CBD Cartridges VS. CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD Cartridges VS. CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD Vape Oil Education

CBD Cartridges are either pre-filled tanks or self-contained pens of measured CBD vape juice, that are meant to be disposed of once finished.

CBD Vape Cartridges are refillable units that are compatible with different rechargeable vaping devices on the market.

Both are easy to use, might feature rechargeability, and depending on the vendor provide a total amount of CBD in the liquid used to fill.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It can be used as a supplement in food, to help improve function in various systems of the body, and to help support a healthy lifestyle. As CBD and related products continue to gain more popularity, the number of ways to take them is also increasing.

Generally, CBD oil is taken by administering the oil beneath the tongue. However, some individuals find the taste of CBD oil unpleasant, bitter, or earthy. CBD vaping offers a fast, effective, and delicious method to absorb CBD as an alternative. 

To vape CBD, you need a CBD cartridge or CBD vape cartridge, but what exactly is the difference? 

CBD Cartridge CBD Cartridges VS. CBD Vape Cartridges

What is a CBD Cartridge?

A CBD cartridge is a slim, disposable e-cig tank that contains CBD e-liquid. The CBD cartridge connects to a standard 510 battery pen base, which makes it possible for the individual to easily vape CBD. The base is often charged via usb.

CBD Vape Cartridge CBD Cartridges VS. CBD Vape Cartridges


A CBD vape cartridge is a heating chamber which is inserted into the vape pen. CBD vape cartridges often come pre-filled and are refillable. The CBD cartridge can also be referred to as a pod. They are compatible with other popular devices such as the Smok.


Differences Between CBD Cartridges and CBD Vape Cartridges


CBD cartridge charge bases are reusable.  Some pens and cartridges are a single unit however and are meant to be disposed of when the liquid is used.

CBD vape cartridges are refillable. After a certain amount of use, they are meant to be replaced with a new pod. 


CBD cartridges may feature USB charging functionality, but not if they are a single pen unit. Usually, the unit uses a small standard 510 battery that can be recharged a few times.

CBD vape cartridge bases are rechargeable are always rechargeable, but the unit itself is just a refillable pod.


CBD cartridges are easy to use.
Purchasing a pre-filled disposable pen provides you with an easy way to enter
the world of vaping.

CBD vape cartridges are discrete. Since it heats the oil only to vaporize it, there is no lingering smoke, instead only a light vapor that quickly dissipates with little to no odor.


CBD cartridges do not have this control feature. You may end up taking too much or too little as a result. Although overdosing on CBD is considered impossible, consuming more than you
need to can lead to increased tolerance. This could eventually lead to desensitization causing you to need to increase your dosage to receive the same benefits.

CBD vape cartridges are unique as they often come in titrated doses. A typical CBD vape cartridge, which contains about 100 mg of CBD, delivers approximately 1-2 mg of CBD with each puff, making it easy to control the amount of CBD inhale.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Vape Oil Collection CBD Cartridges VS. CBD Vape Cartridges

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Both types of cartridges offer a mess-free and healthy alternative to smoking raw plant material, such as hemp flower, to access CBD. Using a CBD cartridge or CBD vape cartridge makes it possible for you vape at home and on the go. The above comparison should help you determine your ideal choice for CBD vaping.

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Vs. CBD Isolate Vape

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Vs. CBD Isolate Vape

CBD Isolate Oil jar Full Spectrum CBD Vape Vs. CBD Isolate Vape


          Research has singled out cannabinoid (CBD) as the most important constituent of cannabis concerning therapeutic and medicinal uses. Naturally, this discovery has led to the theory that it would be best to use a substance that contains only CBD isolate, rather than full spectrum CBD, which contains the cannabinoid together with some other compounds. However, research and experience have shown that this may not be entirely true. If you are trying to choose between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, this article will provide you with what you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries. It is evident that this is happening because people are becoming aware of the many benefits of cannabis. Beyond the psychotropic effects, scientists have discovered that some constituents of cannabis have medicinal and therapeutic uses. There are numerous, verifiable reports, of patients who have used cannabis products to alleviate their symptoms and conditions. People with conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression have reported notable improvements due to the use of cannabis-based products.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the compounds found in cannabis. They are produced naturally in the resin of the plant. Cannabinoids are known to affect the human brain in a way that is very similar to how drugs and other forms of medication work. CBD causes changes in the human nervous system that lead to pain relief and other benefits.

A well-known constituent of CBD is THC. THC is popular for its ability to produce an instant psychotropic effect. It is the constituent of cannabis that is responsible for users feeling “high.”

How Do Cannabinoids Work?

In the last 20 years, research has shown that there are cannabinoid receptors in the human brain and nerves. This means that there are constituents of the brain and nervous system that are individually wired to activate only when they come in contact with cannabinoids. They are like tiny devices that only unlock when cannabinoid is entered as the password.

The body responds in different ways, depending on the parts of the nervous system affected, and the constituent of the CBD that comes in contact with it. Generally speaking, the parts of the human nervous system that have cannabinoid receptors include the parts of the brain involved in feeling pain, memory, limb coordination, and problem-solving. If THC comes in contact with these receptors, the person starts to feel “high,” but if CBD interacts with these parts, the person may feel pain relief.

Therefore, the feelings and sensations you have when you vape cannabinoids are a combination of the different effects of the constituents of the compound.

Since we are born with these cannabinoid receptors, it’s safe to say that cannabinoids have a role to play in our entire body functioning. Additionally, the endocannabinoid system in our bodies provides hormones and other chemicals needed for the cannabinoid receptors to function at full capacity.

Medical and Therapeutic Uses of CBD

Although much research is still necessary, current findings have revealed a lot of benefits of using cannabidiol (CBD). I will enumerate some of the medical advantages of CBD here:

  • Reduces the rate of tumor growth considerably, thereby increasing the efficiency of chemotherapy in cancer patients
  • Improves appetite and helps to combat loss of weight
  • Significantly reduces chronic and acute pain and swelling
  • Helps in dealing with insomnia
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Useful in fighting viral infections
  • Can serve as a muscle relaxer
  • Reduces the severity of schizophrenia symptoms
CBD Isolate Oil Full Spectrum CBD Vape Vs. CBD Isolate Vape

Can CBD Be Used Without Getting High?

A big concern when using cannabis products is the psychotropic side effect that may arise due to the possible presence of THC in the substance. CBD can be extracted from a marijuana plant to avoid the psychotropic constituents. In some countries, it is illegal to distribute cannabis-based substances with a THC content of more than 0.3%. Below this level, it is expected that the psychotropic properties of the marijuana product will be inconsequential. It is legal in countries like the UK to purchase cannabis-based products, even without a doctor’s prescription, provided it has a THC level of 0.3% or less. So, you can use cannabis-based products without getting high. Companies just have to make sure the CBD has been extracted, without the THC content.

In the extraction of CBD, there are two popular approaches that manufacturers use. They may remove just the THC content from the cannabinoids and leave the other constituents. Cannabidiol extracted by this method is full spectrum CBD. On the other hand, they may choose to extract the CBD only, without any of the other constituents, thereby making CBD the sole compound. Cannabidiol made this way is called CBD Isolate.


There are different methods of using CBD. One of these methods is vaping. When you vape a substance, you inhale the vapor through the mouth. There are various ways to vape CBD. One such method is to use a CBD Vape Pen or CBD Vape Juice with the vaporizer of your choice. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular because it’s easy to use, and for people that use CBD to reduce anxiety, it can be readily available when needed.

What are the Benefits of Vaping CBD?

For any drug taken, there is a certain percentage that enters the bloodstream and gets to the target area. This percentage is called bioavailability. Bioavailability of any drug is dependent on several factors. One of the factors is the nature of the drug. Some drugs are water soluble, while others are fat soluble. CBD is not water soluble, in other words, it does not dissolve in water. This reduces the amount of time it spends moving to the target area. If consumed orally, CBD has to pass through the normal food path, going through the stomach, to then be processed by the liver. All of these processes take their own portion out of the total amount of the drug that was taken. The effectiveness is lessened as a result. At the end of the process, only about 15% of the CBD taken is eventually active at the cannabinoid receptors. This means you will have to take lots of CBD to have tangible results if you decide to consume CBD orally.

Another factor that affects the bioavailability of CBD is the manner of consumption. Generally, you can take drugs via different pathways; some are taken orally, some nasally, some are injected directly into the bloodstream, while others are injected into the nerves directly. Vaping may seem like oral consumption, but the difference is that rather than take the CBD in its original form, it is vaporized before being ingested. This process makes the CBD go straight to the lungs, rather than take the digestive system route through the liver. When it goes into the lungs, the walls of the lungs allow the CBD to pass through very easily, into the bloodstream. The bioavailability of vaped CBD can be up to 60%; that’s four times the bioavailability of orally consumed CBD.

For people who are torn between vaping and smoking, vaping is medically recognized as a more health friendly method than smoking. One more important factors to note is the quality of your CBD Vape Pens and Juices. Since the cannabis industry is an emerging one, control measures are not universal or binding. This gives room for sub-standard products to find their way into the market. Make sure you purchase your Vaping products from trusted dealers to avoid health problems.

CBD oil jar Full Spectrum CBD Vape Vs. CBD Isolate Vape

Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate?

With CBD’s increasing popularity and its effectiveness in treating conditions and alleviating symptoms, cannabis product marketers are putting different forms of the product on the market. The most popular types of CBD products in circulation are full spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Since most users of these products use them for medical and therapeutic purposes, there is a lot of debate as to which of these two is more effective in addressing health conditions. Although full spectrum CBD has gained more popularity over time, both forms have their own advantages.

The full spectrum CBD contains CBD as the main constituent, with other cannabinoids. In the full spectrum CBD, only the THC is removed or considerably reduced. Other components of full-spectrum cannabidiol include:

Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG, also called the stem cell cannabinoid, usually appears in traces because most cannabis plants convert their CBG to THC or CBD.

Cannabinol (CBN)

The quantity of CBN in a cannabis plant depends largely on the freshness of the plant. It is much lower in younger plants, but as they become older, the THC begins to degrade to CBN. Cannabinol is known to have some psychotropic effect, though it is not nearly as potent as that of THC.

Cannabichromene (CBC)

CBC is reported to be effective in relieving depression and pain, but enough research has not been conducted to substantiate this claim. The lack of attention on CBC can be attributed to the fact that even though it exists in large quantities, it is only found in a few species.

Lesser known cannabinoids include the following:

  • Cannabifuran (CBF)
  • Cannabicyclol (CBL)
  • Cannabicitran (CBT)
  • Cannabidiol (CBT)

The most substantial advantage that full spectrum CBD has is what we refer to as “the Entourage Effect”.

The Entourage Effect

This occurs when the different constituents of cannabinoid have more effectiveness when combined, rather than when used in isolation. Generally speaking, in the world of medicinal plant use, a more holistic approach is usually taken. The practitioners prefer to use the whole plant, without isolating any constituents. This is a method that has been practiced for centuries by herbalists in many different traditions of the world. It’s also quite interesting that modern medicine has begun to take this route. Recent research has shown that therapeutic plants are more effective when used wholly, rather than extracting the active ingredient(s) only. It’s like the proverbial whole, being more than the sum of its parts. Note that this does not include artificial or laboratory combinations, but rather it is about using the whole plant, with the combinations in their natural state.

It has been discovered that apart from CBD, there are at least, 85 other cannabinoids that can be more effective when used together naturally. The entourage effect can come into full play when we consider the impact of THC when used in conjunction with CBD. It has been discovered that the presence of THC in the mixture makes this a much more potent substance.

For those that cannot have THC for legal reasons or otherwise, other cannabinoids can fill this void to some extent. For instance, the effects of cannabinol are quite close to THC. Hence, cannabinol can make for a decent THC substitute without the psychotropic effects. This is a prime example of an advantage of full spectrum CBD use.

If full spectrum CBD is this good, why is there a debate at all? The answer is not too difficult to grasp. With all the advantages that the holistic approach has, there is still the issue of purity and quality. In a bid to retain its natural form, there are processes that may not be applied to the CBD.

Remember, it’s not just about a combined force, it’s also about the substance retaining its holistic, natural state. Keeping it natural may entail, leaving out some purifying processes that will rid the substance of unwanted constituents.

The CBD isolate is the pure form CBD that contains nothing but cannabidiol. If CBD is the major therapeutic constituent, why not have just the CBD and nothing else? This is the rationale behind the CBD isolate argument.

This form of CBD vape is popular among users that want to avoid THC altogether. It is a safe choice, because some cannabinoids, like CBN, have mild psychotropic effects. This way, you know what exactly you are ingesting, and if you notice any contrary reactions, it would be easier to trace the source.

Purity is crucial, especially when it concerns anything that goes into the body. Since vaping is a method that sends the CBD straight into the bloodstream from the lungs, without the liver’s purification process, it is important that any CBD that will be vaped must be certified healthy. With the current lack of quality control in the cannabis industry, it would take some careful screening to get safe full spectrum CBD.

In terms of effectiveness, however, full spectrum CBD has been discovered to be better than isolate CBD. According to the report of research published by the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research. The research compared the effects of full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Here is the result of the research as published: “in all of the tests, the isolated CBD was ineffective both before and after a certain dosage, while the effectiveness of the full-spectrum solution continued to increase as higher doses were administered. The results all indicate that CBD is only effective against swelling and pain at a certain dosages and that cannabis solution, which contains a full range of cannabinoids, will continue to provide similar effects as the dosage is increased.”

The full spectrum CBD is more effective than the CBD isolate, as demonstrated by both scientific research and users reports. At the same time, the purity and reliability that the CBD isolate offers should not be ignored. Users of CBD isolate need not worry about the substance coming up in a drug test. It would be miserable if a person loses an opportunity because they were taking therapeutic medicine. Fortunately, with pure CBD oils, edibles, and other products, this is something users need not worry about.

CBD Vapes: What Are They?

CBD Vapes: What Are They?

Disposable Vape Pen CBD CBD Vapes: What Are They?

CBD Vapes: WHAT Are They?


          Cannabidiol (CBD), is a compound in the cannabis plant widely known for its healing properties. CBD is rapidly growing both in popularity and in sales. By slowly dominating the Cannabis industry, CBD is becoming a voice to be reckoned with as different manufacturers continue to pop up with various CBD products.

Retailers across the globe continue to make room for these products on their shelves due to the massive adoption that is being recorded. It might interest you to know that Forbes estimated CBD’s market to generate about 2.1 billion dollars by 2020. That’s a huge figure.

One might ask why this is so. The reason is not far fetched. CBD is scientifically proven to heal six basic medical conditions. According to a 2017 study released by The World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, CBD can be used in treating medical conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, nausea, depression, epilepsy and even psychosis. With these seemingly incredible facts, one can say without a doubt that if true, these products are indeed worthy of the mass adoption they seem to be receiving.

As a result, manufacturers continue to research and invent new ways of consuming the product. Oral consumption is the most conventional method, but some problems encountered specifically by medical users, has resulted in the search for new methods of consumption.

Edible forms of CBD oil and similar products are known to take thirty minutes or more to digest and enter the user’s bloodstream. Some consumers, especially medical patients, see this as less appealing. For example, a person using CBD to treat seizures or chronic pain will most likely scoff at having to wait thirty minutes for results.

This unappealing situation has given rise to the invention of the vaporization method of ingestion. So far, many users have given encouraging reviews. Many users even reported an almost immediate effect when they began to vape CBD.

Vaporizing is the newest method of consumption. This allows the user to inhale CBD directly in vapor form. This is done by using a cartridge infused with CBD which is then converted into vapor by using an electronic inhalation device or “vape pen”. This technique provides consumers (both medical and recreational) with a comfortable and discreet way of getting their CBD dose in a highly effective manner.

However, where to get started can be challenging for some people who may want to try CBD vapor. Many people often have questions like, “What exactly is CBD Vape? How does it work? What are the contents? Is it safe and where can I get CBD vape?”

These, and many more, are questions that this article will attempt to answer in full. Continue reading below for the latest insights into recent CBD developments.

What is CBD Vape?

Similar to an e-cigarette, CBD vape works via a simple heating mechanism. It has four essential components which are; the battery, the atomizer, the mouthpiece, and the chamber. The battery powers the atomizer, also known as the heating element, which in turn heats the liquid content in the chamber into vapor form. The consumer then inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece. Simple, right?

Vape pens, and other devices, typically come with built in sensors that turn on the atomizer. Some turn on automatically when you inhale, while others have buttons that need to be pressed and held down until the heat is ready. Some vapes have lights that let you know when the atomizer has reached the appropriate temperature before you inhale.

The beauty of the latest inventions in vape technology make them easy to use, discreet and portable. Many are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Vapor also dissipates much more quickly than smoke, which means any smell will also. Most people who have tried both will attest to the fact that vaping is much much better than smoking.

A Quick Background Check

Let’s go on a joyride back in time to take a brief look at the history of how CBD vapes came into the limelight.

In 2003, the Chinese invented the modern electronic cigarette popularly called e-cigarette. Just as you would observe in a vape pen, the e-cigs contained a heating-coil, a cartridge, and a set of buttons and associated lights to help consumers use the device. They were also portable, small, and mask the smell much better than conventional smoking.

They were first marketed in 2004 to cigarette smokers, and their use has increased over time as more consumers have begun to adopt this new invention for the advantages it provides. One such advantage is that vapor, in almost any form, is considered to be much safer for the user when compared to smoke from cigarettes, or smoke in general.

Even the word “vape” was designed to be different, and stand out in a market previously dominated solely by the big tobacco industry. Needless to say, this distinction seems to have been very effective, as he popularity of these devices is higher than ever before.

Now let’s take a look at the two different types of CBD vapes, shall we?

disposable cbd vape pen strawberry CBD Vapes: What Are They?

Types of CBD Vapes

The first type is commonly known as the pen-style vape. This vape, known for its built in pre-filled cartridges, has a chamber with a metal heating coil below it. The pre-filled cartilage can be taken off and disposed of before, or after full consumption.

This type of device is very popular for being lightweight, highly discreet, and requiring little to no maintenance. Using a pen-style vape is one of the fun, and practical ways of starting your vaping experience. They are straightforward to use. You do not need to buy any additional e-juice since they are pre-filled. All you need to do is purchase, vape, and dispose of the cartridge.

A word of warning however, consumers have limited control over the metal used in the atomizer, the e-liquid, the type of chemicals used in the e-liquid, or the quality of the CBD. Unfortunately, this type of device can also be expensive to maintain, as you will need to replace the heating coils (which cost about $20) as they do burn out eventually.

Furthermore, the use of this type of vape can expose new smokers to some health hazards. This is due to the process of oxidation and the breaking down of the metallic heating-coil over time. Since it is metallic, metal nanoparticles can become aerosolized in the vapor being inhaled. Therefore, it is crucial to research the pen’s manufacturer before placing an order. Read on to discover how you can shop correctly for high quality vape pens.

The second type of vape is known as the tank–style vape. Just like the conventional tobacco smoking pipe, this vape is commonly known for the billowing clouds that can be formed when user puffs. The vape also has a heating coil, which is usually covered with cotton, silica wick or nylon to absorb the liquid.

The good thing about this type of vape is that it allows consumers to fill up the tank with their desired CBD juice to consume and clean it out after use. They are generally more cost-effective, and they cater to different vaping styles. However, they require maintenance, and they are less discreet (due to the more prominent cloud formation when puffing)

CBD Vape Juice and CBD E-liquids

Vaping involves the conversion of a viscous liquid via sublimation, into an inhalable vapor. Unfortunately, you cannot just pick up any form of CBD and vape it with any device, as there are specific processes involved in this conversion. Therefore, some CBD products called cartridges are created specifically for vape pens. While others, often called CBD Vape juice or CBD e-liquid are designed primary for the tank style. Generally these cartridges are created using a CO2 extraction machine.

Unlike bottled CBD oil which one would normally purchase over the counter, e-liquids are often manufactured with Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol. This is a thinning agent that makes the juice viscous. It should be noted that the atomizers in vape pens only work with viscous liquids, and as such, there is now a demand for CBD oil that is viscous as well.

However, Propylene Glycol often causes allergies such as irritations and inflammation. Furthermore, over time, the compound breaks down into some carcinogenic constituents, which are formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Manufacturers, therefore, tend to use Vegetable Glycerin. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t readily absorb into the wicks of most vapes.

As one would expect, CBD vape juice is produced from the cannabis plant, either purely or with other cannabinoids like CBG and CBC. However, it’s been discovered that cannabinoids are more efficient when they are present alongside other whole-plant cannabis compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, CBD, CBC, etc. Hence, 100% pure CBD may not be as effective as a full-spectrum CBD product.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Vapes?

Everyone should want to consider how safe a product is, especially when it has to do with consumption. Is CBD vape safe to use? Well, a small percentage of users reportedly develop allergies to some of the chemicals and/or materials used in vapes.

As stated previously, some vapes can contain a negligible amount of nanometallic particles which can escape through in the form of aerosols during vaping. Some studies also show that some commercial vapes contain dangerous contaminants such as lead and cadmium. Hence, it is essential to do thorough research before purchasing a CBD vape pen in other to avoid potential health issues. Some reputable vape manufactures often reveal the materials used in building their products on the box ,or their websites.

The atomizers in pen vapes are typically made from titanium, stainless steel, nickel wire or nickel-chromium alloy. Sometimes it is made from Kanthal as well. Kanthal is an alloy of iron, chromium, and aluminum.

Vapes made from stainless steel have the potential to remove some contaminants. It is probably the safest choice, alongside titanium or Kanthal. On the other hand, Nickel or nickel-chromium ones should be avoided at all cost, as they are well-known carcinogens.

What poses a threat is the oxidation during the heating process. As the metal wire is heated and cooled simultaneously, oxidation occurs, causing a formation of metallic oxide around the cord, thus preventing further oxidation. When the liquid comes in contact with the heating coil, the oxidized metal layer can contaminate the vapor, thus allowing the nanoparticles to pass into the consumer’s system via the inhaled vapor.

It is important to note that several vape brands are marketed as having ceramic heating elements. This is the case in some new vapes, but many still have exposed wire wrapped around a ceramic or quartz core. Vapes like these are always going to leech metal contaminants into the inhaled vapor.

Are you getting bored with physics and chemistry? There are safe vapes out there, but you need to do thorough research to find them. Since the CBD industry is quite unregulated, be sure that you are buying from a reputable organization. Such organizations test their products for heavy metals, contaminants, and potency. Ensure that you do thorough research into the manufacturer you are buying from, and that said manufacturer is as reputable as they claim to be.

Why People Are Adopting CBD Vapes

A lot of advantages come with the use of CBD Vapes. These advantages are the reasons why people are embracing the use of this latest device. Everybody wants something simple, but classic, while still affordable. Most vapes are simple to use, discreet and affordable. However, some vape pens can be expensive; particularly the high-tech kind for the tech-savvy individual.

These are more complex, rebuild-able vapes for advanced users who want control over every aspect of their vape hardware. Typically, these kinds of devices require a higher level of expertise than the average user possesses, or is willing to invest.

Most importantly, the primary reason for the massive adoption of this product is its faster absorption time. Unlike oral ingestion, CBD consumed via vaporization enters the body faster and easier allowing users to feel the effects almost immediately. When CBD is taken orally, it has to pass through a series of processes before getting into the bloodstream.

Since it is an organic compound, it has to go through the liver where a portion of it is absorbed or broken down into enzymes. As a result, only a few percentages of the ingested CBD get into the bloodstream.

However, vaped CBD gets into the bloodstream directly through the lungs. It does not necessarily have to pass through the liver, thus increasing its bioavailability. This means a consumer can get the same effect even with a smaller dose.

cbd vape oil for sale CBD Vapes: What Are They?

Buying CBD Vapes

So, you have decided to dive right into your first vaping experience. Buying a CBD vape can be quite simple as there are many stores, both offline and online, selling these products. However, you want to be sure you have gotten a genuine, and risk-free product from a reputable manufacturer. Remember the risks involved in an unregulated market like the CBD vapes market.

Here’s the big question: How do you know you are buying an authentic product?

This is why it is pertinent that you consider some key aspects when purchasing these devices. Below are some factors to consider.

Laboratory Testing

An authentic CBD vape must have been tested in the Lab, preferably by a third party. If this is the case, results and reviews about the product are generally always available online. You can check these reviews out to ascertain the facts about the product. Lab tests will inform you about the source of the CBD, the extraction method, the presence and or percentage of psychotropic THC and other cannabis compounds.

If you are purchasing a cartridge made using Industrial hemp derived CBD oil, CO2 extraction is the method you should seek. Often, lots of plant matter is used in extracting CBD oil from hemp, as a result of this, it is necessary to use a clean extraction method to mitigate the chances of having an unhealthy level of metals and toxins. The CO2 extraction method is best known for removing these toxins, that cheaper extraction methods often fail to remove.


As earlier stated, some vapes cartridges contain pure CBD oil while some have to mix agents such as Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycine. It is advisable to use Cartridges with Vegetable Glycine or no mixing agents at all. We have carefully established the potential health hazards that come with the use of Propylene Glycol, and as such, advise against purchasing PG cartridges.


Undoubtedly, price is always a major factor that consumers concern themselves with when making a purchase. You don’t want to purchase a pen only to discover the cost of maintenance strains your budget more than you thought it would, right? Therefore, you should also consider the price of cartridges and replacement parts before placing an order.

High-end vapes can cost more, and they do have their fair share of considerable advantages. For example, they have atomizers that heat up in a matter of seconds. If you consider timing an important factor, you might want to consider this aspect as well when making a purchase. Though be advised, just because a vape pen is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than a cheaper alternative.


Finally, it is important to check the potency of the product you are purchasing. More reputable manufacturers will often test their products for potency. You should check out the CBD mg/ml reading. Although there is no risk of overdosing with CBD, consuming more than required is inefficient.

With the loads of information provided in this article, you should be able to make a wise decision about how to best consume your CBD. Remember, it’s important to continue doing research into various CBD and vape products as they are released. The realms of CBD and vape markets are still relatively new, and as such, it is always best to ensure that you remain one hundred percent safe.

A final piece of advice to non-smokers. It is probably safe for you to stay clear of vaping as you stand a chance to compromise your immune system. You might want to relax and hold on until the tech becomes more regulated, and further studies are done on the long-term effect of vaping.

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