Water Soluble CBD

Increasing numbers of consumers are looking for healthier, more organic ways to consume CBD and quite frankly, we don’t blame you.

What’s more natural than water?  What’s more powerful than CBD?

Combine these two juggernauts and what do you get?

Cannabidiol Life Water.



Water-soluble CBD, or CBD water, is one of the newest products in the Cannabidiol market & industry.  With any new emerging product, comes many new emerging consumer questions… We will use the FAQ’s as the topics for this educational article and product guide for CBD water.

What is CBD Water? | Why Drink Water Soluble CBD? | What Are The Benefits? |
Is CBD Water Good For Exercising? | Summary & Final Thoughts

What is CBD Water?

CBD water is, simply put, an infusion of water and CBD. Although defining this CBD product may be simple, how it is made is what many people find interesting. To break it down for those interested in the science behind this refreshing thirst quencher, this perfectly balanced 7.4 PH water is produced using Quantum physics.

We know that may have been one of the 10-pound textbooks you left in the bottom of your locker, but to refresh your memory, quantum theory deals with science on the smallest scales and energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. This science is used to break down CBD particles to form nanoparticles (one-millionth of their original size!) so they can be evenly encapsulated in a water cluster, which can in-turn be infused easily into water. This process homogenizes the mixture effectively to produce water that acts like a bioavailable CBD source.

In this Nano form, CBD can easily penetrate the tissues like the blood-brain barrier and the digestive tract more effectively. No need to break out your Bunsen burners and lab coats, the science is done for you and all you need to do to feel the effects is to drink it.

Why Should You Drink Cannabidiol Water

People consume medicinal CBD in a wide variety of forms, from eating CBD gummies, taking CBD pills, vaping drips through pen type devices, using topical creams and CBD oil, etc.  However, a percentage of the CBD that is consumed in some of these forms is lost along the way. In some cases, especially with some of the more inexpensively made products, up to 90% of CBD that is consumed can be lost because of poor bioavailability. Pure CBD water on the other hand, contains CBD particles that have already undergone the quantum physics process we discussed above, creating those nanoparticles that improve its retention and maximum use by the body. Experts from your 9th-grade science teacher, to scientists from your favorite shows like The Doctors and Bill Nye (yes, the science guy!) can attest to the vast research that has shown that Nano-sized nutrient particle delivery could be the most effective way to introduce nutrients in your body.


The Benefits of CBD Infused H20

Using CBD water means that the user receives a healthy dose of beneficial and useful CBD and water. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (so to answer another common question: NO, CBD water will not get you high like THC products.) You don’t have to have the giggles or the munchies, or smell like you just hot-boxed your Honda civic behind the gym at lunch break to benefit from the positive effects of this Cannabidiol product. CBD has been shown in many studies to alleviate the symptoms that are associated with many medical conditions.

These studies include:

CBD water has also been used as a valuable resource for the therapeutic aid of epilepsycancerPTSDmultiple sclerosis, and opiate addiction. With comfort and ease, CBD water can put the body of the user into the overall sense of relaxation and calm.

CBD Living Water For Exercise

In new studies, muscle discomfort and pain have been reported to be quickly alleviated when a person drinks this water before or after exercise, leading to quicker healing and recovery. Reported reductions in inflammation, muscle spasms, joint pain, muscle and overall fatigue, nausea, and pain have left reviewers swearing by this easy to consume CBD product (view all CBD products here). These CBD water reviews have been increasingly making it very popular among athletes from the avid runner, the CrossFit lover, the spandex-clad biker, the Saturday morning 5k-er all the way to the guy who signed up for the company softball team and is suddenly reminded after the first game he might not be in as good of shape as he thought.



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