CBD Vape Pen (Not Pre-Filled)



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With our in-house selection of vape pens, you can easily enjoy your shatter, dab oil, and waxes in a whole new light. If you were looking for a great place to get your vape pens at an affordable price, you’ve found it! 

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Cannabidiol Life CBD Vape Pen - Not Pre-Filled
Price for all three: $6.99

Our CBD Vape Pens feature a convenient and adjustable airflow. Easily control the amount of airflow by turning the textured band, located just under the glass mouthpiece. The pen itself, is equipped with a micro USB charging port for easy charging with standard cables.


  • Rechargeable; DOES NOT come with charging USB cable or station
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • These are NOT pre-filled pens

How Long Does Vaping CBD Take to Work?

In most cases, vaping CBD has a nearly instant effect. However, everyone reacts to CBD differently, so keep in mind that your experience might be unique.

How Does CBD Vaping Work?

Vaping CBD allows the compound to be absorbed into your bloodstream almost instantaneously. In contract, other types of CBD products may take longer to absorb into your system and deliver CBD throughout your body.

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