How To Make CBD Water

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Interested in learning about CBD water and how it’s made?  Continue reading below for our in depth CBD water guide. 

The Answer:

CBD or Cannabidiol is an increasingly popular supplement for health and wellness. CBD is a cannabinoid sourced from cannabis sativa plants like hemp and marijuana. Cannabidiol can be extracted from cannabis numerous ways, and this versatility allows it to be added to many different types of products for different needs. One of the more interesting ways to use CBD is as an additive to water.

CBD water is increasingly popular, as it allows you to consume your daily serving of cannabidiol easily. The other beautiful aspect is you can make your own using water soluble CBD Liposomes. The combinations are endless as evidence when searching CBD Water online, products range from flavored seltzers to area sourced brands.

Water Soluble CBD Is Innovative

Everyone knows from cooking that oil and water don’t exactly blend, especially once left to sit, and this is known as immiscibility. Oil molecules are “nonpolar” so they don’t react with polar molecules like water. You will notice this is you try to add purchased CBD oil directly into a water bottle. The larger oil particles will float on the surface like brown teardrops. The liposomal form of CBD is small and stable enough to dissolve fully into water. 

Infusing water with CBD particles has created a highly bioavailable product free of high temperature or irradiation. Liposomes also are free of emulsifiers and synthetics, commonly used for blending oil and water. Liposomes create a more natural reaction rather than forcing stability through artificial needs.

How to Make CBD Drinking Water

Making CBD water, or any other form of liquid drink, is easy at home. Simply begin by purchasing water soluble CBD from a reputable vendor, preferably one that is liposomal based (there are other forms of water soluble CBD). Next add your desired amount of CBD to your drink but make sure that it is not hot.  CBD has a boiling point of 320 degrees and 356 degrees Fahrenheit. If the product reaches these temperatures it will lose potency, flavor, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.


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How Much CBD Water Should I Drink?

Knowing how many milligrams of CBD supplementation is right for you will help you answer this question.

You can add your full serving into your water bottle and sip throughout the day, drink it all at once, or spread it out through many different drinks.

How much CBD water you should drink really depends on you, and how much CBD you use normally.

When Should I Drink CBD Water?

Early morning beverages and supplements always help to start the day. They hydrate your body, and help stimulate and awaken your mind, preparing you for your day.

CBD is also best when combined with food so that the body processes all the elements well.

We love early morning CBD and we think you will too.

CBD may help alleviate temporary anxiety, and for this reason having CBD water on the go could be beneficial should the need arise.

Having water during a public event or engagement is always an upside.

Exercise is also strenuous and could benefit from a post workout CBD water use.

Whatever time or place, we think CBD water is a great fit, and encourage you to experiment and a fall in love with the product as much as we have.



Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life


Whether you’re already familiar with CBD water, or interested in trying it for the first time. We hope you found this guide useful.

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