How To Make CBD Dog Treats

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If you have pets and are also interested in CBD, there’s a chance you’ve been researching CBD pet treats. This guide will tell you how to make your own CBD pet treats at home.

The Answer:

Ever wanted to try making your own CBD dog treats at home? Below are a few of the ways listed from easiest to hardest for your convenience.

Note: It may be best to buy pre-made CBD dog treats from a reputable company, as these companies make sure each treat contains a specific amount of CBD. You should never give CBD products to your dog that are not derived from industrial hemp, and always consult with your vet before giving your dog a new supplement.

We suggest giving your dog the CBD pet oil directly for a while to determine how they handle specific quantities of CBD. Start with the lowest recommended dose and work your way up from there. Once you find the right amount of CBD per dose for your dog, you will know exactly how many drops of oil, or how many mg of CBD to put in each treat when you make them yourself.

You do not need to worry about using more CBD however, as it is generally well tolerated by humans and dogs alike and there are no reported cases of overdose from CBD. Side effects are rare and generally mild and include common symptoms like drowsiness or nausea and/or changes in appetite.

If your dog starts having any of these symptoms after ingesting CBD, stop giving it to them and they should return to normal. Be sure to take your dog to the vet if you are concerned about their health for any reason.


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HOW TO MAKE CBD Dog Treats Guide

Add CBD Oil to Ready-made Dog Treats:

This is by far the simplest way to make your own CBD dog treats at home. Simply put a few drops of CBD oil on your dog’s favorite treat. The trick is to get the oil to soak in so it might be best to use a treat that is capable of absorbing the oil. Porous dog treats are best for this, they are the type that look granular or have little holes in them.

Add CBD Oil to Frozen Dog Treats:

Another simple way to make CBD dog treats is adding CBD to frozen treats. Most frozen dog treats are prepared in batches so some math is required. You should multiply the number of treats the recipe will make by the number of CBD oil drops your pet needs and add that to the recipe. You can make a frozen dog treat mix of your choice and place individual portions in an ice cube tray, add the appropriate amount of oil to each “cube” and then mix well. Consider purchasing a dog paw shaped ice cube tray for extra style.

Homemade No-Bake CBD Dog Treats:

If you don’t want to put CBD oil on a premade treat, or a frozen treat, you can still make no-bake dog treats. You’ll want to pick a CBD dog treat recipe that calls for some kind of oil so you can replace all or part of what the recipe calls for with CBD oil. It may be best to look for recipes with coconut oil as this bonds extremely well with CBD oil and is generally safe for dogs to eat. Avoid excessive amounts of oil as this can upset your dogs stomach, additionally some dogs can be allergic to coconut oil. 

No-bake dog treats are softer than baked dog treats so, while these are a great option, they can crumble easily.

Baked Homemade Dog Treats:

Baking CBD treats for your dog is basically the same process as how to make CBD edibles. If you have experience doing this already, it will probably help you.

Keep in mind that the lower the temperature when baking, the less the chances are that any of the CBD will evaporate. Generally, CBD is completely degraded at temperatures in excess of 325 degrees F so avoid baking at high heat.

The general consensus is that the baking temperature should not exceed 350 degrees. You can either choose recipes that don’t require baking at higher temperatures or lower the recommended baking temperature and just extend the baking time accordingly.

There is some risk involved that each treat will not contain the amount of CBD you intended, but this should not matter much as each treat will certainly contain some CBD.



Jessica Arent

Jessica Arent

Compliance Director at Cannabidiol Life


CBD pet treats are a great way to help your pet stay happy and healthy. If you’re in the market for CBD pet treats, we hope this handy guide will help you make them at home.

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