How To Take CBD Oil

by | Jun 14, 2019 | CBD Oil Education

Using a pure CBD oil product can be a little worrisome at first, especially if this is the first time. Cannabidiol Life always suggests that you first discuss using any new product with your doctor, especially when it comes to the potential benefits of CBD oil.  It is also important to know your CBD oil dosage.

Introduction From The Author

Jessica Arent
Chief Compliance Officer Cannabidiol Life

There are many uses for CBD oil, the way you want to use it largely depends on your needs. For instance:


  • If you want to take CBD oil for pain, you may want to combine multiple forms of delivery.
  • If your goal is to use CBD oil for anxiety, a quick delivery method like vape may be best suited to combat panic.
  • You may decide to use CBD oil for arthritis and want to rub it into your skin directly or through a topical like CBD lotion or CBD salve.

It might also benefit you to take cannabidiol a specific way based on lifestyle factors, fear of social stigma, or because of taste or texture. For this reason there is no “best” way, and it may come to a bit of research and development.

Once you have decided that cannabidiol sounds right for you, you may be a little confused as to which way is the best for you to take your CBD oil. 


Don’t let this confusion overwhelm you!


We are here to help, with a list of the most common ways to take our full spectrum CBD oil to benefit your needs. Below we cover how to take CBD oil many different ways so that you can figure out which ones you may want to try for yourself.

How To Take CBD Oil Under The Tongue

The most traditional and most popular way to take CBD is in tincture form. This product is literally oil and hemp extract. Tinctures have several benefits:

  • They are offered in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, and strengths. 
  • They come with a dropper (Cannabidiol Life’s are even calibrated, experience the difference!) to help make dosing easy.
  •  The bottle is relatively travel friendly.
  • Oil delivered under the tongue offers a balanced delivery, effects are a little faster than edibles and may last longer than vaping oil.

Taking the oil under your tongue is what is known as “sublingual” administration. This helps the cannabinoids begin to be absorbed in the mouth, considered a fast and effective way to take CBD. Note that CBD oil often tastes very natural, which means that the hemp shines but it is a taste that may take a bit of getting used to if you have never tasted it before. 

The steps to taking CBD oil under the tongue are as follows:

  1. Open the bottle and remove the dropper
  2. Squeeze the dropper to let the force of air pull liquid into the pipet portion.
  3. Ensure that the amount of liquid in the dropper correlates to the serving size on the bottle so that you can accurately measure out your dose
  4. Place the pipette under your tongue like a thermometer and squeeze the top to disperse the liquid into the mouth
  5. Hold for twenty or so seconds and then swallow the remaining liquid
  6. Do this for every dose, usually twice a day

Swallowing CBD Oil in Capsule Form

Cannabis oil can also be taken in softgel or pill form. CBD gel capsules contain the same hemp oil found in tinctures but offer a few advantages.

  • They are easy to swallow, especially as a soft gel, because of the smooth coating aids in the process.
  • They are super accurate because they have been premeasured. There is no guesswork here, your CBD serving per pill should be clearly defined. Cannabidiol Life CBD gel caps are exactly 25mg of CBD per pill
  • They can be taken with you and travel as well as any other pill
  • Have no taste which is excellent if you don’t like the flavor of hemp

It is important to note that capsules digest slower, which means the benefits of CBD oil will be experienced later and longer, but may not be beneficial for someone that needs fast help to combat stress and anxiety.

The steps to taking CBD oil capsules are like any other pill:

  1. Open the pill container
  2. Pull the desired amount of pills into your hand to coincide with your dose needs
  3. Place the pills on your tongue
  4. Use water or other beverage to provide liquid to aid in swallowing

Vaping CBD Oil Through Inhalation

It is possible to take your CBD oil with a vape pen or rig. These CBD vape juice pens allow for different flavors and strengths, just like regular vape without CBD oil. If you already vape e-liquid, the transition will be even easier. CBD vape juice is also an excellent delivery method if you are using CBD oil for anxiety, the effects are felt almost immediately when inhaled, providing a more instant form of relaxation.

To take CBD vape oil you:

    1. Add the e-liquid to the suggested rig or e-cigarette (consult customer service at the time of purchase to ensure you procure the correct rig and know the correct temperature to create optimal vapor).
    2. Make sure the device is charged and begin to heat it following instructions that come with it.
    3. Once heated the rig should have a “button like” mechanism to start the coil to produce the vapor, hold this button down and with pursed lips inhale/breathe in from the pipe’s opening end.
    4. Vaping CBD oil is not like smoking! Do not hold the CBD vape juice in your lungs. Simply draw the vapor in then breathe out normally.

How To Take CBD Oil Edibles

CBD edibles with oil extract are popular for many reasons:

  • These treats taste great!
  • They contain a measured dose of CBD
  • Come in many forms so taking hemp extract never has to be the same experience
  • Since CBD oil can be put into anything it’s versatile and accessible

Since CBD edibles already usually have some sort of fat present, they help the cannabidiol breakdown easily. Edibles are also more slowly digested, which means the effects will be delayed but felt longer. One of the most popular forms of an edible is CBD gummies. CBD gummies can be infused with CBD isolate or full-spectrum oil. They can also be sprayed with water-soluble CBD oil.

To use a CBD oil edible:

  1. Remove the product from packaging (if store-bought).
  2. Measure out the correct dose by verifying how much CBD is present in the gummies, brownie, etc.
  3. Eat the dosed product by chewing and swallowing.
  4. Consider finishing with fatty liquid like milk if the edible doesn’t contain it. 

Combine CBD Oil And A Healthy Beverage or Food

One of the ways we love to take our CBD oil is by adding it to our food and drink around work. This also can help offset the taste of CBD oil if you have not yet taken a liking to it. Some of the ways to add CBD oil to a diet are:

  • Use it in a fatty food dip…Queso or Guac anyone?
  • Add it to a post-workout nutrition shake 
  • Elevate your peanut butter
  • Increase the benefits of your yogurt or chocolate milk

Drinks are a little difficult if you are trying to make something pretty because CBD oil is naturally repelled by water, called “hydrophobic.”  You can still take CBD oil in any liquid just know it will resemble unmixed salad dressing. For this reason, we think whipped drinks like CBD lattes or CBD smoothies should be more on the menu. 

For directions on how to take CBD oil in food or drink follow the same guidelines as suggested in the edibles section.

Apply CBD Oil Topically

CBD is potentially excellent for inflammation and treating skin, joint, and muscle issues. CBD oil can be directly applied to the skin as a topical, and even rubbed or worked in with a massage. CBD skincare is a very popular application of the product and in most stores, you will find CBD creams, CBD balms, and CBD lotions with additives for acne, muscle relaxation, etc. 

The process to take CBD oil as a topical is:

  1. Follow the instructions on the package to obtain the correct dose of CBD
  2. Measure out the topical and apply it directly to the desired skin area
  3. Work the CBD oil into the skin using the fingers and hand to gently massage

CBD oil taken in this way offers an excellent alternative for someone not looking to ingest cannabidiol for one reason or another. Topicals are readily available and straightforward to use.

Summary: The Best Way to Take CBD Oil

CBD oil’s uses vary from person to person, and what works best for you is ultimately what we feel is best. Trying different products for different applications should be seen as part of the fun, it’s so versatile! 

This being said here we feel the ultimate best way to take CBD oil is:

  1. Consult your doctor
  2. Secure your suggested dosage
  3. Take your CBD oil sublingually first

This is the optimal CBD oil experience. If for whatever reason it’s not the best thing ever (we think you will find it is) just add it to your food, drink, or topical of choice now that you know how to take CBD oil in those forms as well. It’s a win-win. 

We always love feedback on our CBD products, please don’t hesitate to email us a review, comment, or question. We want to know what works best for you and are happy to assist you with your Cannabidiol Life.