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Our Wellness PLUS+ bundle is the perfect successor to our Entry-Level Kit. This medium-strength bundle features three of our best-selling products in moderate strengths to help you make the most of your days and nights.

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Cannabidiol Life CBD Starter Kit Wellnes Plus
Price for all three: $110.00

Our Wellness Plus+ Starter Kit is our medium-level CBD bundle.  This package offers the exact same three products found in our Daily Wellness CBD Bundle (Entry-Level CBD Starter Kit), but it offers three times as much CBD as the entry-level.  Get your daily dose of CBD with this amazing deal and “Experience The Difference” with Cannabidiol Life’s Three of our most effective CBD products in one super convenient CBD bundle. 

Here’s what’s inside the Wellness Plus+ bundle:

CBD Gummies:
Corn syrup, beet sugar, water, gelatin, *cannabidiol, L-theanine, skullcap, organic passionflower extract*, lactic acid, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, fumaric acid, fruit pectin, FD&C (yellow #5, red #40, yellow #6 and blue #1)

Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps:
HPMC (capsule) derived from vegetable cellulose, full-spectrum hemp-extracted CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil:
Full Spectrum hemp extract

CBD Gummies: Your body weight x 0.325 = YOUR CBD Serving. For example: If you weigh 150lbs, your CBD serving would be ~50mg (150 x 0.325) Each gummy is equal to 25mg of CBD. If expected results are not obtained, consider upgrading to our full spectrum organic CBD gummies.

CBD Oil: Shake well. Your body weight x 0.325 = your CBD serving. Measure 0.5ml of liquid for 25mg of CBD. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

CBD Gel Caps: Your body weight x 0.325 = YOUR CBD Serving. For example: If you weigh 150lbs, your CBD serving would be ~50mg (150 x 0.325). Each capsule is equal to 25mg of CBD

Are there Side Effects to these Products?

Though it’s usually well-tolerated, excessive use of CBD can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and drowsiness. CBD may also interact with other medications you’re taking. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before starting a CBD regimen.

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