covid 19 The Truth About COVID-19 Corona Virus And Hemp CBD Products
The world is in limbo, and we sit awaiting the answers to the unknown while biological warfare wreaks havoc on the world. There are countless bored minds at home, feeling imprisoned in their ivory towers, manifesting conspiracy theories and horror stories of the destruction of humanity and mankind as we know it, while sipping on plastic straws, from Styrofoam containers, consuming delivered food from plastic plates and wasteful containers, using their 5G network, binging their streaming artificial entertainments and apps, and using the planet’s most precious resources and wondering why we are under global attack by a microbe.

We assume we are the most intelligent form of life there is on the planet, and yet we discount the power of mother earth and her ability to right all that which is wrong through her natural evolution of climate changes and micro and macro regeneration through her elements.

We are so vain as a society, we believe we can control her and the wrath she unleashes on us when she has had enough of our irresponsible use of her precious resources and take for granted the infinite natural gifts she bestows upon us. Those natural resources sustain us so that we can continue our own existence while forgetting she has the power to take back all that she bestows with one storm. One cellular shift and cosmic mutation.

We in the industry of plant sciences are inundated as of late with the question of the correlation between the plant extract and the attributes the plant carries in combatting COVID19. The truth is, there is no solution through cannabinoids that we know of, and while we would love to attribute even this to the phyto-cannabinoids we extract in the name of better health and homeostasis, there is no evidence to suggest that CBD or any of the cannabinoids isolated, or intact as a spectrum, full or broad, would or could have impact on the disease. In fact, were we to be honest, as of the writing of this article, a child ambassador and legendary name in the CBD industry has contracted the disease herself, and given the complexity of her pre-existing conditions, her battle is a difficult one. We hold her in our thoughts and prayers daily….So what do we know?
hemp question The Truth About COVID-19 Corona Virus And Hemp CBD Products

Phyto-cannabinoids from the hemp plants by their nature, will mimic the ones produced in the human body by the endocannabinoid system, and seemingly by data to date, have impact on the health of our vehicles in positive ways. These attributes can certainly strengthen and protect the body theoretically, and so it would make sense that the cannabinoids in entourage or uniquely formulated would help us combat the corona virus, the truth lies in the lack of data to prove it. It is all entirely too new to assess.

However, we do believe the full spectrum cannabinoids in any of our products will be beneficial in working through the anxiety and stress that comes with the current climate globally.

With this said, our take is, the safety rules apply.
Take your CBD for anxiety, stress and general discomfort.


cbd for corona virus The Truth About COVID-19 Corona Virus And Hemp CBD Products

Whether you dab it as a concentrate, smoke it as a joint, or smoke it from a bong, don’t puff, puff, pass. Just stick with Puff Puff.

Some terpenes in the products inspire the chef in you! Don’t dig into the chip bag with your hands unwashed! Remember to wash those hands ya filthy animal!

If another CBD brand of products is telling you they can prevent, cure or impact the corona virus, it isn’t true, don’t buy into it.

Integrating hemp or cannabis into the treatment and recovery from a normal flu is a topic much has been written on, and it is doable, after all, there are studies indicating the attributes include reduced inflammation, pain relief and sleep, all of which are needed to heal the body from any infection including influenza, however inhaling hot smoke (combustion) is likely to compromise the health of the lungs when fighting infection of any kind. Consider, other delivery methods.

Isolation isn’t all that bad. It is time to reflect. Spend time getting to know yourself and your loved ones again. It is the opportunity to connect on deeper levels. It is time for creativity and inspiration because those come from within and more-over, it is the chance to take the time to fall in love with yourself, if you haven’t already! Meditate. Reflect. Plan. Project.

hemp fields cannabidiol life 1 The Truth About COVID-19 Corona Virus And Hemp CBD Products

The beauty in the human condition is the ability to survive and bounce back stronger. We seem to do it uniquely and collectively, proving time and again. Meanwhile, while Mother Nature has us all on house arrest for bad behavior, take a moment to see what is happening to her. It is only under these conditions that she can heal the scars and wounds we created in her. We see polluted waters restoring themselves to crystalline with the joyous wildlife returning. We see the polluted skies clearing and the air is crisper, cleaner and the sky brighter. Colors, scents and abundant plant life is blooming, and earth is once more righting herself from the blows of mankind. We take deep cleansing breaths and meditate on the knowledge that she too must heal for us all to be stronger and healthier on the other side of the storm.

Rest assured, keeping positive thoughts, meditating on what is good, living in gratitude for what we have, and strengthening ourselves from within with this time we have been given, will empower us to take the world by storm, bigger better and stronger than ever before with a much deeper respect for one another and mother nature, who afforded us the opportunity to correct all that we have wronged.




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Inhale. Now Exhale. Namaste-

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