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You might know what CBD isolate is, and even purchased your first batch, but lets walk through how to use it.

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While you might not know exactly what to do with a pile of CBD isolate powder at first glance, CBD isolate can actually be used in a number of different ways. In fact, in addition to its purity, one of the best aspects of CBD isolate is its versatility. As we’ll discuss in more detail below, whether it’s sublingual administration or mixing it with food and drinks, this crystalline powdered CBD can be concocted into several different methods of consumption. Below, we’ve laid out the main ways in which a person could use CBD isolate in its various forms. They are as follows:


CBD isolate, if not already, can be mixed with terpenes to create homemade CBD concentrates that may be vaped or dabbed. The isolate could also be made into crystal slabs that can be dabbed on a traditional oil rig.


Manufacturers may produce CBD crystals in capsule or pill form, allowing you to ingest an accurate measured dose. You can also mix CBD isolate with a variety of ingredients to create CBD-infused food and drinks. It’s important to know that CBD is not absorbed very well by the digestive system. In order to increase bioavailability, CBD isolate can be added to carrier oils, such as coconut or olive oil, to increase its chances of permeating the gastrointestinal system and reaching the bloodstream.


To take CBD isolate sublingually, you can apply the CBD powder directly underneath your tongue and hold the CBD there for about a minute. In this method, the CBD is absorbed by the mucous membranes and delivered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver to provide more immediate and effective relief.

In general, taking CBD Isolate as a powder directly under the tongue might be the easiest and the most effective way of taking CBD Isolate. The product may be odorless and tasteless, although many users do mix it with liquids or food when they ingest CBD Isolate in order to make the taste pleasant.


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A More In-Depth Look At CBD Isolate Use

Other Methods of Consumption

Manufacturers often mix CBD Isolate into a variety of products such as edible gummies, or creams that can be rubbed into the skin. This kind of topical application is however, less common when it comes to methods of consuming CBD isolate.

Ease of Use

It’s also incredibly easy to measure CBD isolate dosages, as there’s nothing else to account for aside from the pure CBD crystals. With other CBD-based products, such as broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil, the cannabinoid is mixed with other ingredients, making it more difficult to quantify the exact amount of CBD that is being consumed. This makes it much easier to figure out potential dosing amounts. Calculating the dosage levels with CBD Isolate is easy to do. Any small quality household scale should do. Because Isolate is separated from other compounds, measuring the dosage in milligrams gives you the exact amount of CBD you need, per the package directions.

By and large, for every one milligram of CBD powder, the consumer is ingesting one milligram of CBD. Dosage amounts do vary based on the consumer’s body weight and his or her other unique needs, it’s always best to start with a low dose of CBD Isolate at first under doctor supervision.

Typically you may feel the full effects of CBD isolate within 60 to 90 minutes of taking CBD Isolate orally, and within a 3-5 minutes of inhaling.

Potential Drawbacks to CBD Isolate

While CBD isolate may sound like the best approach for CBD use in some people, keep in mind that there are also a key disadvantages to isolating CBD from other cannabis compounds. The main one being that you lose what is known as the “entourage effect” when you sacrifice the other cannabinoids present in cannabis plants strictly for CBD.

However, this can still be a good thing for people who are looking to avoid THC. That said, it’s important to shop with a reputable company who can verify the content of their products with third party lab tests. It’s worth checking the package or bottle to make sure there is no THC in the CBD Isolate. 

If you are interested in learning more about CBD isolate or are simply looking for a place to shop online, click here to visit our CBD isolate page.

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Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life

Using CBD Isolate at home has never been easier. This is because processing techniques and uses have only improved since the supplement came into the market.

I encourage any potential customer to strongly consider isolate for purchase and hope this article has helped increase the understanding of how to use it.

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