Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil: 1200mg


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Our CBD massage oil is uniquely designed for topical use offering all the benefits of CBD, including promoting relaxation and comfort right here at home.

We knew that we wanted to create a CBD massage oil that would change the way all therapeutic massages are given, forever. Our goal was to create a product that would be a catalyst to push for a more peaceful generation. Once you’ve tried our massage oil, you won’t want anything else.


  • 8oz / 240mL Bottle
  • 1200mg of CBD per bottle
  • 12+ skin invigorating ingredients in Mineral Oil to promote relaxation and pain removal
  • Targets the endocannabinoid system through the skin’s CB1 and CB2 Receptors

Cosmetic grade mineral oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, 1,200mg of full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD oil, caprylic capric triglyceride, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil, chamomile flower essential oil, olive oil, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin A.

Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil 1200mg COA

Use 0.5oz of massage oil for half body/30-minute massages. Use 1oz of massage oil for full body/60-minute massages. Every 0.5oz(15ml) is equal to 75mg of CBD.

Step 1: Wash hands and face with warm water, pat dry.
Step 2: Add 0.5oz+ of oil to the palm of hand and begin to apply it to desired areas.
Step 3: Massage oil into the skin using hands with desired pressure, making circular motions. Work the oil until completely absorbed and tension is released.

Can I Rub CBD Oil on My Skin for Pain?

We wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re looking for relief from pains or help with skin conditions, our CBD Body Butter or Balm might be your best bet.

Is CBD Oil Good for Massage?

CBD massage oils have the same fundamental benefit as other massage oils — decreasing friction on the skin. As a bonus, they may also provide enhanced pain relief. Some people even experiment with them in the bedroom.


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