does cbd Make You Hungry?


          Wondering does CBD give you the munchies? For education purposes, the most common forms of CBD edibles are various candies, gummies, chocolates, energy bars, & protein bars.

It is important, however, to ensure that the edibles you purchase contain cannabidiol or CBD in the right amount. Basically, the process of preparing the edibles should not entail heating cannabinoids to more than 200 degrees F. This is because heating them above this temperature, or over processing them, can damage the quality and quantity of the CBD. Additionally, heating or cooking edibles to turn them into liquids will obviously damage them because again, they will be subjected to a temperature that’s more than 200 degrees F.

Edible for thought..(see what we did there?), make sure that the CBD edibles you purchase have not been overheated (you can read this in their lab reports). If you are home cooking edibles yourself, make sure you strictly abide by the cooking directions and temperatures so you do not damage or lose any precious Cannabidiol.

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