD!




If you prefer something a little more salty than sweet, then CBD caramels are the answer. Just like CBD chocolates, CBD caramels are simply another mouth-watering way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD.


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