CBD Gummy Study

Thank you for being a part of our first research study that we will make public after all monitoring the responses and study results.  We are only looking for your experiences based on what these gummies do for your health.  Please DO NOT review the gummies for taste or quality as that is not the purpose of this study.  We are looking for condition-specific responses and we will separate the results based on that.With that said, thank you very much for your time and we are extremely excited to have you a part of our very first CBD Research Study.  Please leave your real experiences below.  If you do not wish to use your real name, that is perfectly fine as well.


  1. I am trying these to see if it helps with joint pain and stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis.

    • CBD in general will help with that. I don’t use these but the ones I used helped with relaxation, chronic pain, appetite, sleep, etc. this is good stuff!

      • I want to try CBD for my sons chronic asthma. Does anyone know if there would be any effects on kids or asthma? My son has 2-3 attacks a day. The doctors are no help. I am researching my own solution.

        • So this may sound weird but I was on the verge of buying an inhaler for that reason exactly, Ty. I bought a little low wattage vape, filled it with their CBD flavored vape juice and as soon as I vaped it I felt immediate relief. I’m not sure if it’d be appropriate for kids though because they use vape industry standard ingredients which might end up exacerbating his problems. I just wanted to share my progress, as an adult.

        • I cannot move during the day with out my CBD capsules, I use the capsules and oil,and they both relive me from my arthritis pain all over my body.
          I no longer take anxiety mds which made me depress.
          The CBD ,relieves my anxiety ,have me in a good mood and helps me to move around during the day without pain. I take it first thing in the morning to start my day ,if not I’m in alot of pain ,with stiff joints all over.
          Don’t know what I would do without it,even my doctors can’t believe that I can walk compared to the results of my M.R.I,my diabetes is now under control. It really ,really works.

    • Me too. Also, I’ve been living on 2 Motrin every 6-10 hours for a bad tooth pain and also breastplate, T6/T8, and hand arthritis. A recent x-ray confirmed the hand arthritis to be degenerative so I wonder what a post-gummy x-ray 6 mos from now will show. Knees and ankles also having issues that have been contained because CBD has allowed me to walk up to 3 miles a day again ! So thankful this is available in my state now. God Bless You All.

    • I have constant migraines and these really helped me! I felt calm, and didn’t have a migraine anymore. I would take two every couple of hours and it seemed to have worked for me. . I def would recommend to a friend and will certainly be purchasing again.

    • Have they helped? I have chronic back and knee pain caused but arthritis and am looking for something more natural

    • I have lupus and RA it don’t help. It just relaxes you. I don’t know how any can say it helps with pain. If u have chronic pain as I do!

      • Hi Katy,

        I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t experience great results with our gummies the way others have. I know from endless research and countless testimonials over the past 2 years that every single one of us is different. From sex, to age, to size, to condition, to pain tolerance, etc. etc. With this extreme variety from person to person, we can’t always assume that what works for one person, it should automatically work for another. With that said, the CBD gummies are made from CBD Isolate, which has shown tremendous positive results for pain and inflammation relief (this is based on multiple studies from the NIH).

        With that said, over the past couple years, our customers have reported a better sense of pain relief from our full spectrum CBD products. These include the CBD oil and our CBD Pills & CBD Capsules.

        For chronic pain, our customers who use the 1,500mg CBD oil and the 3,000 mg CBD oil are the ones that have shown the best results. Also, if you choose the capsules, our customers have shown not just good, but GREAT results when taking 3 capsules at a time. I would recommend starting with two at a time to test if taking two is sufficient for your pain. If it doesn’t, then try 3 at a time.

        At the end of the day, these are simply my observations from what our customers report in and I definitely would not taken my word as a replacement for what any Doctor tells you. I highly advise that you speak with a medical professional before taking CBD in the future. Keep me updated, I’d love to hear more from your experience with our CBD products. Thanks!

    • I have been using the gummies for arthritis more so in my hands.Wow what a help they have been.I have even more grip strength than I did have would highly recommend for this problem.Good Luck

  2. I’m hoping these will help my husband who has had over 4 back surgeries yet continues to live with back pain.

  3. Hey there, I hope this really works been eating hydrocodone for 29 years for a broken vertebrae at L5 and no disc at L5/S1and spondiliotisis. I get radio frequency potentially relievements but they only get rid of so much and the opiates are about useless unless you eat more and thats not an option I hope to go to the CBD’s to fix this. I am very glad to give you some real information from a real patient to get this thing started. We need answers to questions and good research dosing is my most important question and I guess we will figure it out together. I have read that it comes in different percentages of purity and in different dosages so what we need to know is what dose at what percent for each different thing wrong with us. This will be a great begining. Thanks for the oportunity. I look forward to this.

    • I have L4/L5 issues as well. I have gotten great results with 50mg. once or twice a day. ❤️❤️❤️this as opposed to big Pharma.
      I have also used the oils. They are great as well. About 10 drops under your tongue, hold it there until it absorbs and swallow. 👍

  4. Cbd is the best for pain even period cramps, i’ve been trough a lot and thanks to this lovely lady CBD i’m out off pills and more pills, i try oil but gummys?? I’m so excited!

  5. I want to try them to see if they help with the severe pain and inflammation from endometriosis. The pain is awful and sometimes last for days. Dealing with endometriosis is very frustration due to the fact that it makes it hard to work or do anything for that matter. Being a single mother I have no time for excruciating pain :.(

    • I plan to get these for my severe daily endo pain. Hopefully it works!!

  6. Ive tried the lower dose gummies and they make a difference with all the problems I have I have arthritis in my hands shoulders knees and spine from the top neck joint to my tail bone along with degenerate disc severe condition wich has already caused a 4 inch loss in height now that I see these stronger dose gummies I’m thrilled to try these hoping for even better results best of luck n wishes to all of that suffer from pain 24/7

  7. I am trying these for pain

  8. I have been on heavy meds for over 10 years. Also have Fribromyalgia. Would like to find some pain relief. Meds dont work any more. Willing to give this a try. I am a real person with chronic pain, lets see if this helps.

    • Did it work for your fibromyalgia? I’m tired of being in pain all the time!

  9. I want to try this forback pain.

  10. I ordered 2 packs of the high dosage CBD gummies (1,000 mg per package, approx. 142 mg per gummy.) At the time I am writing this I have finished both packages. I found them to be helpful for my chronic migraines. I ate between 1/2 a gummy to 2 gummies per day while using these. I found that 1/2 a gummy worked for moderate pain/nausea, and 1-2 gummies were ideal for severe pain and nausea. One day I woke up with a migraine that was about a 7 on a pain scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst possible pain. I ate one gummy immediately and within an hour or two my pain was reduced to a 3. For those not familiar with the pain scale, this means I went from having unmanageable pain to manageable. However, I did find that for best results I needed to take a high dose all at once rather than smaller doses throughout the day. I ate 2 gummies one day while having severe pain, but took them in doses of 1/2 a gummy at a time with several hours between doses, and did not find significant relief. A third instance, I had a migraine of 10 on the pain scale and took a gummy in combination with OTC migraine medication. This provided the most significant relief, bringing me from a 10 to a 4. Overall I was happy with the results of the gummies, especially for the price! 1000mg of CBD can easily cost around $100 so this is an amazing deal and I plan to buy more before they sell out! Thank you for providing chronic pain sufferers like me with an effective and natural remedy.

    • Hi Jasmine!!!

      That is such amazing news! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. We just wanted to let you know that we opened up our CBD Gummy Bears and Gummy worms for reviews. Only reviews from verified buyers are permitted and would love to have you post this product review above on there. We’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

  11. Received the bears today. I had exactly half of one. So, I had half of 142.85 mg. I have terminal lung cancer and am in a lot of pain. I have lost most of my appetite. The bears are helping me with this already. My appetite is improving. I am sleeping better. The pain is gone.

    • Absolutely amazing Karen! That is so great to hear and thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Karen,

      We have opened up our CBD Gummy Bears and Gummy worms for reviews. Only reviews from verified buyers are allowed. Are you willing to copy/paste this review for us into the product review? We’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

  12. These gummies are amazing. Typically I use CBD extract oil and always thought these were more of a novelty, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Half a gummy worm in the morning before work and my previous struggles are so much more manageable. I also medicate for insomnia and have found a whole gummy worm at bed not only helps me fall asleep but improves sleep quality as well.

    • Hi Will,

      We have opened up our CBD Gummy Bears and Gummy worms for reviews. Only reviews from verified buyers are allowed. Are you willing to copy/paste this review for us into the product review? We’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

  13. I would love to have gummies 1000 to try on my mother for her chronic pain, and the other people for fybro. We have looked for so long and have bought several different CBD oils, that I am sure were not 99.9% pure. I have used my own money to try to find relief for them. We just want something that will help.

    • Hi Belinda,

      Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry you are dealing with pain. If you check out the CBD Gummies page, you will notice we now have a CBD Gummy sample option. That is the best, most affordable option and you will know 30 minutes after taking the gummies if they are right for you. Here is the link: CBD Gummy Sample Pack

      Then, please consider coming back and sharing your experience as the others have below. Thank you!

  14. Work very well. Relaxes me and helps with pain. Will ude sgaun in the future.

  15. We purchased these CBD gummies to help my husband. He suffered a stroke in August and his only residual effects of the stroke are balance issues and symptoms from over stimulation, (itching, nausea, and anxiety). He struggles to get through his occupational therapy without overstimulating his brain, during this phase of neuroplasticity. The gummies ease the sensations his brain sends his body when it gets stressed. He is able to get through therapy easier, and has less trouble sleeping after. This has truely been life changing during his recovery. Thank you!!

  16. I ordered the gummies and the pills and helped me tremendously with my nerve pain in my leg I would recommend these very highly

  17. My wife has Alzheimer severe condition and has anxiety and has to be moving constantly. The gummies have calmed her down immensely with only two a day. Cognitive function has also improved a bit. I will be ordering more.

  18. I have suffered for over 15 years with chronic pain severe ibs and fibromyalgia. I am desperate to find help. I have ordered several packs of these as well as oils pills and crystals. I have found these are excellent for calming down which is great but I still haven’t found the right answer for my pain but I will keep taking what I have and pray for relief.

    • Hi Joselyn,

      Which of our products have you tried? And what is the highest dose of CBD that you have taken at a single time? Our customers with extreme pain have reported that they didn’t find relief until they took upwards of 1,000mg per dose. Please comment back as we’d love to help you out in any way that we can.

      • I got the extreme gummies 5 packs i take 2 at a time. The cbd bundle so the oil is 250 mg i use a full dropper in my mouth tho I dont care for that so i haven’t done that much. The pills in the bundle one at a time. I also bought the crystal isolate 1 gram and put the end of a butter knife of it in my coffee daily. Truth is I honestly have no idea what I’m doing or what is right for me which is why I bought so many different things. Any guidance would be appreciated. I also bought a vapor and some cbd juice that was highly reviewed on another site but haven’t gotten that yet.

        • Thank you for your response. From what it seems is that you are trying a lot of different CBD products, but you are taking them in dosages for simple daily wellness support. Therefore, in our opinion, you are taking the bare minimum, this won’t work for you if you are experiencing a lot of pain…

          The way CBD works is to start low and work your way up in MG’s per dose until you find your “sweet spot”. The sweet spot can be defined as the MG dosage needed to satisfy what you are trying to do. There have been several studies conducted by the NIH where the medical professionals and scientists report that they believe CBD can help relieve pain but more tests are needed to make this a fact.

          Joselyn, we’d like to make sure you know that we are NOT medical professionals and you should double check with your doctor on what is the best route for CBD dosages specifically for you.

          Our suggestion… FIND YOUR SWEET SPOT! If you didn’t find your sweet spot with 2 gummies… take 4 the next time.

          If you still don’t see a difference after 4, well, you need to add more. It’s an experimental process but one that should pay off in the long run.

          ANOTHER TIP! Add all of your CBD isolate to your CBD OIL. Shake it up really good! This will spike your CBD Oil to a much higher CBD MG dosage. Add this oil to your coffee, yogurt, under the tongue, etc.

          Keep us informed! Organic CBD is NON-TOXIC or harmful, don’t be afraid to up your MG dosage.

          • Thank you I read you shouldn’t add the oil to coffee. But I will definetely do that moving forward. I appreciate you and your site so much 🙂

          • Hi Joselyn,

            The only real reason that people say not to do that is if your coffee is piping hot, it could ruin the quality of the oil.

            Adding the oil under the tongue is for sure the best route, so we always recommend that! After 15 seconds under the tongue, you can chase it with your coffee (that’s how we all do it here in the office).

  19. Ok thank you ill try that

  20. hi finished my product .I love the gummies for the convenience .I still think the oils are better .but decided to get the gummies cause they are much easier to carry around .the oils seem to get all over the bottle making it messy .I can put my gummies right in my purse .also much tastier then the oils .

  21. Bought the gummies which are more convenient for me. Only took half of one and it helped my pain, to sleep and helped me to relax. My husband who has a high tolerance to medicines took one and it helped him to relax and sleep. Will continue to buy. Thank you

  22. My son, my 94 year old aunt and I have all tried the CBD gummies. I am 64 years old, have always been athletic and now my hip is very painful when I am at rest and when I am in motion. Most days I limp and it is has been very painful for quite a while. I am absolutely astonished that when I eat half a gummy in the morning the limp is gone and the pain is almost not there. I repeat that once or twice throughout the day. I also have them by my bedside so that when I wake up in the night unable to sleep from the pain, I eat another half and the pain goes away. My son is 26 and works out a lot and has a lot of pain in his back. Gummies to the rescue yet again. And, my 94 years old aunt has similar issues to mine with a lot of pain in the hip and difficulty sleeping. The gummies have really helped her immensely.

  23. I purchased the gummy bears for relaxation and for pain of my left hip after doing research. I did not expect the potency of the product. It will put you to sleep. One gummy a day did the trick after work. I will definitely purchase more in the future. If you need a product to help you pain, relaxation, and help you with sleep, this is it!

  24. I got these gummies, and the were delivered fast, and discreetly. They worked great, and fast, my anxiety gone, as well as many withdrawal symptoms I was having, as I am epileptic, and I didn’t want to continue my life on these meds…
    Now I am a customer for life!!!!

  25. The best chance decision I ever made. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and for 18 years now I have been in chronic pain. The CBD gummies within 15minutes of just eating one my pain was gone. In my near future I do see myself ordering more of the Gummies and other CBD products.

  26. Want to see if they help reduce hot flashes.

  27. I am wanting to try them for both pain and anxiety. I have ptsd and two fused disks c3&4. Plus nerve damage. I live everyday in pain but refuse to subject my body to big pharma. Been there, done that with terable results.

  28. Dear Sirs,
    A major problem in the USA and other countries is caused by chronic severe conditions. In general these severe conditions are caused by the inappropriate generation of a peroxide called peroxynitrite. If we could control the excessive generation of peroxynitrite-many severe conditions could be prevented or alleviated. It turns out that cannabidiol has the correct chemical structure to control peroxynitrite. Since peroxynitrite causes pain – when cannabidiol is given the pain is alleviated or stopped depending on the dose of CBD.
    The real miracle is that CBD penetrates the blood-brain barrier. This allows it to prevent peroxynitrite caused severe conditions and damages to be controlled.
    I am interested in doing a variety studies to prevent and control neurodegenerative severe conditions and head injuries. Would you be willing to help me with these studies? My cell phone = 304-685-5440. I am a biochemistry/pharmacology professor at West Virginia University Medical School-Morgantown, WV 26506

    • I’ve had moderate success with the gummies, this past month. Your studies sound wonderful. I’d love to help find answers. I have a very long list of autoimmune and painful neuro severe conditions, head to toes.
      Let me know. I can be reached at [email protected] or 910-445-0035

  29. My pain is caused by C7 (C8=nerve root) & T1 herniated disks, Spinal stenosis and a glenoid labrum tear. I suffer from neck, shoulder to wrist/palm pain from my profession of 35 years. I’ve taken ever higher and higher doses of Gabapentin to relieve my pain until I couldn’t see straight and lost balance. (due to Gabapentin’s side effects.)
    CBD oils, capsules and gummies are aiding me in cutting out the nerve medication. I’m able to sleep six hours at night and wake in the morning feeling rested. (Pain still peaks throughout the day.)
    Having been raised in a drug house, I’m fearful of THC flashbacks, so I have just begun to take small amounts of CBD during the day. After reading some above comments and research I’m learning CBD doesn’t cause hallucinations. I’m wary. And would love to be pain free someday.

    • You are correct, there is so psychotropic effects from CBD and there is nothing to fear as far as getting any type of “high”. We plan on doing many free sample giveaways to combat this thought or negative perspective on CBD, but for now, we’ve set up various sample sizes… I’ve set up the following for first-time customers:
      CBD gummies sample
      CBD oil sample
      CBD capsule sample

      I can’t make comments (legal reasons) pertaining to medical advice, so that is why these are available, so they can do the speaking for themselves. Furthermore, after you purchase one of the above, you will receive a 10% OFF COUPON in your email to be able to use for your next purchase.

      • I am currently researching this subject for relief of inflammation, migraines, back pain and anxiety. I have sent you an email, as well. I would like more information and am considering placing an online order asap.

  30. I have purchased the 1000mg CBDeez gummy worms multiple times now, 4-5 packages at a time when I can afford it as they affect my life so profoundly. I have seizures, epileptic and Non-epileptic and these gummies are essential to help me get through the day. When I wake up I eat one and at any time of the day if I feel my pre-seizure coming on, I will eat 1 to 2 gummies, which quickly puts me and my muscles in a relaxed state. At times I will not have a seizure at all, where without the gummies it was a guarantee. Other times, it lessons the seizures to a more manageable and less intense event. As another added bones they help me relax enough to sleep soundly at night and with much less pain! I would recommend this product to ANYONE with seizures, migraines or pain!

  31. I have been using the gummy worms now a few months. I have upper & lower back pain. I had surgery on the upper back years ago. I have a bad disk in my lower back now. I also have had my knee worked on 2 time in the last 10years. I am 65 years old. I do take a fair amount of big pharma pain killers now. I do not want to have any more surgeries. I found that the gummy worms help take the pain away with no side effects.. I take 1/2 of one 2 – 4 times a day. I take one @ bed time, and its helps me sleep. The only problem I have with them is that I know a number of people that have similar pain. So I tell them about the worms, and give them a package to try out. As a result, I need to buy more, more often. Thank you for the product.

  32. Best gummies I’ve found to help with my insomnia!

  33. I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and I am currently going through chemo, I can’t say enough about these products, NOTHING has worked so well for me EVER. You all have an amazing product line and I couldn’t thank you enough for the relief I have felt.
    <3 THANK YOU!! <3

  34. I am trying the gummy worms now after using a bottle of your 1,500 mg oil with positive results for nerve pain and anxiety. I want to try the gummies after reading all these positive comments. I also want to be able to easily carry them in my purse when I am out and about. I will comment again after I have tried them. Thanks for great CBD products.

  35. I am wanting to try this product, which is on a wait list in order to help with Chronic Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Sickle Cell, and back/neck pain. As soon I am able to purchase the product, I will complete another review.

  36. I have had chronic pain for 5 yeard and its taken my life away. I have two kids and im hoping to get my life back with the help of cbd. 2 weeks so far off opiates and im excited to try this. I need something to manage this pain and i hope its a great product. I will check back after. Good luck everyone

  37. do the gummies help with ADHD?

  38. I have history of PTSD, anxiety, and TBI. When I’m under stress, it’s game on for anxiety. Since using the worms, the impact has been so positive that I’m sleeping better, I calm down after digestion, I do have to use three a day and I hope they can make a stronger version due to the costs. As a person the a TBI medications and herbal support affect me differently in regards to amount needed. These are effective, fit my need and easy to transport when traveling. Thank you.

  39. My wife-Mary had a drunk hit her in 1957 and has had hip replaced twice and due to a short leg has developed extreme back problems – pain 10 or 11 when walking with 2 crutches and standing –little pain sitting and sleeping–use wheel chair when out church etc. because easier and less hurt–have tried L S I laser surgery –all the shots, RF potentially relievements, Hydrocodone–all to little help. Tried hemp oil and her experience was less than good. Would like to try Gummies–easier to take and hope can get the same mgs per gummy and from what I read Hemp is different from CBD

  40. I am trying these to give to my mom who recently just had a stoke

  41. I am also trying for chronic back pain, withdrawal symptoms, and lack of drive & energy. I have read lots of reviews and am very hopeful for good results. However, I am not knowledgeable on dosing vs reactions. Ie…if More ➡😑…..More ➡🙃 or vice versa. ❓❔❓

  42. Has anyone tried CBD oil and gummies bear to help prevent cancer? That is what I am trying and hope it works.

  43. I have a liver severe condition and tried the gummies for anti-inflammatory properties and sleep. What happened was I woke up one morning and the peripheral neuropathy in my right leg was 90% better I could even feel my gas pedal on my car…one very good side effect huh?

  44. I used to be a very social person, but as I have grown older,and stopped drinking with the help of AA, I have had a very hard time talking to people I don’t know. After a few days of taking CBD I have not only become a better manager but have become a better representative of my company and myself.

  45. jim moore

    I just ordered these gummies and cant wait to see if they help with my pain. I have Rheumatoid arthitis very bad in my shoulder joints hope to get some relief will get back to everyone if i do

  46. Has anyone used the CBD gummies to help kids with extreme ADHD and anxiety? My son was on a CNS stimulant (like ritalin) and it was killing him (destroying his pancreas). Now we have no meds and am dealing with trying to figure out how to help him. His psych doctor and myself are researching anything we can think of and someone suggested CBD.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I refuse the meds for my son. We tried them and hes a zombie and that’s no way to live. Looking for other options.

  47. I have searched for an “ affordable” CBD product for quite some time. Disabled nurse since 2005 with a debilitating lumber, faucet joint , nerve pain, in addition to being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in all my joints. I’m currently opioid free after 10 years, having endured countless epidurals and most recently , numerous lumbar nerve ablations .Afterwards, I was told to take Tylenol for the arthritic pain that on a daily basis starts at 7 ( pain scale) , increasing to a10 plus by the end of the day. . I’ve sent for the CBD gummy sample in the hopes of finding a product (s) that will help with the quality of my life , helping to manage this horrible pain. The fact that your company offers an affordable sample speaks volumes .
    I’m hopeful. Thank-you.

  48. I just started the CBDeez Gummies today, after being recommended them by a friend. I have Crohn’s severe condition and suffer from Chronic Pain that destroys my appetite and sends me rushing to the bathroom at least a dozen times a day. I wake up every morning in pain- and this morning, I woke up with the regular cramps and took a gummy- and haven’t been in pain since! So far, it’s a miracle worker! If this keeps up I’ll be a regular customer!!

  49. I started the gummies last week. I love them!!! It helped my anxiety and my carpal tunnel and Ms pain related issues. I will now be a long time customer. I said goodbye to the pain management world, as they were trying to add more meds every visit. The meds were making me worse. These CBD gummies are amazing!

  50. I tried the extreme gummies and they are wonderful! Made a huge improvement on my stress levels, reduces my TMJ joint pain. Helps relieve the tightness in my neck and shoulders where I carry stress, and helps with my sleeping patterns. I’d recommend this to anyone. I’ve even recommended to my mom and mom-in-law, and will be purchasing the pet oil for my cat!!

  51. I just started taking the gummy worms about a week ago and I already can tell it is helping me with general pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. I am having less pain in my hands, back, neck, etc. I am pleasantly surprised that my Dr’s office has actually started recommending CBD. I have had liver and kidney issues with other meds. I think CBD may be the answer!

  52. These gummies worked wonders for me! Having serious pain for over three years with 7 different pain meds and these gummies helped more than the meds! Highly recommend! Love the taste and helped me sleep. I suffer from insomnia. Great product!!!

  53. I have really bad anxiety, I feel like my mind is flooded with overwhelming thoughts everyday all day. I’m hoping to God that these gummies work for me. I thought about going to a Dr. and getting prescription medication, but I don’t want to become depressed so I’m giving these a try.

  54. I received a pouch of the gummy worms from a relative. I want to see if it works on my essential tremor. I consumed one gummy yesterday and so far no tremors for 19 hours now. I unfortunately live in an area where I cannot legally purchase these in state.

  55. I purchased these due to the 25mg strength per gummie. I was buying lesser strength products and going through a pack far too fast. These are fantastic. Not only do the work well but they taste great too! I’m about to order another round of them. I have found these gummies work well in helping me with my anxiety as well as helping me sleep more soundly.

    I highly recommend this product!

  56. I have a bulging disk in my lowEr back and cannot sleep for more then a hour. And then wake up in extreme pain. Have not had a day without pain in 6.5 years I am only 38 years old and my body feels much older! I need pain relief and anti-inflamatory .

  57. I have been taking these for almost a week. I take them before bed to help with anxiety and insomnia. It has been working well. I haven’t had to take anything else to help me sleep since I started taking the gummies.

  58. I have been taking these to help with my anxiety and stress, and also to help me sleep at night. Love this product and I will continue to order!

  59. I was not sure how much CBD would be effective so I decided to try the CBD extra strength gummies for headaches and back pain, and they worked very well. I will probably mostly go with normal strength in the future, as only taking 1/4 to 1/3 of the gummies works for me.

  60. I suffered from insomnia for 17 years. I tried all the regular sleep aids but they would not work or would give me bad headaches etc. Only this year did I find out that CBD helps. I would like to tell others with insomnia that if you try a CBD product and it doesn’t help your insomnia, test it again (start with small dose, then try standard dose) — and also try a few other products or brands. Don’t give up. Because I’ve tried a number of CBD items and about 1/3 of them work with my physiology. Oh, it’s so wonderful to sleep, and wake up feeling rested in the morning.
    Also, there are different types of insomnia. If you are the type that wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, that’s where I find the greatest help from CBD edibles. By taking your CBD through your digestive system, you’re spreading out the time-period of effect. And that’s what will help you to sleep for 6 or 8 hours straight.
    Hugs to all

  61. Thinking about trying this for my 6 year old autistic son. He is extremely anxious and easily overwhelmed with intense sensory integration issues. He can be self-injurous as well.

  62. Does anyone take CBD more depression/bipolar/anxiety?

    • I take it for borderline personality disorder, which is a lot alike to bipolar. It helps my depression, and anxiety.

  63. I bought the CBD gummies on a recommendation from a friend who said they would help me with my insomnia. I have been taking prescription sleep meds for two years as needed but hate the side effects after taking. I was skeptical about these gummies, however after using these gummies I had the best, uninterrupted sleep I have had in a long time without any groggy side effects!! I am definitely going to order me a large bottle of these gummies for my next order.

  64. I deal with extreme anxiety on a weekly basis. I am already on good meds that, for the most part, work extremely well. However, I love this gummies because for me it’s a definite chill pill in my times of need. Sometimes I really need that extra push to help with my anxiety and this does the trick. I don’t use is for extracurricular activities. I purely use it as a go to for when my anxiety is a raging hormonal 13 year old.

  65. I started off with the sample pack but, did not find them strong enough for me. I suffer from everyday back, leg and hip joint pain. Usually around a scale of 8. I purchased the extreme gummies and, after taking 1 to 1 /12 whole ones, my pain level is managable now and pain level is about a 2. I’m sure if I went higher in dosage, the pain might even become a 1 or so. There is no miracle drug out there but, these gummies are next best thing for me to be able to function throughout the day.

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