CBD Water: 15MG


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Our CBD water is formulated by infusing water with potent CBD extracts from the finest hemp plants grown on American farms. Drinking CBD-infused water is a great way to meet your daily serving of CBD and reap its incredible benefits at home or on the go.

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A closed bottle of CBD water being advertised to be sold with 15mg of CBD. + Cannabidiol Life Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules 125mg of CBD Per Container - 25mg of CBD Per Capsule
Price for both: $17.94

Cannabidiol Life CBD Water is one of our latest creations. Enjoy this infused water on-the-go to help alleviate manifestations of discomfort, anxiety, and other ailments that affect your day-to-day routine. Our CBD water is popular with athletes as the water replenishes the H2O needed in the body, and the CBD has been shown to help soothe aches and swelling from workouts.


  • 8oz triple filtered pure spring water
  • 15mg of water-soluble CBD
  • Perfect for morning, afternoon, and evening for all-day hydration
  • Cannabidiol Life Water quenches thirst and aids in keeping your body perfectly relaxed throughout the day

7.4 PH water, hemp-extracted water-soluble CBD, D-ribose, CoQ10, methyl B12

Lab Sheet #200515-1500.12

Can I Drink CBD Water Every Day?

Drinking CBD water daily is an excellent way to achieve your health and wellness goals. CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning you will not get “high’ from our signature CBD water.

Is CBD Water Safe to Drink?

All of our CBD products are tested by independent third-party labs, so you can rest assured it is safe to drink. All lab results can be found online.

What Are the Effects of CBD Water?

Our CBD water promotes relaxation exactly when you need it. CBD water can be used for other potential health benefits, such as facilitating sleep and supporting muscle and joint recovery.

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