From their size and weight to their personality and health issue, each dog brings something different to our dinner tables.

With that understood, we knew that creating a one-size-fits-all hemp oil for all the different dogs of the world just doesn’t make any sense.  For this specific reason, we’ve formulated three unique tinctures of the best CBD oil for dogs online.

To this day, Cannabidiol Life is considered the first CBD company to correctly formulate and produce a multi-CBD oil solution for dogs that is:

  • 100% organic
  • a full spectrum/whole plant hemp extract oil
  • infused with organic wild Alaskan salmon oil (rich in omegas 3, 6, & 9)
  • distributed nationwide

With this experience under our leash and with hundreds of companies following in our lead, you can rest assure that your furry little friend is in great paws… for life!


In this CBD oil for dogs overview, we will be covering the following topics:

Common Relief Your Dog Might Receive | Product Reviews You Have To Read | Severe Medical Conditions| Why Choose Hemp Oil For Your Dog | Summary & Final Thoughts

Common Relief Your Dog Might Receive

The number amount of potential CBD health benefits list could be much larger than what we think it is.  Regardless of this unknown number of potential benefits, here is a short list of both bad behaviors as well as health issues that our customers dogs have both improved with or experienced relief from:

  • laziness (not wanting to play)
  • persistent/loud barking
  • peeing on the floor (kidney issues)
  • excessive self biting and/or scratching
  • unwarranted aggression
  • inflammation
  • pain
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • digestive issues



We’ve asked dog owners who have bought our products to give us a one sentence product review that we could list on our website and here are just a few that we’ve received so far:

  1. “This seems to be an excellent quality CBD oil as my dog is eating so much better now.”
  2. “Great improvement in my dogs energy levels, will buy again.”
  3. “My dog is sleeping all through the night!!!!  This means I am too!”
  4. “I’ve given my dog several hemp oils from other companies and judging by the overall happiness and playful energy my 9 year old Labrador now has, I think it’s safe to say that Cannabidiol Life offers the best quality CBD oil on the market.”

How great are these reviews?!

We can’t help but be overly ecstatic that our organic and top rated CBD oils are helping dogs to:

  • be happier
  • have more energy
  • reduce their pain levels
  • lighten their overall anxiety levels (less barking and self scratching)
  • sleep better
  • vastly increase the amount of tail wags!

Severe Medical Conditions

Tests geared to establishing the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment or at least a therapeutic aid for the more severe medical & health conditions is an absolute MUST HAVE!  While a few test have been conducted with positive results, each study and tests ends with the medical professional stating something along the lines of, “more tests are needed to solidify our results.”  Well…


If something showed positive/natural healing… why not give it another go or do the testing needed to give us the concrete evidence the world is desperately seeking?

Many Veterinarians have stated publicly that CBD products are indeed beneficial in the pain relief of torn ligaments, muscle strains, sprains, as well as bone breaks. Cannabidiol has also been proven beneficial in the provision of post-operative care for the reduction of pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Therefore, if your dog is currently taking any type of pharmaceutical drug, you may want to consider giving your furry loved one some CBD lower the doses and possibly eliminate it all together in the name of natural healing.  If you’re able to accomplish this, it could be particularly beneficial because most conventional medicines also come with many negative side effects.

Why Choose Hemp Oil For Your Dog?

Currently, there are many human studies on the health and medical benefits of Cannabidiol. However, it might take a decade for positive veterinary cannabinoid research outcomes to be announced. But, until then, it’s important to consider the anecdotal evidence as well as testimonials from pet owners. That’s because it has already been proven that animals and humans share up to 70% biological homology. So, there are grounds to believe that Cannabidiol can be an effective therapeutic aid for pets.

Just like other herbal medicines, CBD may not have immediate effects on pets. That means you must be patient with your pet. A pet can experience some relief from pain within a few hours. However, symptoms or conditions like inflammation can take some days for improvement to be seen. Nevertheless, you can rest assure that 100% Organic CBD pet products that do not contain THC will NOT make your pet “high” and the only reported side effect of CBD for pets is drowsiness.

Pet Dog Takes CBD CBD Oil For Dogs

Summary & Final Thoughts

Some of our customers (pet owners specifically) have seen excellent results from our CBD oils because of our premium products and the incredibly high standard of quality that we demand throughout our entire collection. 

With that said, that is about all we can say our products because the same rules apply to pets and they do with humans.  No claims can be made or stated in attempt to “make a sale” and frankly, we are totally okay with that because we let our products do the talking for us. 

At the end of the day, from one pet owner to another, it is our job is to take care of our extended furry family and it’s our duty to do everything in our power to make sure our pet’s are living as comfortably as possible while always seeking new ways to safely improve their quality of life.