Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Menstrual Relief: 2000MG



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The Cannabidiol Life Menstrual Relief CBD Oil blends our unique and signature full-spectrum CBD hemp-extracted oil along with organic ingredients and botanicals to relieve the common menstrual discomforts women often experience during their monthly cycle.

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We are happy to finally offer a woman-centric menstrual relief CBD oil. We take great care when selecting the ingredients we use for all of our products. That’s why we are incredibly proud of this useful, practical product. We encourage you to scroll down and read the ingredients. We think you are going to LOVE what you see.


  • 1mL per serving, offering 33.3mg of CBD
  • 60 Servings Per Bottle (60mL Bottle)
  • Whole plant hemp oil extract (commonly referred to as “Full Spectrum”)

2,000 mg of CBD, non-GMO MCT oil, sacha inchi oil, cramp bark, black haw, cinnamon, maca, mamaki, chamomile, motherwort, fenugreek, passionflower, blue vervain, skullcap.

Lab Sheet #200515-1500.24

Take 1mL daily seven days before your period starts.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD Oil can promote wellness in various ways by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a system of receptors responsible for maintaining multiple biological functions. Daily use of CBD oils may enhance these systems and provide various potential benefits.

Is CBD Safe to Take while on My Period?

Yes, studies suggest that CBD oil might help ease feelings of discomfort without any harmful or undesired side effects.

How Do I Take CBD Oil for Period Pain?

Simply put a few drops under your tongue every day before your period starts.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Relief from Menstrual Pain?

Not many studies have been done with CBD and menstrual pain. Still, the ingredients we use in our formula are designed to help alleviate menstrual-related discomfort before they get out of control.


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