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Looking for a guide on how to take CBD crystals? Keep reading below for our CBD crystal use guide.

The Answer:

Many products in today’s world aren’t naturally derived, or as pure as CBD crystals. For this reason, a lot of people are seeking natural remedies and alternatives to synthetic products in order to help them deal with conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety and more. Another part of the reason for the rise in the popularity of CBD crystals is the exposure they are receiving on the internet. This product was once less conventional, and thus harder to find, but because of the world wide web, even once hard to find items are now within reach for the average, everyday consumer.

Ways to use the CBD crystals

There are numerous ways to use CBD crystals, which may make it useful for overcoming particular challenges with certain medical conditions and their symptoms. One of the benefits of CBD crystals is their versatility. They are versatile in the fact that they can be either inhaled or consumed as an edible. This might offer some value in the sense that some people may have difficulty eating, but not inhaling or vice versa.

Here are some of the products CBD crystals can be used in:

  1. Edibles

The CBD crystals can be taken in edible form, although it is less conventional. This is best done by mixing the product with natural fatty foods such as cheese, butter, milk, and certain cooking oils. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular forms of edible CBD is in CBD chocolates and other sweet treats. This is why the edible products containing natural and pure CBD crystals are more popular than the others because they are easy to consume without experiencing the natural taste that some may find unpleasant.

  1. Topical & Massage Oils

Although it is highly unconventional to use CBD crystals in a massage oil or topical. There are topical forms of CBD that can be used by massaging it on the skin or the affected area. This method of CBD use can potentially help with getting rid of pain in a specific area. One method some have found successful is to rub CBD topicals into the temples to help relieve headache. 

  1. Capsules

CBD capsules are a convenient edible form of CBD. Although typically not made with CBD crystals, it is possible to grind them down into a powder form to be used in CBD capsules. The main difference being that, unlike most CBD edibles that are made with CBD oil, capsules can contain CBD crystals that can be taken in a highly concentrated form.


How To Use CBD Crystals How To Take CBD Crystals

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How to Use CBD Crystals

 There are a few ways to use CBD crystals to gain their benefits. The most common method is smoking or vaporizing them. The reason this is so popular is because this method allows the user to feel the effects of CBD almost immediately. In addition to smoking or vaping, some users choose to dissolve their crystals into common cooking oils and use them for baking edibles. This gives the user strong, and long lasting effects. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the five most common ways of using CBD crystals.


1: Dabbing

CBD dabs is by far and away the most popular method of CBD crystal use. Dabbing is when a person inhales a hit or ‘dab’ of vapor from melting the concentrate on an extremely hot surface. It is safer than smoking, as you are technically just inhaling vapor of concentrated CBD, and not smoke from raw plant material that can contain other harsh chemicals. 


2: Make Your Own CBD Oil

It seems a little counter productive, but some people enjoy using CBD crystals to make their own CBD oil. This can be easily done by dissolving the crystals in coconut oil or other common oils. This is done by simmering the mixture in a pot on the stove and  slowly stirring the mixture until fully dissolved. 


3: Bake Edibles with CBD Crystals


This method involves infusing CBD crystals with coconut oil or butter and then using it for cooking or baking. simply melt your butter or oil into a pot and set the temperature to low. Then, add your desired amount of CBD Crystals to the pot and stir for about five minutes, or until the crystals have fully dissolved. After that the oil or butter should be fully infused with CBD. That means it’s ready to be used for cooking. Just substitute the amount of butter or oil that the recipe calls for with your CBD version and enjoy.


Additional Uses For CBD Crystals


The methods covered above are the most popular methods of CBD crystal use, however they are not the only methods.

There are even more, alternative ways, they can be used that have not been mentioned for brevity. One example is making your own CBD infused skin care products.

Always check with your doctor or healthcare professional before using CBD products or starting a CBD regiment, as CBD can interact with certain medications.

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